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Friday, 23 August 2013

National Socialists - Our Time is Coming! (or has it past?)

I have stayed off the Internet for a few day's now and I mean completely off, so I have not looked at any 'sites' or 'blogs' (or read any comments) for the last few day's as I have been trying to figure out why what is staring us in the face is so easily deniable by the mass of people I meet in real life (not on the net). This question has to be answered and I know we can go on about the 'brainwashing', the 'conditioning' etc. But the fact remains that we as a distinct race are losing and 'they' are winning.

I can put stuff on here and people do read it, I can also write my own thoughts and even get them published on other sites and blogs but whatever I do and many others like me do on the Internet, nothing seems to change.

I saw on the News tonight about the dead Syrians that were supposed to have been killed in a chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime, those of you in the know, know that this is lies and we also know that the Israeli's are behind this latest atrocity that they perpetrate over and over again. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and next Iran. WE can see it and WE know who is behind it but their is a big problem here: NO ONE CARES.

That's right, no one cares. They all know the politicians are lying to us, they all know we are being robbed but apart from a few souls who know the truth on the Net who really gives a damn?

They don't care, or if they do they would rather not face the truth, they would rather get high on drugs or alcohol (which I admit I'm guilty of myself) So the video above although offering hope to the few is looked upon by the many as rubbish. That's how entrenched the enemy Jew programming is.

National Socialism is the only answer, it is an order based on OUR RACE and OUR LANDS, the only way that this can succeed is for us to dismantle the corrupt Zionist system and the only way we can do that is by popular support, that's if we are willing to go along with the 'Jewish' way of doing things but their way is not our way and it never will be. WE should be proud Aryan warriors looking out exclusively for our race and our lands with an attitude of 
'Every other race, especially the Jews (that inflicted on our people this multi-culti nightmare) can go to HELL'
For those of you that are new to all this, search the Web and prove to me that Adolf Hitler ever lied about anything, search? You won't find a damn word to dispute what I'm saying unless it was written by a conniving, lying stinking Jew.

Get this into your heads they not only wish to destroy you, they are doing it right now. There are none so blind as those that cannot see... Think about that.

Some good NS vids here:


  1. You are so right about those Syrians. The first thing I thought was BFD - who gives a $hit right?

  2. Hey there John

    Paul Pitt of South East Alliance gives a tour of Tottenham.

    Sheffield is having problems with massive amount of shitskins in the area.

    It shows that the liberal Marxists are in support for high crime rates committed by the immigrants!
    Utterly disgraceful! Those vile anti white liberal communists are committing high treason against the native White people of Britain! This is why the liberal Marxist ideology must to be banned from the political system in Europe!!!!! Also we need the armed forces to kick all the non whites out of Europe!

  3. John... You are feeling and writing specifically for two types of people. One are the unthinking and unintelligent masses that are making you so tired and angry. Two, they are us, and we are so like you. Re-thinking our strategy is important now, especially as White folk are sadly lacking in basic survival modes. You may find comfort in one thing... Mentally resting as you have done, then formally creating an online, legal action in the form of a constitution/declaration. Your own, and our mental state of minds require sustenance and peace of mind. Writing such a declaration will help.


  4. thanks to pure-Jew, mail online for printing SPLC article verbatim

  5. Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement. Things will be back to normal soon. IronKraft, I did write my own constitution/declaration some time ago and I have it saved somewhere on my old computer hard drive I will see if I can dig it out when I have more time. 14/88