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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Extract from a Skype text conversation between myself and my NS Comrade, Cairo. Early hours of Saturday September 21 2013

[01:04:23] John Hardon: Well we are growing and he enemy Jew is failing, we are becoming a force to be reckoned with. The enemy Jew always fucks up in the end, I think that the Creator sees to that.

[01:05:02] Cairo*: They have had a long spell this time round though

[01:06:12 ] John Hardon: Yes and I think it will take violence to throw them into the abyss as that's the only thing they understand

[01:07:36] Cairo*: Yes else they will just keep on poisoning and all the rest of what they do

[01:09:17] John Hardon: Yes, they must be totally wiped out as the Bible states in Revelation  'Satan and his children must be destroyed and thrown into the Abyss from which there is no return' (or words to that effect)

[01:10:39] John Hardon: We cannot wait for Jesus to return to do it.

[01:11:55] John Hardon: This realm is a test to divide the Goats from the Sheep, the good from the bad, those who honour the Creator from those that worship Satan.

[01:13:12] Cairo*: yes is that why we are born with no previous memory before this incarnation ?

[01:15:56] John Hardon: Yes we are here to learn the TRUTH, some could call this 'Hell' and in many ways it is. Not because the World the Creator bestowed on us is not a Paradise but because the test is to remain faithful to the Creator or sell your soul to Satan through the Jew. I haven't put that very well but I hope you understand what I mean.

[01:16:36] Cairo*: It is Heaven and Hell an even playing field ?

[01:17:09] John Hardon: Yes, if you look at it as a test it becomes clear

[01:17:37] Cairo*: Yeah I've found that before

[01:19:22] John Hardon: WE must persist, we are guided (like many others in our movement) Never give up, faith in the Creator, Blood & Honour. If it comes to violence we must be prepared to die for the cause, die for the truth.

[01:19:55] Cairo*: Yeah and that's a Big commitment

[01:20:32] John Hardon: Yes it is but these soulless Satanists only have this realm, we have the next

[01:21:23] Cairo*: Yes there is no afterlife for them

[01:21:49] John Hardon: The idiot Muslims are right in one respect, there ain't no 72 virgins but their is another realm.

[01:23:01] Cairo*: Yes i think im living proof there is a Heavenly realm

[01:23:49] Cairo*: Because I went there and came back into my body

[01:25:05] Cairo*: I dont know many people that can say that

[01:25:19] Cairo*: most people are grounded on the earth plane

[01:25:20] John Hardon: Yes me too, we are privileged in as much as the Creator has bestowed on us an insight which few have and it is up to us to spread this to others. Adolf Hitler was also given this insight and he acted upon it.

[01:25:51] Cairo*: Yes he knew he couldnt loose

[01:26:20] John Hardon: He spoke of a constant battle and he was right.

[01:26:22] Cairo*: Following that path

[01:26:45] Cairo*: A battle between good and evil

[01:27:06] John Hardon: Yes, why is there good and evil? Think about it?

[01:27:59] Cairo*: So the Creator can test the souls of mankind ?

[01:29:04] John Hardon: I believe it's because it's a test, the easy way is to go down the Evil path, the hard way is to speak out against it and for what the Creator intended for his true children, the White race.

[01:30:36] John Hardon: The Creator does not care if you shop lift, smoke weed or drink alcohol. The Creator cares for what is in your heart, then the Creator will connect with you, you can actually feel it, I know that I have.

[01:31:01] Cairo*: Yes ive had it alot over the years

[01:33:39] John Hardon: The Creator gave us the Internet. Technically it should not be possible, nobody can really explain why it works. All part of the test and you and I and many others are using it to do the work of the Creator. This is what it was intended for. The book of Revelation says that 'God' will give everyone a last chance to see the Truth.

[01:34:45] Cairo*: Yes and it's fast as lightning the internet I cant see how it works either its as if by magic

[01:35:19] John Hardon: No one really knows how it works, or where it came from.

[01:35:59] Cairo*: It was Tim Burners lee that invented it an Ayran

[01:39:09] John Hardon: I'm an Electronics Engineer and to me it is impossible for the Internet to work the way it does. And think on this if Satan could turn it off he would have done it by now. I believe it can't be turned off. It was created and only works through the Universal power of the Creator. It was put there and enabled by the Creator because of Satan's tool, the TV that has brainwashed so many of our people.

[01:40:08] Cairo*: Yes its counteracted against the Talmud Vision

[01:40:14] John Hardon: More and more people are turning their TV's off and the Jews are panicking.

[01:41:07] Cairo*: Yes more are turning to the net instead

[01:41:50] Cairo*: Like I did I've only been online a few years now

[01:42:08] Cairo*: I was computer illiterate before that can you believe it ?

[01:42:50] Cairo*: How have i become so advanced with computers and electronics in such a short space of time a few years.

[01:42:54] John Hardon: Of course, the Jew is losing and as I say he knows it, if through his 'god' Satan he could turn it off believe me he would have 10 years ago. The answer is he can't it's beyond mortal control.

[01:43:40] Cairo*: Yes i think so aswell they have no way that they can turn it off now.

[01:44:36] John Hardon: The only way that they can do it is by a Nuclear Word War.

[01:44:47] Cairo*: Yes exactly

[01:46:16] John Hardon: Then there will be no Planet Earth, so all the riches they stole will mean nothing. I don't think they would risk that because even though they worship Satan they do it for worldly gains.

[01:46:42] Cairo*: Yes and for them this world is all there is

[01:47:10] Cairo*: Its fearmongering control tactics I think

[01:47:38] John Hardon: Of course it has always been their way, they want you to live in fear.

[01:48:54] Cairo*: I
 can see Obama getting kicked out any time soon or made to stand down

[01:51:07] John Hardon: Yes, the Jew tried to push it to fast, to furious and now people are seeing through it. It wasn't Putin that stopped them from bombing Syria it was public opinion, even the 'Lefties' can see through their lies now which leaves them with a huge problem.

[01:51:30] Cairo*: Yes it is the collective will

[01:51:53] Cairo*: Shows more are waking up to the jew

[01:53:23] John Hardon: Yes, the Left side Marxists will always support uncontrolled immigration and Globalism but when it comes to bombing sovereign states they are on the same side as us.

[01:53:50] Cairo*: Yes i didnt think of that

[01:54:57] John Hardon: The people marching in the streets shouting 'No more wars for Israel' are in the main Marxist Lefties.

[01:55:25] John Hardon: This has fucked the Jewish cartel control system up.

[01:55:59] John Hardon: That's why they backed down, they need the Left, the Marxists on side.

[01:56:47] John Hardon: They may well kill Obama as a distraction.

[01:59:04] John Hardon: They may even turn on their own ideologists the Marxists, these fuckers will do anything to retain power.

[02:00:09] Cairo*: Yep they are even willing to sacrifice some of their own

[02:02:00] John Hardon: Oh yes that's not a problem to them, they did it when Hitler came to power. They told Jews in Germany not to leave even though Hitler offered them assisted passage out of Germany.

[02:02:40] John Hardon: Everything that happened to these Bastards they brought on themselves.

[02:03:09] Cairo*: Yes every time they have been expelled its been for Good reason

[02:05:10] John Hardon: Yes, but expulsion is no longer sufficient now we need total annihilation  they have been given so many chances throughout history but because they are of Satan they will never change.

[02:07:32] John Hardon: Fuck it anyway, if you are in tune with the Creator, that's all that matters.

[02:07:53] Cairo*: yes true say

[02:15:06 02:15:30] John Hardon: Look at the comments on this article I posted Monday, 10 December 2012:

[02:16:14] John Hardon: A lot of these have come in today, that's why I noticed it.

[02:18:27] Cairo*: ok

[02:18:52 02:19:04] John Hardon: Ha, ha. Smell the Jew!!!

[02:19:53] Cairo*: Yes that's a Jews comment that is

[02:21:07] Cairo*: good reply

[02:24:41] Cairo*: Those comments have communism written all over them I'll leave a comment

[02:25:23] John Hardon: Yes, Jewish communism, I don't think any of them are White people.

[02:25:53] Cairo*: No way they lack intelligence to much to be whites

[02:26:18] John Hardon: Yeah, fucking Jew robots

[02:27:48] Cairo*: They always pretend like that race doesn't mean anything to them

[02:28:11] Cairo*: But in their own hidden writings like The Protocols we see different

[02:29:45] Cairo*: Its always lies and deception we can't trust anything a Jew says ever

[02:31:56] John Hardon: Yes, the Jew will always use any trick in the book THEY wrote to trick us into falling for their bullshit. Problem is (for them) that people are seeing through them. So to keep the lie going they have paid agents in Israel sending in comments to websites, blogs and even Facebook throwing out there bullshit propaganda. I know this because as that last comment came in I was watching the 'Globe' on another tab and it came from Tel Aviv.

[02:33:23] Cairo*: Yes theres teams of them on the payrol in israel

[02:34:43] John Hardon: Yep, as you can see they are getting desperate because more and more people are turning away from their paid agents like David Ickestein and Alex Jonestein.

[02:35:39] John Hardon: Their is a great awakening happening but nothing happens over night

[02:35:42] Cairo*: Yes the disinfo agents are beginning to look like Clowns

[02:36:32] Cairo*: Icke Jones and the rest of them

[02:36:41] Cairo*: Do you think Rense is a Rew

[02:37:48] John Hardon: No, I think he is a cunt but I don't think he's a Jew. I say he's a cunt because of that ridiculous faggot picture he's got of himself on his website.

[02:39:27] Cairo*: yes on an interview with Tex Mars he put Rense on the spot and asked his ethnic background Rense said he's Italian, German and a little Irish

[02:39:45] Cairo*: But if you listen to how he speaks he doesn't sound like a Jew

[02:40:11] Cairo*: But him Duke and others are spewing this Zionist BS all the time

[02:41:00] Cairo*: Which makes people think oh its not Jews its Zionists

[02:41:20] Cairo*: It's a diversion away form Jewry

[02:42:20] John Hardon: But there again you found one of the best Hitler NS Propaganda vids ever on the Rense site

[02:43:07] Cairo*: Some of the articles he puts out total BS against Hitler

[02:43:32] Cairo*: That Zionists funded him etc

[02:43:52] John Hardon: Yes I know, maybe he just posts links without watching them as I do sometimes

[02:44:38] John Hardon: As you can see Jew Tube have removed this vid:

[02:45:01] John Hardon: I may have uploaded it to TruTube, I'll have a look

[02:45:12] Cairo*: yeah they dont like that but it is on trutube I think I put it on there

[02:48:54] John Hardon: No I didn't but it is on my H/drive. In the meantime, this is a great vid:

[02:50:34] Cairo*: Adolf Hitler FEEL THE POWER, SEE THE GLORY!

[02:51:02] John Hardon: Got it, someone else has reuploaded it:

[02:51:25] John Hardon: DER EWIGE JUDE [1940] The Eternal Jew (GER.ENG-SUB.)

[02:53:04] John Hardon: I will repost this on my blog tomorrow with the new embed URL

[02:54:04] John Hardon: They are truly of SATAN

[02:54:34] John Hardon: When you watch this vid you can see the filthy bastards for what they are.

[02:55:06] Cairo*: Yeah very true the Germans had them sussed

[02:56:40] John Hardon: This should be Broadcast on National TV instead of Corrantion Street or East Enders.

[02:58:03] John Hardon: Another thing I hate about Jews (and Muslims) is their cruelty to animals. Filthy scum.

[03:00:45] Cairo*: Yes part of the Satanic Sacrifice they offer to their daddy Satan

[03:01:53] John Hardon: Yes, too true. The Animals deserve respect more than the Satanic Jew, for they are of the Creator too.

[03:02:21] Cairo*: They are Higher beings than jews

[03:03:02] John Hardon: See, I love my pet cat and if anyone hurt her I'd fucking kill them and I mean that.

[03:03:21] Cairo*: Yeah i know you would

[03:04:11] John Hardon: Why shouldn't I? The Creator gave this Cat to me

[03:04:32] John Hardon: She doesn't harm anyone

[03:04:46] Cairo*: Yes same with most animals

[03:05:20] Cairo*: I read somthing about adrenalized meat yesterday that its addictive like a drug

[03:05:49] Cairo*: You know when the animals are in total terror as they are being slaughtered well its been designed that way

[03:07:08] Cairo*: I heard the cows and sheep and pigs screaming at that place I was living at used to hurt my soul listening to it

[03:07:58] John Hardon: Yes, you can get a craving for meat, I've had it but in my opinion I think they are drugging us. They keep saying that their is not enough food to feed the world population, that is a lie. I wish I could be a 'Veggie' I really want to be but I can't resist meat.

[03:08:03] Cairo*: It's a disgrace and people think its normal brainwashed fools

[03:08:46] Cairo*: I am coming off meat totally I'm down to chicken basically now

[03:09:00] Cairo*: And the odd bit of fish

[03:09:55] John Hardon: It is vile, my daughter Amanda lived opposite that Slaughter House and she has not ate Lamb since. She heard them crying, my Cat Samba heard them too when she was with my daughter, she used to run under the sofa and hide.

[03:10:36] Cairo*: Yes she's lived through what I lived through I'll never forget it for the rest of my life

[03:11:33] Cairo*: They have killed millions and millions of animals there the place smells of death and piss where the animals have pissed themselves

[03:12:22] Cairo*: I'm going to put some complaints in about it try and get it closed down

[03:12:46] John Hardon: It is sickening, I told 'L' that if I had to kill an animal to eat I would become Vegetarian  I'd have to. I cannot kill an animal but I would kill anyone that disrespects my beliefs if it came to violence, I would not think twice.

[03:13:49] Cairo*: In the beginning that's how the creator designed us this is another way we have been subverted to eat flesh

[03:14:02] John Hardon: Yes I agree

[03:14:30] Cairo*: Because we can survive without it we are taught that we need it

[03:15:06] Cairo*: And when I go to the supermarket almost everything has pork in it

[03:15:27] Cairo*: or beef geletine

[03:15:43] John Hardon: Pigs are intelligent creatures, that has been proved. All life apart from filthy Satanic scum deserves to live that's why the Creator created them.

[03:16:28] Cairo*: Yep and when you look at that Jew's run factory farming and most of the slaughtering

[03:16:40] Cairo*: and sell it in their shops

[03:18:10] John Hardon: Yes, it really is sickening. As my brother once said years ago before I knew what I know now: "The World would be a beautiful place if there were no humans on it"

[03:18:31] John Hardon: He was a Vegetarian at the time

[03:18:46] Cairo*:Iif their were no Jews on it

[03:19:23] John Hardon: Yes indeed, but we were not Jew wise in the 1970's

[03:20:34] Cairo*: I know why, didn't our ancestors pass the truth onto us over the generations?

[03:20:50] Cairo*: Thats what gets me

[03:21:33] John Hardon: The problem is that it is ONLY the White race that has an inbuilt compassion for others whether they be animals or people. The Jews, the Muslims and the Niggers do not possess this.

[03:22:17] Cairo*: Yes that is very clear to see

[03:22:19] John Hardon: That is another sign that we are of the Creator

[03:22:40] Cairo*: Yep we have a different level of consciousness

[03:23:54] John Hardon: Indeed we do. How is it that only we can love an animal, do you think that, that happened by accident?

[03:24:29] John Hardon: It might be something as small as a fucking Budgie

[03:24:46] Cairo*: No it was inbuilt in our design because we are the Creators Children

[03:25:24] John Hardon: Yes, exactly, no other race has this capability.

[03:25:48] Cairo*: all they have is cruelty

[03:26:17] John Hardon: Yes, a total disregard for the Creators creations

[03:26:48] Cairo*: 'R' said yesterday that the only pure race is us the rest are Hybrids

[03:27:09] Cairo*: of the fallen angels I think

[03:28:28] John Hardon: This in a way has been our downfall because we showed the same respect to the beings that wish to destroy us. Not just Jews but Muslims, Niggers and all sorts of shit. The Jew knows we care and it has used it to destroy us.

[03:29:24] John Hardon: 'R' is right.

[03:29:57] Cairo*: Yes all the laws they have wrote for us are based on this

[03:31:03] John Hardon: We as a race are unique and that has been our downfall. We must at this late stage of the game stand up and fight.

[03:31:40] John Hardon: They will destroy us if we don't.

[03:31:56] Cairo*: It might quickly come to the point of fight or die

[03:32:44] Cairo*: and i mean physically

[03:32:51] John Hardon: Yes, I think it will but as I say this is a Test.

[03:33:50] Cairo*: A test of who is worthy to be with the creator

[03:35:18] John Hardon: Yes, as Hitler stated: 'Blood & Honour is worth more than life itself' meaning that if you prove you are with the Creator you will advance to the next realm.

[03:36:31] John Hardon: Of course we don't know what the next realm is but I think you and I have had an insight

[03:36:57] John Hardon: I have been there and it is wonderful

[03:38:16] John Hardon: The beings I met there look like us only they are beautiful and they are ALL white, kind and loving.

[03:38:20] Cairo*: Yes and we must of come back to manifest the creators work

[03:38:38] Cairo*: Else why would we

[03:38:49] John Hardon: Of course, the Creator will call us when our work is done.

[03:39:03] Cairo*: Yes I think so as well

[03:40:14] John Hardon: I have to go to bed now. Goodnight and never forget that you were called for this mission. 14/88 Sieg Heil

[03:40:56] Cairo*: Same here I'm falling asleep

[03:40:59] Cairo*: 1488

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