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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Indian Economy Is Finished! Another Rape Victim Of The Jewish Banksters.

They just don't get the fact that they were robbed! The confidence trickster always makes the victim part of the crime so that they are also responsible. The Indian middle-classes thought nothing of stealing everything the poor had; houses, land, temples, small ashrams, even breaking up highly socialized and almost crime-free (for the residents) slums to pack the poor into horrific cheap blocks of apartments where no-one would know anyone anymore and the society would decline into degradation, alienation, fear and crime in order to feed their greed, and now India, who thought she had gained the world but only lost her own soul, lies with legs wide open, a hapless victim of transnational ‘globalist’ Jewish bankster rape.

And the sweet-tongued snake that Gandiji warned the people of whispered in the Indian ear 
“YOU are the tigers now! You are greater than America or Britain!” 
But the jobs, industries and investment India was receiving from the thieves of ZOG was stolen from the families and livelihoods of people in America and Europe and India KNEW that. And the Jew told them 
“Here, here is loads of money from us kind Jew Banksters to help you achieve your true tiger potential,and there is a LOT more money coming after this so don’t worry, go ahead, borrow and borrow until every middle-class person in India has a huge debt for houses, apartments, cars, speedboats and private planes.” 
But of course there was no money coming and when the Westerners who had been robbed of their jobs and industry and thrown into debt themselves could no longer afford to buy the goods and services India was producing or to pay for outsourcing, the whole crime was shown to be what it was; the Jewish bankster ownership of India, her corporations and assets.

How the con works:

  • First the Jews steal trillions from america and Europe by using their hold on banking, corporations and business to close industries across the west and send them abroad.
  • Then they send large numbers of jobs abroad making whole cities and towns in the west unemployed.
  • Then they tell India look, you have loads of black money and there is more money to come when you sell your services back to america and Britain so borrow, borrow, borroy, buy, buy, buy houses and apartments and cars and electrical goods, debt is good!
  • But they dont tell the Indian sheeple that the people in the west who have now been robbed are losing their houses and jobs and cannot afford India’s services.
  • And so the whole thing crashes down leaving the Indian rich, corporations, companies, government and people in debt.
  • Who owns the debt? The Jewish banksters. I.E. The Jewish banksters now own India and will make her a debt slave forever!

The gentlemen on this programme are labouring under the illusion that the money is flowing back to America. Were that true we would see that in the state of the US economy and we do not, they are simply being fooled by fixed and phoney statistics from Washington. The fact is the stolen money is only moving to America on route to China the new Jewish superpower:


India is now a province of the Transnational Judenstadt just as much as the entire Western world and Japan is. He who owns your debt owns you. If you are in debt for a mortgage he owns your property. If you are in debt as a nation he owns your nation.

India’s weakness as with all the nations who got caught in this scam (we remember the ‘Irish tiger’) has always been the arrogance, ego and pride of the middle and ruling classes. In India’s case as with the other nations, it was an unquestioning over-confidence in the county’s abilities which allowed those classes to rush into the Jewish conspiracy with open arms and welcome her own destruction. In their hearts people knew that the Jew globalist BS about ‘eliminating poverty’ was really code for eliminating middle-class poverty at the expense of the poor.

What do Jews do when they assume power? They genocide by any possible means, whether it be the 100 million white Christians in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe murdered or starved to death in famines by Jewish Bolsheviks or the current white population of Europe now being genocided by Jewish bankster and Zioncorp enforced mass third-world immigration into the lands of the white race along with Jew advertising promotion of miscegenation.

But why do Jews genocide? Because it is ordered by the prophets Isaiah and Joshua and the teaching of the Talmud which say that all non-jews (Goyim or Amalech) must be eradicated from the face of the earth and that the Jewish Satan-god has granted all their lands, wealth and property to the Jews. What non-Jews remain alive are to be slaves. All non-Jews are classed in Judaism as cattle and not regarded as human.

Millions of India’s poor are now going to be exterminated by deliberately created famines that no Indian will admit were caused by the Jewish bankster con into which she, like all the Western nations, was led. Whatever little control Indians had on their mainstream media is now over as the Jews (Rothschilds control both of the world’s press agencies Reuters and AP) use their new debt-clout to seize all control over Indian media which will now become a mere propaganda vehicle to guide the Indian sheeple like the Western sheeple to their doom.

Bollywood will be a major target and while nothing much may appear to change on the surface of it’s visable management you will hear un-analysed and un-commented on reports in the financial pages of huge mergers at the top of the film studios and industries with meaningless sounding ‘Western’ conglomerates; names like Viacom, Comcast or NBCUniversal. And then the filth, the sewer-pipe of Jewish immoral cancer will pour into the young Indian mind in a way that will make the modern Satanic output of Bollywood look innocent.

Feminism will be promoted to destroy the family. Films and television will brainwash the people against religion and the big Gurus will be working for the Jews.

Education will promote Holocaustianity, the religion of Jewish victimhood about a Holohoax which never happened as anyone with a couple of hours to spend on YouTube watching historical revisionist videos will find out. The purpose of Holocaustianity and why the Holohoax was created is a psychological device to prevent all discussion of Jewish activities, goals and international Jewish financial crime. It is Holocaustianity which allows the occupation of Palestine and the hell it’s people have to exist in. It is Holocaustianity which allows the ongoing genocide of the white race.

Jews created and control pornography and have been poisoning Indians like every other people with it’s online sexual depravity. Pornongraphy is a major tool in the hands of Zionism as this video explains:

First you poison youngmens minds with porn then they go out and rape. It is called problem-solution-problem or Hegelianism; a Marxist tool (Marxism the Jewish agenda translated into political terms). So now you have a rape problem and the solution proposed is butch Indian lesbians in jeans holding protests alongside guilt-ridden liberal men lighting candles in the streets against rape. Then the lesbians start destroying India’s family and religious structure in the name of women's  rights. Before you know it you have homosexual parades in the street in the name of ‘gay rights’ with men practically having sex with each other in front of children while girls abandon the sari and start to drink and smoke. Kali Yug has arrived and it’s name is Jew and India sinks into an anything-goes hell of degradation.




Financial Collapse: Post-Western Destruction: China The Next Jewish Superpower:


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