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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Jewish Promoted Race Mixing Overdose

The commercial below is screened repeatedly during prime time popular programming by all the commercial TV channels here in the UK. This is a deliberate attempt to promote the Jewish Marxist agenda of race mixing as a wonderful thing.

Impressionable children are absorbing this evil propaganda sublimely. I myself find this commercial stomach churningly offensive and disgusting. J.H.


  1. If paedophiles are defined by the intention to do harm under the guise of 'love' and 'care', then the jews who promote this Schlock are Rock Spiders to the YidCore.

    Keep Kikes away from Kids.

    In Oz we too have the BnaiBrith. They run a "Courage to Care" program, and have, or used to have a touring bus used to promote their Kosher Filth to Goyische children. Holocaust numerology features prominently in the BnaiBrith faecality, and is designed to include children as believers in the perfidious religion of the jews.

    Judaism preaches a two tiered religious system and way of life that is practiced on the heads of the "Goyim"...... It advocates 'besting' the Goy in every way and is the inverse of do unto others as ye would have them do to you..... It seeks to harm others for personal and religious advantage.

    For these reasons they and their mendacious ideas have no place near innocents or anyone else.

  2. So we're directed over here to the Hardons' blog now googlers..... excellent.

    Now you're going to have to wade your way through a jewish sewer at the blog below.
    It is the nature of forensic scatology, examining the Shit of the jew with barf bucket ever at the ready, for evidence of their crimes against others and Truth.

    There you'll find that this 'israel' was product of jew calculus that declared it had to be manufactured in 1948, that number of the god the jew feels has chosen the jew is 42, and the number of the jewhiss messiah is 424.....

    Elsewhere on the internet you'll find evidence, collated by yours truly, that the jew has manufactured remembrance ceremonies to do with the loss of AngloKeltic soliders that can only be a mockery of their condition.

    There you'll find evidence of the importance of numbers in jewish ritual murders in posts september 9 2014 and proof of concept derived from pop culture.

    We have Remembrance Day coming up soon.... It to appears have the numerological signature of jew filth all over it. Remembering that the jew regards itself chosen by the deity whose number is 42, and that R is the 18th letter of the alphabet and that a Day has 24 hours in it, then the sum of 18 and 24 amount to 42.......

    The 11th hour of the 11th day are likely of significance that is not yet understood here.

    Consider again that if the temple menorah consists of 3 superimposed W's, or three 6's via sum of 4 and 2, or three 8's, via product of 4 and 2, or 18 and 24 summing to 42, then Remembrance Day represents a symbolic Temple menorah in the Time domain.....

    Consider that the entire purpose of the Two World Wars was entirely for the purpose of jew israel.

    It is inappropriate that AngloKelts allow these jew designed ceremonies to remain once understood for what they are.
    The numerological significance of Red Poppies and the jewhiss advocates of their use has been described elsewhere, particular in War Pigs over at Expel the Parasite.

  3. Look Googlers, I've made and ommission in the aforementioned extrapolations.

    You're going to have to search for Theban or Witches alphabet.... The original contains equivalents for every English letter other that JUW....... Remember the goulston street graffiti ? The JUWes are the once who'll not be blamed for nothing, or similar.

    U in the current alphabet is the 21st letter of the alphabet, thus W in numerology is an equivalent to 42. W is the base shape of the jew menorah, and these things are categorically NOT coincidence or the product of 'confirmation bias'.... The results of the analysis prove it otherwise.