The 14 Words

Monday, 9 September 2013

Aryanism, Unity through Nobility


The success of Aryanism beyond an intellectual and spiritual movement is contingent upon the revival of National Socialist government, since much of Aryanist folk ideology requires state participation to apply. Therefore Aryanists are expected to offer resolute support to all authentic (ie. non-racist) National Socialist political platforms. To a lesser extent, Aryanists may also wish to offer reserved support to other political platforms that advocate any state initiatives to limit new births and control population, even if these appear weak by our standards.

The revival of National Socialist government, in turn, is contingent upon the defeat of Zionism. Therefore Aryanists are expected – with even more urgency – to offer resolute support to all anti-Zionist activists whom they consider genuine and not contrary to Aryanist ideals, including those not necessarily sympathetic to National Socialism.

In both cases, Aryanist's will be expected to act promptly, efficiently and concertedly as a supportive think-tank and counter propaganda machine when called upon by leaders of the respective revolutions.



  1. What do you make of this John?

    I know some whose father was a NSDAP member and bought them up accordingly. Most of this they would not agree with. The guy possibly guys sound deranged at best.

    Their ideas on race are wrong. (They seem to be pushing a version of theres more differences between members of a race than between races jew meme)

    Their ideas on Nobility and race are either completely confused or intentionally misleading.

    And they seem to support miscegenation.

    Nutters apart from confronting zionism and the jew when ever you get the chance.

    They sound muslim maybe starting out on the same path jewish style path of co-opting and subverting an idea, just very poorly for now.