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Friday, 13 September 2013

VIDEO - F***ing Brilliant, please watch/listen: 911 No More Gentile Memory Hole

Video link sent in from a brother in Oz:

At the time of posting, this video has only had 307 views I have a feeling that this will multiply rapidly in which case You (Jew) Tube will delete it. I have therefore re-uploaded it to TruTube here: J.H.


  1. fantastic
    Have signed up to truetube!

  2. You're a Whigger pid. Take down my copyrighted vid.

    Thanks to you I won't be posting any more. I'm sick of assholes like you who cannot respect others' wishes.

    GO FUCK YOURSELF after you take down my vid.

    Luv, Orwell's Daughter

  3. Whigger pid?

    Orwell's Daughter
    Surely you want as many people to see your video as possible, this website is among the best available resources our people have in understanding our jewish problem to its fullest extent.

    John harvests all the stories and articles from websites and filters for us the most important articles and videos with his own comment thrown in where necessary.

    Go through the archives, his aim and sight has been 100% true so far.

    I think with the greatest of respect you may have got your wires a bit crossed as your video is being promoted here as this is one of the best places to promote such a video.

    Surely backing it up onto Trutube is testimony of his regard for your video and a desire to ensure the jews don't make it disappear from the net like they have with every other useful resource tackling the jewish question.

    I hope you reconsider, as I probably wouldn't have found your video were it not for this webiste.

    John Hardon is promoting it not taking credit for it.

    Delenda Est Judaica!

    1. Thank you for your support The Truth Will Out, I cannot see the logic in Orwell's Daughter's actions regarding this brilliant video which could do a lot of good for our case.

      It is now inaccessible on both You Tube and TruTube. THe fact that TruTube have removed it tends to make me think that know more about 'Orwell's Daughter' than we do.

      I have it copied to my hard drive so I could if I wish start re-uploading to TruTube, Vimeo, You Tube and other video hosting sites using various accounts but I do not wish to makes enemies of those who I believe are intrinsically on our side.

      If I myself had spoken the words that 'Orwells Daughter' spoke I would want them spread far and wide.

      To Orwell's Daughter

      Why don't you want this video to have wide exposure, If you have a web site/blog I will gladly give that exposure too.

      I may in the future re-upload this video if you do not explain to me why you are so against this course of action.

      But there again I'm just a Whigger Pid (whatever the fuck that means)


  4. Orwells daughter.

    Maybe he should have asked permission, but you put it in the public domain yourself. I don't see him taking credit for it.
    Then you withdraw it. Shame.

  5. When hearing No from a woman, males always react with rage. They simply cannot do what she asks even when she has a copyright. Glad the white man is disappearing. Good riddance.