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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Eruvs and the hypocrisy of the Jews

Written by Green Arrow

You know what really hacks me off with people who claim to be religious? It is the hypocrisy of some of them, and that includes jews and moslems.

Not so long ago I was over on a moslem forum seeing what the fruit bats were chattering about, and came across a thread in which a moslem was having a pop at other moslems over the fact that many of them would go out, get drunk as skunks and then go into a fast food shop and create a fuss on religious grounds, if there were bacon on the menu.

As the moslem commenter pointed out - you are either a moslem who believes in the crap written in the koran or you do not - you cannot and should not have it both ways.

Then we had the story of the moslem women who also went out and got slaughtered, and having drunk enough courage, launched a racist gang attack against a white girl and kicked her half to death, before claiming Religious Immunityin the same way that Diplomats claim immunity and escaping a prison sentence because they were moslems who were not used to drinking.

Back in 2007 in this article here, titled "Do you live in an Eruv?", I first wrote about how the Jews bend the rules and their religion to suit what they want and not what their God wants of them.

Since writing the original article my attitude towards those people has hardened considerably and yours will to, the more you learn about them.

For those of you who do not know what an Eruv is, it is a boundary within which Jewish Religious Law is suspended and allows the Jews to act like nomal human beings on their "Sabbath" day and carry things like carkeys and even babies around.

And here is where the mind boggling hypocrisy of the Jews comes to the front.

By creating huge symbolic Eruvs encompasing sometimes thousands of homes of people not of their foolish faith, they mentally turn all the land contained within the Eruv as being a part of their own homes where they are allowed to carry anything they like on their religious days contrary to their Gods words.

Mr Terry Sanderson of the Secular Society, when speaking about the Eruv in Borehamwood back in 2007, summed it up nicely when he said:

This is another example of excessive religious correctness. Whatever the religious want, they get, however foolish and potentially dangerous it might be. This eruv is supposed to relieve orthodox Jews from the need to observe self-imposed restrictions. Many don’t allow themselves to carry keys, for instance, or push babies in prams or even use walking sticks on the supposed Sabbath. But they believe that if they are within this special wire boundary they can be excused the need to observe such rules – rules which make no sense in the first place.
Like I said - bloody hypocrits. For the record, both The Whitehouse and the European Court of European Rights both have Eruvs erected around their buildings so our Zionist Masters can work on their religious days.

Of course as the Jews expand and consolidate their holdings in North London, they need more and more bigger Eruvs, and so there is now a bit of fuss going on in Barnet, where the Jewish Portfolio Holder for Planning has refused to listen to the complaints of non jewish residents and granted permision for an Eruv to be built around them to make it easier for Jews to ignore their relgion.

I don't know why they just don't have done with it and put a Eruv around the entire UK - after all they run the country and can do the fuck what they like.

Recommended Reading: The year is 2002 and the first of the Eruvs goes up.

Now, just google "Eruv" and look at the images of the cities around the world with Eruvs, where the Jews are flouting the word of their God for greed.

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  1. Eruv is sinister!
    There is a bit more to this !
    The media have started to mention 7/7 again.This has been a no-no for quite a my opinion.........
    This has been brought to the surface at an opportune time (Nairobi).
    to revitalize public fear and terror of the muzi.
    It may be that they are anticipating things to kick off ... pretty good at reading the future (sure as hell know when to upgrade the odd insurance policy!).
    These areas look to be defensible, long open stretches/ by-passes / railways/canals.not too many hmg required to lay down good cover.