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Friday, 9 August 2013

Hardons up and coming Birthday Celibration 13/08/2013

Yes folks next Tuesday (Aug 13) I will have been on this planet for 62 years, yes I can't believe I'm still here myself but I am. So to celebrate the fact as well as the normal stuff I post, later on in the evening I will be posting my favourite music vids, some you might like, many of you might hate but to tell you the truth I don't give a fuck. I know when I put Jethro Tull vids on this blog some of you think I'm some kind of hippy lunatic but others appreciate the musical and lyrical brilliance of Ian Anderson so you can bet your life that their will be a few Tull vids on.

You know just because we love our race it does not mean we have to listen to crap Punk style nationalist music. Personal Interpretation of the lyrics and the music is applicable to the vids I shall be posting.

Here's a more recent picture of me (below) than the one I published a few weeks ago, I posted it on a dating site and got two women who wanted to meet me, one had 'Love' and 'Hate' tattooed on her fingers, the other looked like Leather face out of the movie 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' but perhaps on the self taken photograph below I look a bit of a loony myself. The thing is I'm sick of hiding on the Internet, I'm out there. We should not be afraid to stand up and be counted as true National Socialists. What they gonna do kill us all? If that's the case take a lesson from the Muslim scum: Martyrs gain more respect. Not that I have any intention of becoming a Martyr anytime soon but this is supposed to be a free country isn't it, well lets see just how free it is?

Me with my Charles Bronson (English criminal) look, this is how I look now.

Me with my 'Don't fuck with me look' (self taken) Before my break from blogging (and no I don't think I'm hard, I'm just willing to die for my children and my race)

Some of you are probably thinking one of two things, either this bloke is an egotistical maniac or he has a death wish, right? Well I can assure you that neither of those perceptions is true. Scott Roberts, Andrew Anglin, Mike Delaney and even our own Green Arrow show their faces on the Internet, know why because they've got balls, they are committed to the cause and that cause is (whether they know it or not) National Socialism. 

The Jewish control system wants you to be afraid, they want you to hide behind anonymous identities, they want you to be too frightened to show your face on the Internet just in case it causes a storm of people doing the same thing, saying 'Here I am, this is me, I'm NS, 14/88. Now what?' 

Take a lesson from the Golden Dawn, they don't hide behind Internet anonymity, they are out there, they are showing us the way. What a sad state of affairs that in this country the only people that dare show their faces in the British Nationalist Parties are already working for the enemy Jew, be it by blackmail, threats or bribery they are in the pocket of the enemy.

That's why this Blog is not and never will be affiliated to any British Nationalist Party until their is a true National Socialist party. Will that day ever come? Well if it doesn't you can kiss good bye to your Country (Whats left of it) and your race.

Don't believe me well revisit this post I put up earlier today: Jewish Promoted Race Mixing Overdose

John Hardon

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