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Thursday, 8 August 2013

"Don't tell the public the truth about immigration" - Theresa May talking on behalf of her Jewish masters

Shit skins and other assorted scum shipped in to destroy Britain

The Home Office was last night accused of an ‘immigration cover-up’ after parts of a highly critical border security report were blacked out.

A total of 15 passages were redacted from a study into border controls in Calais on the grounds that publishing them would be ‘undesirable for reasons of national security'. [What they mean is that the indigenous people of this country would be up in arms if they knew the truth]

It is the first time that a regular report by the chief inspector of borders and immigration John Vine has had significant sections withdrawn from public view by Home Secretary Theresa May.

Among the details erased from the report is the number of illegal migrants sneaking into Britain on Eurostar trains from Brussels.

The so-called ‘Lille loophole’ allows migrants to stay on the train through France without showing any documentation because they are in the EU’s free travel zone, and then arrive at St Pancras to claim asylum.

Other passages were blacked out in sections dealing with concerns over staff shortages at Britain’s main immigration posts in Calais.

Meanwhile, the unredacted parts of the report contained worrying signs of mounting pressures on border controls in Calais which check passengers using ferries to the UK.

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