The 14 Words

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Immigration and the Moral Right to Save Europe and the West!


  1. The word BEAUTIFUL seems distinctly pitiful when describing our acheivements. I think in the circumstances, POIGNANT is the more descriptive, considering the dangers we have, and continue to face. As long as merely a handful of Aryan people are on this planet, the world stands just a glimmer of hope.


    1. Yes Ironcraft,

      David Duke is a bit watered down for my liking. I often wonder about him as he still insists that Muslim 'Terrorists' did 9/11


    2. I wouldn't get too het up about David. He's more like Nick Griffin in the UK. By that, I mean we need to remember the integrity of our fight must include political voices and faces, to match our enemy's non-integrity through control of the media. Softer approaches area good way of getting more Whites on our wavelength.