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Saturday, 24 August 2013

DENIS AVEY EXPOSED! The Man Who Broke Into Shoah Business ~ Carolyn Yeager

The Queen of White Nationalism tears the Avey myth apart with lawyer-like precision:

Avey told a ‘Boy’s Own’ tale about ‘the horror he felt’ after swapping uniforms with a Dutch Jew – and breaking into Auschwitz. Denis Avey, 92, was captured during the Second World War and sent to the IG Farben plant, known as Auschwitz III. But Avey claimed he was told about “the mass killings” and “smelled the horrendous stench from nearby crematoriums” and so he vowed to “witness the atrocities” for himself.

Avey made the astonishing claim that he bribed guards with cigarettes and swapped uniforms with a Dutch Jew who was roughly the same height. He claimed that he broke into the deadly camp with the risk of almost certain death and witnessed for himself the ‘vaguely human’ corpses piling up each day. Avey peddled his phoney story in a book called ‘The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz.’ He claimed he used the cigarettes and chocolate from Red Cross packages to bribe guards during weeks of preparation. Avey claimed that he twice sneaked into the camp where on both occasions he spent the night alongside Jewish prisoners close to death. 

’I did my homework over weeks and weeks, but the common denominator of all that was a tremendous amount of luck,’ Mr said.
‘My life depended on 50 cigarettes – 25 in, 25 out. He (the guard) could have shot me easily.

He said his motivation for getting inside the camp was to ‘put one over on the enemy’ and witness the slaughter so that he could tell the world afterwards. Avey in 1941 before he was captured and sent to Auschwitz Avey claims to have recorded seeing piles of corpses of workers who died each day. 
“They were carried away by fellow inmates who showed no emotion. Body carriers collapsed, earning them a beating and almost certain death.”
‘Auschwitz III was like nothing else on earth; it was hell on earth. This is what I had come to witness but it was a ghastly, terrifying experience.’
Avey falsley claimed that men were pulled from line-ups and taken away to be gassed in gas chambers which have now been proved never to have existed, but there was no protest, so weak and dejected had they become. Avey described the ‘foul air’ of the sleeping area and putrid ‘soup’ the men were served which he dared not eat. He held whispered conversations with the inmate lying next to him who was in on the plan, finding out what he could about the concentration camp. On both occasions Avey and the guard managed to change back into their own clothes, despite the risk of discovery.

‘The difference between right and wrong is fast receding” Said Avey (could this have been a Freudian slip?).
“Awareness is being diluted, people are just saying “such is life” People are like this now.” 
After surviving the camp and the ‘death march’ at the end of the war, Mr Avey tried to tell the army about his experiences. But when army officials showed little interest in what he said (how strange is it that when he could have made a fortune in a growing industry?) he gave up and kept silent for 60 years.

A spokesperson for Hodder and Stoughton told this blog that as far as they were concerned the story had been throughly checked and the text had been ‘legalised’ and so it will remain on sale though she will look into Carolyn Yeagers expose. Dont hold your breath, the Rothschild Jewish controlled British media and publishing sector considers the dissemination of Holohoax propaganda to engender guilt even in little children and to mind-control and brainwash the white Goyim they intend to genocide through mass-immigration and cultural Marxist attacks on family, motherhood, masculinity and religion, its single most important duty.

The Case Against Denis Avey, the BBC, and the British Government
by Carolyn Yeager:

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