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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Man does Jail time for daring to question the Holohoax

A 55-year-old man has been found guilty of thought crime by a Geneva court for posting articles on the internet critical of Jews.

The court heard that the man had directed his comments against Jews and had questioned the “Holocaust” in 50 articles published between January 2010 and May this year.

Although he’d repeatedly been asked by authorities to remove the texts, he refused to do so. He was sentenced to six months in prison.

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  1. Next step would probably be bullet in the head for such "hideous" crimes as doubting holohoaxianity. "Hyperdemocratic" Germany has probably now more political prisoners then North Korea! This is also the only reason why US still has military bases all over the country, while soviets left there in late eighties.

    1. Yes Quex, the German people have suffered more than any other European nationality first at the hands of the Jewish Soviet communist butchers and then in tandem by the so-called allies who were also under Jewish control. All because one great man, Adolf Hitler had the nerve to kick the Jewish Banksters, pornographers, tricksters, speculators and the criminal Jewish Mafia out of Germany.

      Zionist occupied Germany stands as a warning to the rest of Europe that if they do not comply to total Jewish rule they will be destroyed.

      That's the one thing I worry about if Golden Dawn in Greece become the majority party, the enemy Jew will not reap havoc on the Golden Dawn they will do it to the working class Greek people. They will implement savage sanctions on Greece to push the people into real starvation in the hope that they will turn against the GD and elect another Jewish puppet government. If that doesn't work they will do a 'Serbia' on Greece with the backing of the Jewish controlled UN and bomb it into submission.