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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Jewish Banking Cartel and their Puppet Politicians want a 'piece of the cake' by doing away with cash

Window cleaners, plumbers and other traders are to be armed with portable plastic card readers in a move that could do away with cash.

The small black devices allow people to pay for small jobs on the spot using a debit or credit card rather than raiding wallets, purses or piggy banks for cash. The device links to a banking app that can be downloaded by the tradesman to their iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

The new system, known as Zinc, is being launched by the WorldPay organisation, which works alongside leading banks and card companies. It is one of a number of companies, which also includes Payleven, that have developed similar devices to effectively replace cash for small value purchases.

It allows the likes of plumbers, electricians, window cleaners, market traders and mobile beauticians to accept card payments, removing the need to spend time chasing customers for payment and repeated trips to the bank to deposit cash.

The customer simply inserts the card, checks the total and taps in their four digit PIN to transfer the money.

Banks, retailers and traders are keen to get consumers to drop cash in favour of plastic because it is a much easier and cheaper way to handle and process payments. for the government to spot 'tax evasion'. 
Paying tax on the sale of your unwanted goods (ebay) will be coming soon, once they totally do away with cash which is their main aim (are you sick of the greedy bastards yet?)

However, the system is not free to use for traders, who will be charged a fee of 2.75 per cent of the value of the transaction to authorise each payment.

Look at the bullshit propaganda video below, they actually want us to believe that window cleaners, plumbers etc. would welcome such an intrusive device.

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