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Monday, 26 August 2013

Remember the IRA?

Marxists Adam's and McGuinness

Remember the IRA? If you live in the UK you will. They purported to be fighting for a united Ireland but that was just a front, the enemy Jew always backs both sides of any conflict and this was no different, 'divide and conquer' is the 'password' of the criminal Jewish cabal.

After orchestrating the bombing and killing many of their own people Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness cozied up in bed with their fellow Marxist Tony Blair and brokered an agreement that would destroy their country. Ireland is now being flooded with shitskins, even more so than the mainland. It is bankrupt and the true Irish people are being bled dry. Where are Adam's and McGuinness now? Living the high life on Jewish gold, job well done lads you've succeeded in destroying another White nation. 

They tried it with Iceland but came unstuck. Then for a short period of time along comes 'de real IRA' I don't know who these guy's were or what there agenda was but who could blame them for being pissed off with these two sell-out clowns?

And now I will come to the point, the BNP - The British National Party. It is time to scrap this front that is lead by paid off agents of the enemy, what we need is 'de real BNP', the British National (Socialist) Party, no 'if's' no 'buts' or are we going to pussy foot around for another 50 fucking years?

You must get active and push for change, just imagine if we could gain control of the BNP and introduce true National Socialist policies? Would the people reject it? At this stage in the game I think not. The time has come to be truthful and not cower to the Zionists by diluting our demands.

The time is here and the time is now to say without reserve just what we want and what we WILL have as it is our birth right, this is OUR land and our people are being systematically destroyed are you willing to let this happen while the leader of a once great party sits in his country estate in Wales drinking Champagne whilst making a few token gestures to satisfy his members? Well I'm not. 


John Hardon


  1. We'll have to differ John. I have been there, and it's a simple Welsh smallholding my freind. He is human, and is certainly not afraid to go to jail, they tried three times. We can afford to be brazen on blogs or in organisations that are no threat as such. I enjoy yours very much, but beware third hand info from sources that are ony via the net. I was active in the NF years ago, and certain other groups, and the exact same things happened... Arguments, splits, and tittle tattle. Griffin has pulled the movement uphill recently, and is the only political hope we have. Also, he is a far sighted thinker, and they don't always show up as consistant good leaders. He has to play THE long game, just like The Furher back in the 1930's. Look what they tried to do to him... Colleages trying to assasinate him through differences of ideology.

    Yours with respect.


  2. I actually agree with the above poster. Compare Griffin's speeches to those of the other so-called 'nationalist' leaders we have had recently. Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage are determined NEVER to go near the real problem whereas it is clear to me that Mr griffin understands very well where this lies and will not allow himself to be dragged into an anti-muslim frenzy whilst ignoring the real enemy within (the Jews without whom we would have ZERO muslims living here in the first place). Look at some of his recent speeches (on the Woolich 'killing' etc) and its clear to me that he has a VERY good grasp of tactics/playing the long-game as the poster aboe said. It is true, however, that he was briefly seduced (in around 2008ish) by the 'UKIP' tactic of resolutely appearing to be moderate in everything he said and did but the bastards went for him anyway (and his cringing obsqeuious performance on QT did him no favours either) nonethless I think that when the British people wake up (as the demographic shift of the UK towards non-whites, and the concomitant violence will FORCE them to if nothing else does) they will remember that the BNP always (well almost!) told the truth and were ALWAYS attacked for it. Expect a surge in NF support as well and for the traitorous EDL and other such outfits to disaapear into the dustbin of (Zionist race traitour) history where they belong!


    UK far too luke-warm about Jews. Brits have to suffer a lot more before they wake up! They need to really start to hurt before they start to even realise that there is a Jewish problem at all! Hope it is not too late by then! After the War their heads were swollen. They wouldn't do menial jobs such as cleaning out public toilets or drive busses. "Let the Jamaicans do that". Serve them right.
    Hungary remembers the atrocities committed by Bolshevik Jews. Pity there is nothing about Ukraine.
    Interesting that Spain sees Jews rather than Israel as being a problem.
    Germany, France and Austria are all hindered by not being allowed to say what they really think about Jews or the Holohoax!

  4. As a pan British Isles national socialist. The IRA Sinn Fein are much marxist terrorists as the UAF, SWP, Plaid Cymru and SNP because they want to split and destroy the White race of the British Isles.

    The separate sovereign states in the British Isles will remain unrecognised and always be. Just like Kosovo is always part of Serbia since the marxist jew scum split it up!

    I call for a unification of the British Isles under a national socialist ideology! No more monarchy, no more zionists controlling the British isles, no more shitskins, jews and liberals marxists in our isles. The British Isles which incorporates England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands will be a single nation of islands. I hate the freemason scum named Alex Salmond, Gerry Adams...etc they need to be hanged for treason!!!

    I am sick and tired of what's going on and the true meaning of IRA is Irish Retarded Army!!!

    I'm 50% Irish and 50% English and im proud!!!


  5. Thanks for all the above comments, a lot of your points have been taken on board and I will address them in up-coming posts.

    Nationalist4UK, just for the record I am 50% Welsh and 50% Scottish, I may well have Irish in me too as we are all of one kin, the British Isles. But if you look into it further we are actually Germanic, go even deeper and we are all Aryan. Go even deeper than that and you will find that we are the Creators chosen race.