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Monday, 12 August 2013

The Halifax employs Zionists to help destroy Our Country

By Green Arrow

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(Added by me. J.H.)

Now I know most of us no longer watch TV because it is just another tool of the Zionists for spreading propaganda and persuading the dull sheep people that 2+2 = 5 through programmes like Coronation Street, Eastenders and endless game shows.

I personally rarely watch the idiot box these days unless of course I want to watch an old episode of Mid Summer Murders prior to the arrest and suspension of Brian True-May who defended the Englishness of the show which was very popular with white thinking people and "strikingly unpopular" with the so called ethnic minorities [soon to be majorities].

So because I do not watch the lie machine, I only discovered the newest advert that is rightfully causing sane, thinking white people (and some thinking black people) to vomit at the sight of a pregnant white woman smiling up at her black boyfriend in the latest add from Halifax by chance.

The add, promoting race mixing and the genocide of the white race was first picked up by a real Nationalist website, Hardon's Blog. Bookmark it, it is in my opinion the best hard hitting white national socialist site out there.

For a True British woman to bring a mixed race child into the world, is not only cruel to the child by depriving it of its birthright - becuause it will NEVER ever be True British - but is supporting genocide against the white race.

In Northern Ireland, the IRA regularly tarred and feathered young Irish girls for going out with British soldiers. In France and other countries originally liberated by Germany for a short time, young girls had their heads shorn, were raped, tarred and feathered or murdered by the Marxists and Zionists when they regained control of their host countries.

The way things are going now in this country, there is going to come a time when it is going to be a very dangerous place to live for us all when the indigenous population finally starts to resist the invasion and colonisation of their country. I just hope that young children will not be made to pay for the crimes of their parents.

Now what do we know about the origins of this sick advert?

Well it was produced by the advertising agency Adam&EveDDB, who you can tell by looking at their multi-racial staff are a "right on" kind of modern company that would produce such shite. Incidentally, their website must be one of the worst I have had the misfortune to have to ever visited and it crashed several times whilst I was looking around it. Crap site. Crap company. Crap advert.

The agency itself is owned by DDB Worldwide Communications, that is in turn owned by the Omnicom Group Inc which is the worlds largest media services conglomerate.

Omnicom owns over 1,500 advertising agencies in 100 counties, which earns its place as one of the "Big Four", alongside WPP, Intepublic and Publicis in the advertising world.

Omnicom Group Plc's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer is the Ashkenazi Jew Randall J. Weisenburger whose take home pay for 2011 came to just under $13 million.

As well as describing itself as a Global player in the world (which it is), the company also insanely believes in the Global World Citizen and has a sustainability policy (probably Agenda 21).

As to be expected, Omnicom is part of the Bilderberg Group (laugh - in 76 and earlier when nationalists tried to tell the people about the Bilderbergers, they laughed at us and people said we were conspiracy nuts) and is listed on the Zionist Archive as one of the companies that really rules the world.

Early posting on the fact that Jews own 96% of the World Media.

Truth is, most of the people working for these advertising agencies are not aware of who really owns them and who is feeding the orders down for them to push multi-racial race mixing muck.

Brilliant research by GA. GA is probably the best 'blogger' around because he puts the hours in on researching everything before he posts it on his website. He is also one of the few genuine Nationalists around on the UK Internet scene. The post that I have reproduced above has certainly educated me as to who the bastards are behind this sick commercial although I did have my suspicions. To see the full vomit inducing video and my take on it go here. J.H.

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