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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Racist anti-White Hater, Doreen Lawrence, rewarded with seat in UK Government

Great post from Rufus on the News from Atlantis Blog, he posted this on July 31 2013, I obviously missed it because I took a break from the Internet or I would have posted it earlier. J.H.

Pineapple head Doreen Lawrence

Doreen Lawrence - the mother of the dead Stephen Lawrence - is to be rewarded by the enemies of the nation for her services in dæmonising indigenous Britons, with a seat in the House of Lords.

The House of Lords is the highest court in the UK. It is also the upper chamber of parliament, and thus the tier of government with the power to overturn any and all legislation. In the faux democracy of the UK, the House of Commons is nothing but a front for the Establishment, which is used to give the impression that the people have a voice. The House of Lords, on the other hand, more realistically provides a window on the workings of the Establishment. It is a wholly appointed chamber of government, which - in spite of much propaganda to the contrary - retains much power. For an avowed enemy of the nation to be appointed to the chamber which includes the apex of the legislative and judicial functions of government - as well as a direct link to the real executive which resides outside parliament - is nothing less than treason to the indigenous population, and an act of war against us.

'Saint' Stephen Lawrence (left) with a fellow shitskin

Doreen Lawrence is a racist bigot. Her son was murdered - and for this she certainly has the right to be enraged - but rather than focus her hatred on those who took her son's life, she has taken it upon herself to pour out an unceasing stream of racist hatred against the entire indigenous population of the UK. Following her son's death, Doreen Lawrence had his body shipped out to Jamaica, stating that 'Britain didn't deserve to have his body'. The woman hates all Britons, not just the ones found guilty of her son's murder.

Doreen Lawrence was unemployed at the time of her son's death, despite being a nurse living in an area crying out for nurses. She has since become immensely wealthy, has been given no less than an OBE, and her own organisation with which to spew forth her hatred of all White people. For the work-shy Lawrence, her son's death was the beginning of a new life of affluence and power.

The darling of the anti-indigenous Establishment, Doreen Lawrence has been praised by the Jewish Communist immigrant (and leader of the Labour Party) Ed Miliband, as a 'hero of modern Britain'. Her 'heroism' is her relentless campaign to destroy the UK, and to inculcate in all indigenous Britons a feeling of guilt and self-hatred for the crime of being White.

Rather than be given a peerage, Doreen Lawrence should do the decent thing and repatriate herself to Jamaica - just as her husband has done - and stop campaigning against our country, but instead go live in her own land in peace where she can tend the grave of her son.

Kriss Donald, Richard Everitt and too many other indigenous Britons have been murdered at the hands of immigrants, acting purely out of racist hatred for our people. Thousands of indigenous children have been raped, assaulted, and otherwise persecuted due to their race. Not a single parent of any of these victims of multiculturalism has been offered a peerage, or described as a 'modern hero of Britain' by the powers-that-be. Not one of them has made a career on the back of the destruction of a child. The elevation of Lawrence to the House of Lords is indicative of the racist nature of the Establishment, and should serve as proof - if any was needed - that our ruling institutions, media and police are wholly in the hands of our enemies and are being used to the utmost to destroy us.

The elevation of Doreen Lawrence is an act of treason, and an act of war. Let this not go unnoticed, and unopposed.


  1. Order Of The Bolshoveik Empire... OBE. One cannot help but feel sorry for this low I.Q. life form. She hardly knows a modicum of reasoning behind the act of "monkey on a string" by her puppet masters.


  2. UK must be hard up for a hero. Throw the gal a banana.