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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Exposing the ‘Nazi’ Epithet Part 2 – Anti-Hitlerism: The Rise of Pure BS and Hatred

About five months ago I posted a blog piece entitled Exposing the “Nazi” Epithet – Who started it, why, how, and who benefits and I made the point that the National Socialists never called themselves “Nazis”, and that it was created by the enemies of the NSDAP. Who were those enemies? It should come as no surprise when I say that it was primarily self-described “International Jewry”. Nor should that statement be regarded as “hate speech”. It is a fact. It was they who stood to lose ‘big time’ in Germany if Hitler and the NSDAP were to come to power, and if political, economic, social and cultural control (ie autonomy) was restored to the Germans. 

It was they who were living well in Weimar Germany at the expense of the largely unemployed, and hungry Germans. It was they who for an entire decade or more initiated a smear campaigns against Hitler, and it was they who in 1933 openly declared war on Germany, just as Hitler came to power. It was they who initiated a worldwide economic boycott of German goods and services just as Hitler became Chancellor, and before he was even in full control or had had a chance to actually do anything towards implementing his well published plan for the restoration of Germany

It was no “dark, secret agenda”. Of course, those who stood to lose would call that “evil” and would do anything in their power to maintain that power, would they not? Does anyone honestly believe that they would just say “OK boys, the game is over in Germany, lets go somewhere else, start over and leave those Germans alone now” and then honourably and peacefully bow out and just walk away like good sports? Really?? 

Well what if they were already well entrenched in most other western (allied) nations with a large power base, lots of resources and politicians in their pocket? And what if Hitler’s plan for German recovery then suddenly became appealing elsewhere? It would really be “game over” wouldn’t it? Do you think they would fold without a fight?

And so it came to pass that, in that beginning in that same year of 1933, many of those “International Jews” fled Germany to their safe havens in France, England and America (especially New York City and Hollywood), and began a worldwide media campaign of “hate” and fear mongering, full of bogus atrocity stories, as I have also previously documented. And I dare say, that campaign of “hatred”, blatant lies and omissions, anti-Hitlerism, and anti-Germanism continues unabated to this day! My saying so is not “hate speech”. It is a demonstrable fact, albeit an uncomfortable fact for some, but a fact nonetheless.

One of the many self-described “Jews” who fled was the famous musician and self-described “satirist” Friedrich Hollaender. I took the following video clip from the alleged ”docu-drama” film “Hitler – the Rise of Evil” (2003) which you can find on YouTube. But what I have highlighted here is probably the most historically accurate portion in the entire 4 hour film, which originated as a mini-series that aired in Canada on CBC, and it is a clear example of “hate speech”, which according to Canadian law is a criminal offence.

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