The 14 Words

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Don't think for one minute you Aussies have escaped the Jewish Tyranny that Europe and the USA are enduring

I used to post a lot of 'Audio' on this blog from 'Australia Calling', Derrick MacThomas talking straight from the 'Bunker' under the heel of the New World Order. I know a lot of visitors to this site enjoyed Derrick's unique and very Aussie way of putting things. 'Australia Calling' seems to have gone dead of late and as much as I'd like to I can't find any new broadcasts.

If you know Derrick or can contact him please tell him to contact me if the 'Bunker' needs some kind of support (apart from money)? WE miss you Derrick so please  get in touch.

In the meantime here is a link to Derrick's most recent shows: AustCalling. All of which have been posted on this Blog over the last 18 months.

Let us know what's going on Derrick, ok?


  1. G'day John , a fellow down here has blog called....
    , he posted him up regularly but not of late as you say, he was good value [Derrick],tells it as it is, next time I put a comment up there I'll ask him if he knows , I got the impression that they knew each other ??. Big federal election here this weekend and the incumbent labour party look like getting a real flogging , will be interesting to see if the incoming liberal / national party coalition are as big on lickspitling to the Jew lobby as the out going mob, we'll see ,good site John, concise ,easy to grasp articles , haveagood w/end ....Dave in OZZ

    1. Thanks for the info Dave and a big thumbs up to all my comrades down under. 88