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Monday, 23 September 2013

Following the Tradition of International Communism, European Liberals Protest Greece’s Internal Politics

As I reported last week, the Jews of Europe are formulating a demand for international intervention in Greece to stop the democratically elected populist party, the Golden Dawn, from gaining control of the Greek government.

This has now escalated, with protests taking place in Belgium against the party, citing the murder of Killah P.

The media reporting these protests is not making the situation entirely clear, but I would wager that these protesters are asking for intervention in the internal politics of Greece by the European Union, in order that they may “stop the fascism” by disrupting the democratic process of this sovereign nation. So far, the Greek government has failed to present any evidence for their nonsensical conspiracy theory that this killing was planned by the leadership of the Golden Dawn for the purpose of… well, no one knows what the purpose of that would be. I guess because they are really mean neo-nazis. 

Jew Media’s Changing Story 

Those who have been following the Greek media reporting will note that the story of what happened that night keeps changing. First the killer drove up in a car after being phoned, now he was already there; first the only aggression was coming from the ‘fascists,’ now it seems that the ‘anti-fascists’ may have initiated the confrontation.

I am guessing that when the man who killed the rapper gets a trial, it is going to come out that something completely different than what we are told took place, and the killer may well have been acting in self-defense. The people sensationalizing the whole thing understand this, but also understand that the people will not follow the changes in the story, and will have the initial lie lodged in their minds.

Still, support for the Golden Dawn after the stabbing of the rapper seems to be about where it was before the stabbing of the rapper. It is beginning to look like his death may end up being as meaningless as his life, as Greek Popular Nationalism pushes forward with its agenda to defend the European people.

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