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Monday, 26 August 2013

Look it is simple. They hate us

By Green Arrow

It really is quite simple.

The invaders being brought into Our Country to replace us by the Zionists hate us - the white people whose land they are stealing. The 2nd and 3rd generation of colonisers already here hate us for the same reasons.

They KNOW they have no real rights to be in Our Country and so must cast about for justification for their theft of another races land. So they say that it is justice for the crimes that whites are supposed to have committed over the centuries when we dragged their countries up out of the mud.

They say that there is no such thing as race and that we are all human beings and so people should be able to live where they wish - unless of course you are white, in which case you have no right to life.

Stupid whites support the colonisers and invaders in their encroachments into our cities, town and villages to "prove" they are not "racists" and are the first in the front line to start throwing punches, rocks and darts at those who are trying to warn them that their lives and the future for their children and grandchildren are also in jeopardy.

They usually learn in the end, when they are finally attacked, raped or beaten by these peoples from other lands who are nothing like the white race they are intent on destroying and who they betray by supporting and defending.

You only have to search around the net to see the responses from the mud coloureds to the Coral Millerchip scuffle to see just how much they hate us and how many of them are waiting eagerly for it all to kick off so they can have their "pay back" time.

It is interesting to see how this Millerchip affair as travelled around the world, with all the non white countries media reporting it as a vile attack, a despicable attack, a brutal attack, a hate attack.

Yet these same media sites NEVER report on the constant attacks against white people in their own land by the invaders and colonisers who just want them, at the end of the day, dead.

Have you ever seen or read in the Jewish controlled world media, condemnation for the Pack Attacks against white people? No you have not and you will not (other than perhaps a small piece in a local rag).

Look at The UK Enichment News and see if any of the white victims names or the names of their attackers are household names in the same way that Emma West and now Coral Millerchip names are known

Another difference is that the so called crimes committed by these two English girls were trivial affairs and would not even be worthy of being reported as stories in a sane world, whereas the crimes committed against the white people mentioned in the link above, really are vile, despicable, brutal, vicious hate attacks.

I despise the white editors and journalists who are too cowardly or care more for their jobs than their own people.

Now as for the stupid white liberals who do the work of the Jews and Zionists by attacking verbally and physically those whites who speak out about the theft of their children and grandchildrens future, I want you to look in a minute at this video of Tommy Robinson holding his own on a recent chat show. Do not watch it just yet.

Now in the past I have attacked Tommy Robinson for being a multi-racialist tool of the Zionists who is obsessed only with the cancer of Islam but not the cause of it. World Jewry and Zionism. I am sure I will also attack him for his selective blindness in the future but he can be useful now.

Robinson and the whites of this country are again being "distracted and diverted" by the Zionists with their "Do not watch that hand, watch this hand" tactic that leaves them free to continue to gobble up the worlds wealth and enslave the entire world.

But at least Robinson and the EDL are keeping the continued encroachment into the body of our country by Islam in the public eye and many of those people drawn to organisations like the Casuals and the EDL, will eventually find the path to National Socialism and the truth and so there is a place for useful fools like Tommy. Who knows, perhaps one day, he also will see the truth. I hope so.

You can also see, if you follow my logic that there is also a place for Britain First with their campaigns. Checking their site you will see that they too are obsessed with only one thing. The spread of Islam but they to can be of use also.

Now watch the video and come back to this paragraph.

Right, I will have to assume you took the time to watch the video.

In the tape, the panel of enrichers supported by a white liberal audience scream abuse at Tommy Robinson but not ONE of them is able to answer any of the questions returned to them by Robinson.

The truth is, and they know it, is that they cannot answer his questions because they have no answers and so they do what they always do. They scream and scream "Racist", "Racist", "Racist" and attempt to drown out Robinson's words of truth, reason and logic.

These enrichers also know that by their own arguments against whites, that they have NO RIGHTS to be in Our Land and their feelings of guilt makes them even more "outraged" and their blind hatred towards the white race is revealed and the more incensed by Robinson they become.

Around the blogs and forums on British internet sites, the colonisers and invaders are daring the whites to rise up against the theft of their lands so they can crush them once and for all.

These interlopers should be careful what they wish for, because they should know from history that when the whites really do get going, they are the most ruthless and efficient killing machines the world has ever seen.


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  1. Perhaps you would do well to view this posting ... they start young in America.