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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Golden Dawn Radio: Episode 10- Prisons Can’t Hold Ideals

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Silencing of ideals that cannot be contained- In the name of “democracy”, the Memorandum has arrested Golden Dawn parliament members under phoney charges. In depth analysis from George and Ed shed light on this blatant violation of the Greek constitution and slap in the face against the Greek people by real criminals.

Smoke and Mirrors While Constitutional Arc Passes 3rd Memorandum- Troika economic reforms that will repeal Greece’s last few labor laws are being voted on while the Greek government uses recent events as a distraction.

Greece’s Leading Expert On Criminal Law Condemns New Actions- A Left-leaning legal expert speaks out against Greek government’s actions against Golden Dawn, and the dangerous legal precedents it sets. Virtually all political parties could be prosecuted based on the flimsy case they are building.

The Violent Hypocrisy Of The Zionist Hydra Trumps The Voice Of A Million Greeks- Venizelos (the second most powerful man in Greece’s ruling coalition) meets privately with 4 different Jewish organizations (AJC, WJC, B’nai B’rith, and ADL) only days before this illegal act of political repression. Now Prime Minister Samaras is also in New York, to meet with the same groups on Monday to give his bosses a debriefing. Why are Samaras and Venizelos constantly coming and going to meet with these groups, yet not even meeting with Obama, who really rules Greece?

Golden Dawn Still On The Rise- Greek newspaper publishes poll taken after the propaganda campaign, showing Golden Dawn resiliently polling at 15%, prompting Communist-Capitalist junta to take more extreme measures, after their media outlets has failed to drastically change public opinion.

What Do Average Greeks Really Think About This- George and Ed give an idea on how average Greeks are reacting to the audacity of the kleptocrats abusing their power for international finances interest.

Murders Dendias Won’t Investigate- George and Ed go over a number of unsolved murders the Greek government doesn’t care about. The wife of an expecting father murdered by an illegal immigrant for his video camera comes out on Greek TV to condemn the system that totally ignored her families suffering and the social issues that caused his death.

Turkish Media and ultra-Nationalists Cheering On Constitutional Arc and the Greek Left- The major newspapers are celebrating the ban on Golden Dawn, while criticizing Ataturk will get you a prison sentence for offending “Turkish identity”.

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