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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Comment to this Blog followed by my reply

Regarding this Post on the Blog earlier today:

'It just had to [be] a pervert Jew. What the hell did we do to deserve being led by these filthy sewer-minded parasites?'
My reply:
'The more you look into the 'Tribe' the more you realise just how evil these Babylonian children of Satan are. As Andrew Anglin says it is in their genetics, they are genetically programmed to behave this way.

That being the case they have no right to exist on this Earth. Whilst they are allowed to exist amongst us and in fact have control and total power over everything, the destruction of our race is assured.'
John Hardon 14/88


  1. I agree totally. I was arguing with someone yesterday about the same subject. This person is, more or less, on the same page politically as oursevles, but when I said that ALL Jews were a danger BECAUSE they were Jews this person couldn't accept it and argued that if they were fostered by gentiles they wouldn't KNOW they were Jews and thus wouldnt act in the usual ways. The problem is most people have been so brainwashed to look at ENVIRONMENT rather than BLOOD that, even when they come round to our way of thinking, they still can't truly accept the basis of the whole thing-namely that the BLOOD is the main thing. Just look at the fact that. wherever you put a JEW, whether he is secular or religious, Ashkenazi or Sephardim, whether he lives in a Christian, a Communist or a Muslim society, he always 'rises to the top' (similarly wherever you put blacks, even with MASSIVE government help they 'sink to the bottom'). This is proof that there is something INHERENT in the which causes this behaviour as the 'environment' of the Roman Empire, Protestant England, Ancient Persia etc etc are in no way comparable. Only when we understand this main truth, the truth of BLOOD will we be able to free ourselves from the inevitable spiral of decline (mental, physical, cultural) our culture is currently experiencing. (P.S on a slightly different note, have you ever seen the History Channel show 'Ancient Aliens'? Personally I quite enjoy it even if I do find some of the theories a little bit strained. but I was wondering, the other day, why History channel, a known source of Jew propaganda re WW2 etc, would put on such a show which encourages people to become interested in subjects such as ancient civilizational centres, such as Atlantic and Hyperborea, which, historically, have also held a fascination for the far right. I think they are doing this because they KNOW a few people are starting to look into all this, and are going back to prehistory, like the Nazi's did, to find answers, so they want to 'pre-empt' these discovery's by guiding them down the 'aliens did it route'. I am currently reading a fascinating book about occult origins of Nazism (if you search this on google you can find a free PDF version online) and in that the author shows that the 'myth' of a lost Northern continent, known as Hperborea, was taken very seriously by many top Nazi's and formed the basis of their racial outlook. Might this knowledge (along with other hidden aspect of pre-history which they are aware of) be the reason History channel is so keen to push the 'aliens did it all' theory? I don't know but I always get fishy when 'they' encourage true thought/curiosity as it is the most deadly poison to their agenda! Keep up the good work! 14/88

  2. The assumption that the jews are genetically programmed lets them of the hook somewhat. Just as saying a killer is 'insane' and not guilty of murder because there was no intent and thus manslaughter applies.

    It denies the jew the opportunity of being able to commit conscious evil and declares that he has no will of his own.

    He is declared not guilty of his crimes against others. Yet these crimes are clearly advocated in the Talmud, the jews spiritual guide.

    The jew is licenced to lie when his actions revealed might disparage jewry. To lie one must know the truth. So the jew does wilfully and consciously infringe against others to advantage himself...

    The Talmud urges the jew not to help the goy when the goy is in trouble, that is if failure to do so would bring into disrepute the 'jews'....... ie someone saw the jew commit the crime. Being under three, that particularly delectable prey is unlikely to recognise the predator.

    This is how the ostensible auto genocide of Whitey Goy is urged, and why the Anti Defacation Commission exist......... It exists to put out fires that exist only as a function of the jews inability to deceive perfectly.

    The wailing of the 'Anti-Semitism' (puke) is a failure of the jews. If they were as magnificent intelligent as they believe, not one single stoopid goyim would know he has been deceived.

    So they are really just ebil 'Goy' in self chosen disguise.

    I agree with both Scott Roberts and Andre Anglin ...... The plan is clearly enunciated by the rabbinate. It involves wilful deception, design, malice aforethought , the creation of greater Israel, noachide courts via the sannhedrin out of jerusalem and global government. Deception for pleasure and profit has become a habit that they cannot easily shake, but their is a plan.

  3. don't waste your energy going one on one. save your energy for the lowest common denominator attacking all Whites, in every European country