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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

‘Council Tax Reduction’ – The phrase heard round the world

According to this FOIA request, just one county council – Herts County Council – takes over half a billion pounds in council tax every year from its precepts. This is collected under the threat of bankruptcy and prison by means of hauling you into court. The catch? – the process is illegal and the Local Government Finance Act only applies to the consenting.
  • Did you know that councils issue their own summonses?
  • Did you know that this very act is illegal?
  • Did you know that councils have a discretionary power to reduce your tax bill to £0?
Lawful Rebellion makes them want to do that for you, says Adam Hayden of the Family Cole. Sounds impossible? Well they just did it for him, although it did take 5 years.

The writing is on the wall. There is no way that the corporate-driven, administrative-law system of council tax can or will continue to suppress the people for much longer. The reason for this is simple; even now, as the existence of lawful rebellion on this island actively enters it’s 6th year, we now have clear victories. What follows is the experience of one man who was inspired to lawfully rebel under his own convictions and understanding. His journey in rebelling against council tax has taken no less than 5 years and will no doubt continue to be an ongoing battle. However, as you will see, with persistence anything can be achieved. The fundamental assertion that the legal system clings to with the administration of council tax is, with virtually no exceptions, is that you are liable to pay. What Adam has done is prove this entire premise is a lie.

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