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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chinese Talk Show Host Julie Chen Admits Plastic Surgery to Look More White

By Andrew Anglin

Julie Chen and Jew husband Les Moonves.

The host of “The Talk,” China woman Julie Chen, has admitted that she had surgery to make her eyes bigger – that is, to look more like a White woman.

A whole new face. A much less Asian face.

While admitting to this eye-expansion, she also claimed to have not had a nose-job, or any other plastic surgery on her face. Critics have noted that this is obviously a ridiculous lie, given that her entire face has been completely transformed.

This is nothing new, as pretty well all nonwhites, particularly the women, want to look White, and will spend whatever money they have available to accomplish this.

Look at the ends the black rapper “Little Kim” went to to look White.

Rihanna hasn’t got her nose done yet, but she has bleached herself.

And we all remember po lil Michael Jackson.

Worthy of note is that Chen, like Filipina Michelle Malkin, and most every other prominent Asian on television, is married to a Jew.

Michelle Malkin and and gross Jew husband Jesse.

As I have mentioned before, we are seeing more and more of these Asian-Jew relationships, as the Jewish people instinctively perceive that their future is dependent on mixing into the Far East as the West continues to collapse.

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