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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Anti Zionist Caller Crashes Geraldo Rivera Show


The nationally syndicated Geraldo Rivera Show is heard on stations across America, including mega stations 770 WABC (New York) and 790 KABC (Los Angeles).

On September 4, 2013, Rivera, guest Juan Williams, and several uninformed callers were all regurgitating the same tired old rot-gut arguments about "Congressional War Authorization" and "chemical weapons" and "red lines" and "dead children" and "rebels" and "limited strikes" and "boots on the ground", etc, etc ad nauseum!


Towards the end of the first hour, Mike King of finally got through and dropped an unexpected truth bomb on Rivera's audience. Like a bucket of ice water splashed across a sleepy face, we believe this unexpected dose of hard truth must have stimulated some thought in many of his listeners.

Enjoy the audio!

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  1. Whites must understand that Geraldo is a rotten Jew, hiding behind a mestizo name[search engines]