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Monday, 23 September 2013

Homosexual Jewish “artist” exposes his mutilated penis in Paris

Steven Cohen, Jewish pervert “artist”
From, The Times of Israel

On Tuesday morning Steven Cohen, a homosexual Jewish modern “artist” from South Africa showed up at Trocadero Square wearing only a girdle and 8-inch heels and toting a live rooster tied with a leash to his mutilated penis.

The police soon arrested Cohen, 51, for indecent exposure. He was released that evening but will have to explain his actions to a judge later this year.

Cohen’s lawyer defended Cohen, saying that “his arrest is disgraceful: France is silencing its artists.”

Cohen – who has defined himself as a “Jewish gay monster” in interviews — has been routinely arrested in France for his nude public performances. One such performance took place at Lyon’s “Holocaust” memorial and at Ground Zero in New York.

Last year Cohen performed at Avignon wearing nothing but anvil-shaped shoes, a girdle, yellow body paint and a Star of David painted on his forehead.

“A lot of what I do is to protest Fascism,” Cohen said earlier this year.
Another example of Cohen being “artistic”


  1. Expect nothing else. Weimar republic on a world wide scale. I hope this filthy Juden soon leaves this soiled Jew run planet before its next birthday.


  2. Actually I kind of support this guy, don't get me wrong I would personally shoot him in the head if the State changes, but as long as we live in this Babylon-hell called the West the more extreme, overt and shocking these freaks are the better as the masses, numbed almost to the point of zombification might actually wake up if this kike freak waves his mutilated (well extra mutilated as the Juden freak will have already been mutilated by his parents) member at their kids. For the same reason I support the most violent, psychotic blacks and muslims over the 'peaceful' integrated ones as witht eh former there is a chance that the cowards Brits will be FORCED to wake up (when their daughter is raped or their son blown up or London burns again at the hands of these apes) whereas with the latter ZOG's plan will probably succeed (especially given how pathetically keen so many cowardly Brits are to believe in 'multiculturalism'/oppose the BNP in order to continute living their hedonistic, comfortable, meaningless little lives).

    1. Yes I agree with you to a certain extent but I do not wish to see anymore of our people get killed and raped just to prove a point. But I guess that's going to happen anyway. 14/88

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  5. Give us the gist of these two removed commemts John. Interested to know why?


  6. The above Anonymous commenter had sent the same comment in three times.