The 14 Words

Friday, 20 September 2013

DJ Himmler - Prof Dr William Messerschmitt

The Poppy is a symbol of Jewish victory over the 'Goy'
Our symbols are the Swastika and the Iron Cross
They can stick the Poppy up their stinking Jewish arse
The Poppy = Opium to subdue the masses
We fought for the wrong side, end of, FULL STOP!!!

John Hardon 14/88

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  1. My symbol is the IRON KRAFT that forged our civilisation from dirt, rock, and ice. We gave the world everything, and the world gave us the parasitical Asiatic tribe of pirates and tax collectors. Aryans gave too much away, without the collective governance or business accumen to keep the reigns tightly. This video makes me both sad, and proud.