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Monday, 12 August 2013

Ian Spuncan Smith: "For those [White Indigenous] eyeballing benefits as a one-way ticket to easy street, I have a wake-up call for you, those days are over!"

'Yo see we iz alrite cuz we iz black'

From the UK Daily Mail:

The last stage of the benefits cap roll-out has begun with claimants across the country having their benefits capped to a maximum of £26,000 a year – the equivalent of the average salary of a working family.

This puts an end to the out-of-control claims that saw some households getting more in benefits then many hard-working, tax-paying families could ever dream of earning. Indeed today, we see that across the country there are 4,000 single people making more in benefits than many individual people would earn from work. [But only if you're not WHITE]

This is not right, not fair and by the end of September these [WHITE] people will come under a new cap of £18,200.

The cap actively encourages people into work by exempting those claiming working tax credits. This is a key motivator for people and Jobcentre Plus [Privately employed by a Jew owned French company] advisers tell me they believe the policy is already helping drive people back into work [What fucking work? Oh you mean slave labour]. The cap is one part of this government’s welfare reforms, and central to our plans is universal credit. The new benefit is up and running well in areas around Manchester and will begin to roll out across the country from October.

New claims will be taken in six more areas and all job centres will start using the new Claimant Commitment.

The Claimant Commitment transforms the relationship between the claimant and the system. Claimants will sign an agreement to undertake certain activities in order to get their benefits in return.

Our advisers have the power to sanction people who don’t uphold their part of the bargain. No longer can [White people] people just turn up to claim benefits with no onus on them to better their situation. [Yeah this is what our parents/grandparents died for in WWII is it, you bastards?]

Britain’s benefits system used to be a source of pride but after 13 years of Labour it became a way of life for some. Labour haven’t learnt anything from their mistakes on welfare. They voted against the benefits cap, housing benefit cap, universal credit, the list goes on.

In total, [Lying Jew] Ed Miliband has directed his Welfare Party to vote against £83billion worth of savings I have made. [Just in case it affects the 'Enrichers' that Labour imported]

Same old Labour still haven’t accepted that the welfare state should be a safety net to catch you in hard times, and not a way of life.

The vast majority of people want to get on by working hard. If you hit hard times, the system will support you. [Fuck off, you try living on £80 a week you well paid Journalists and propaganda merchants for the state]

But for Ed Miliband and those eyeballing benefits as a one-way ticket to easy street, I have a wake-up call for you: those days are over. Universal credit has started and the benefits cap roll-out is in its final stages. Together they will build a welfare state we can all, once again, be proud of.

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