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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Inter-National Ill-Health Service

Over the past two weeks I have been in-and-out of hospitals caring for family members who have been stricken ill. Hospitals are never pleasant places, and it is especially traumatic when loved ones are taken in for treatment. Thankfully, all concerned now seem to be alright, which is in itself miraculous considering the decay of the NHS and the culture of shoddiness which has pushed out the traditional caring approach to the people who need health care. This is not to say that there are not many professional staff in the NHS who genuinely have the best interests of the people at heart, only that they have been joined by careerists who do not see their roles as a vocation, but rather as a means of paying bills - and no more than that.

The UK's National Health Service was created as a socialised system of care for the British people. It was funded from the outset by the British people, and its intended usage was for the British people. Not only was the NHS for and of the people, it was staffed by the people as well. Now in these days of multi-culti political correctness, this has all changed; this is to the detriment of the service as a whole.

To experience an NHS hospital is to experience the Third World. A vast number of the staff have very poor spoken English, thus making diagnoses much harder for the indigenous population; although this, of course, is beneficial to fellow outsiders from their homelands. It is truly outrageous to see our kin treated like cattle; left in corridors with absolutely no privacy or means to call nursing staff should they need help. Even more galling, is that whilst our own people lay ignored in public spaces, free-loading foreigners who have paid nothing into the system, receive full medical care on wards paid for by the British people whose beds they are occupying.

Do the colonisers who visit their fellow parasites even consider for a moment that it is immoral for non-Britons to use a service which they have not paid into? 

Do they give a damn that their presence is crippling the NHS? 

Do they have any remorse about their part in depriving the indigenous people of treatment which can literally mean the difference between life and death? 

Considering that they have no qualms about displacing our culture, perverting our legal system in their favour, sponging off the tax-payer to fund their livelihoods whilst contributing nothing, it would be very surprising if they even considered the harm they are doing to our country.

The presence of non-indigenous staff is not only a danger to patients who do not share their language, it is also detrimental to the countries from which they have come. It is unforgivable that at a time in which the UK is suffering from mass unemployment, rather than train our own people to take up health-care provision, the government would rather import foreigners to not only take jobs that our own people could do, but at the same time condemns the home countries of those who come to work here to poor healthcare due to taking from them people who could improve their own countries if they were not snatched by the unscrupulous enemies of the UK, resident in Westminster.

I have witnessed foreign staff who have mistreated patients solely due to having different origins. There are people in the NHS who have a culture of hatred of the European nation; a hatred which manifests in a lazy approach to the treatment of the sick, who they would rather see die than bother to give adequate care for. The lack of empathy for people who they share no ethnic, cultural and spiritual bonds with, cannot be anything but injurious to our people. The European people have a fascination for all other peoples and a genuine desire to help everyone regardless of origins and identity; the same cannot be said for many people not of our kin. Certainly there are good people of all races in the NHS, so it would be unfair to class all of the outsiders alongside the vermin who take NHS money but do not care for our people. The good foreigners would be a credit to their own people, who they should be at home supporting; the rest need to be removed literally for the good of our health.

The past two weeks have been an education into the demise of the NHS, which has been transformed into an International Ill-Health Service. For the benefit of all people everywhere, the theft of health care staff from countries which desperately need them must be stopped; so must the free access to services for anyone except indigenous people. If nothing is done, the NHS will further deteriorate. Of course, the destruction of the NHS is a deliberate policy of the traitors who brought us multi-culturalism in the first place. No amount of tinkering will restore to us a service which genuinely is for the benefit of our people; the salvation of the NHS must be seen as part of a wider restoration of the UK to her own people. Those who created this sorry state of affairs must be made to pay for their treachery; the immigrants (staff and patients) are a symptom of our woes. To cure our malaise, not only must the symptoms be dealt with, but the underlying causes. Radical surgery is called for; the Establishment must be cut out, root and branch, for anything less will see the death of our nation.

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