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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

'Sista's are doing it for themselves in YOUR COUNTRY

Submitted by Nationalist4UK

The group of negros attack the UK border agency officers and preventing them inside the shop to remove the illegal immigrants. 

To be honest, i do not fucking tolerate what the niggers been doing! Under my rule the armed forces will be patrolling and they will use live rounds against the sub humans and throw their dead bodies onto the airplane for deportation!

This is why we need to execute the zionist bankers and politicians and we start making big changes and form a Anglo-Celtic Isles racial national socialist government! Those sub human shitskins will be kicked out!

Please add the video to your blog.


Race mixing is a one way street, does any White bloke here want to sleep with a Black woman? J.H.


Anonymous 13 August 2013 02:39

Here is the address of the sub human negroid group that done it!

Hannana Siddiqui

Registrant's address:
21 Avenue Road
United Kingdom

And on their site, if you scroll down their webpage on their piece of shit website, it shows the sponsors they have been receiving!

Absolutely sickening!

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  1. Why i use the word Nigger to call that sub human group....

    Harold Covington can explain.