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Saturday, 10 August 2013

UK Financial Collapse: Illegal Gun Sales To Soar

by our London correspondent.

The vast masses of brainwashed cultural Marxist drones who now comprise the population of the UK cannot see this one coming but it is coming and will develop as soon as the cringing, obsequious, sycophantic British sheeple have been prepared for it like the obedient little lambs they are by the lying, scheming transnational ‘British’ Jews media which long replaced God as the centre of their faith.

Financial collapse will be hidden as yet another of the ‘humanitarian’ wars (this time World War 3) so beloved by the liberal populace of the Jew-K, and which gives them a warm glow about the innate goodness of their regime. And of course there will be the Mossad/CIA/MI5 cyber attacks on the City of London and New York which caused all this awful collapse and was done by those wicked Chinese, Iranians or Syrians…fill in the blanks.

The upshot of the partial waking up of the long disarmed British population will be the understanding that you will need guns to survive the marauding gangs of criminals and ethnics in search of food and to defend yourself from the newly-trained, possibly even imported foreign robocops and the brainwashed Royalist armed forces who will be shooting to kill.

There will be scores to settle as well as nationalists battle with Marxist antifa and useful white Goyim idiots battle Muslims on behalf of the Jewish EDL, while Muslim gangs try to finally seize the territory they have already been as good as handed by Jew-ridden Marxist councils, local authorities and the Jewish bankster regime which brings them in by the millions in the first place in order to out breed and defeat any potential threat to the Jews from the white man.


The speed with which the British countryside will re-arm will at the time shock everyone who does not live there. The English countryman (the day will come when the English will once more rightly regard the Welsh and Scots as bloody upstart foreigners, and the whole ‘British’ concept as probably one of the worst ever Jewish jokes) has long smarted under the sheer cheek of the Comrades in Westminster's seizing of their weapons after the Hollywood-created American-style Dunblane massacre. Daddy’s yacht will arrive from Monaco filled to the gunnels with Manton, Boss and Purdey re-imports, Uzis, Glocks, Remingtons, AK-47s, FN Scars, HK-416s, M16s, Brownings, Smith & Wessons, Winchesters and Magnums purchased from that dreadfully nice Kharshoggi chap who attended Lucinda’s wedding in the Cayman Islands along with Mohammed Fayeed, all quietly traded in drawing-rooms, cozy solid fuel aga-heated kitchens or from white transits parked on a village street where Mrs Featherston-Haugh will pick up a sawn-orf for Bertie from farmer Brown’s potato van, hidden under sacks, before popping-in to buy some stamps and a Kit-kat from the last remaining post office for miles.

But the greatest threat to England’s future or shall we say Britain’s future; for three countries are now locked into an unholy and unnecessary alliance at the moment, is in the countryside, for it is there that the greatest traitors; the fat conservative cultural Marxist politicians who sold us to Europe, the transnational, cosmopolitan Jew-ridden aristocracy and the blind, Judiased royalist oik faithful of middle England reside. Just as in the second world war, the third world war could find us on the wrong side, fighting our white brothers for the lying Jews who make up history and defame opponents without shame. It is the ignorance of the countryman, drunk on the lies of Question Time and characterising the currently being racially genocided anglo-Saxons in the cities as ‘wacists’ when they protest that their streets, which now resemble the third world, are no longer their own that may lead our best potential fighters to win the war for the enemy within.



Faced with the choce between buying another stash of ganga and rap-cd’s or an expensive shooter, the average inner city Chimp will probably turn down a gun and resort instead to more familiar culturally-sensitive traditional weapons like kitchen knives, butcher’s cleavers, machetes and baseball bats. So much more handy anyway when the food runs out and they revert en masse to cannibalism and need to carve up joints for their ‘bitches’ to make into Jerk children or White meat in Chilli sauce. The few remaining poor whites in their areas will produce a good supply of food with a preference for meaty fatties; males preferably as they can absorb the power of white magic to make them better warriors. Of course as time goes on the supplies will run out and the skinny elderly pensioners, though usually the first targets for rape and robbery because they are helpless, will be the last food stocks. An adaption of the old familiar post second world war phrase will once again resound in London’s greasy Cafes 

“Sorry, pensioners are off today dear. Care to try the rat soup?”


It is very unlikely that the hordes of young, confused, ‘should have been white nationalist’ men and youths run by the Jewish English Defence League will wake up to understand that one of the reasons why the Jewish banksters and Zioncorporations insisted through the ‘British’ governments they have long controlled, on mass third-world immigration of Muslims into England, was in order not only that they could be used to out breed and help to genocide them, the white British working class, and seize their living space, but also to provide a useful diversion when the time came that would not only lead them to target another group but actually do do so on behalf of the Jews and while waving their flag in the process. And so the Jews who are entirely responsible for the destruction of Britain, her empire and people, would not be seen for what they are; a transnational organized crime gang who destroyed Britain on every imaginable level and used British taxpayer’s money to fund their hundreds of Jew-run think-tanks and quasi and non-governmental groups like Common Purpose, the Tavistock Institute, the Fabian society and Demos to do so, but as a loyal group to be defended by English patriots.


Currently the Muslim crime-families who accounted for almost all of Britain’s heroin and hashish imports, and when after the recession arrived found that as heroin sales plummeted new opportunites arose to fight as well-paid mercenaries of MI5/6 in places like Libya and Syria as ‘rebels,’ will use the not inconsiderable fortunes they have accrued from the sale of the jewellery they amassed from raping and robbing women in Libya and Syria as funding for a massive gun-running operation to bring in the vast stashes of weapons seized from the Libyan armed forces, or provided by bankster regimes like the UK and France, and which are all warehoused in the hands of their compatriots across the Middle East and North Africa just waiting for a suitable market to open up. Muslims will be armed to the teeth leaving the Jews with the difficult choice of having to arm their main enemy; the white working class, to protect themselves from the Muslims they brought into Britain, who will surely come to get them for their crimes in the Muslim lands as soon as they gain sufficient territorial power.


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