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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Church of England hijacked by the NWO Marxists

The Church of England was at the centre of an extraordinary row last night over claims it is being used to stop Britain leaving the European Union. Prayers for Britain to stay in the EU forming part of a Brussels-backed event to mark the 40th anniversary of the UK joining the Common Market are to be said in a service at Salisbury Cathedral.

The event next month is being held in Salisbury because it was the home of the late [Homosexual Paedophile] Sir Edward Heath, the Prime Minister who took the UK into what is now the EU in 1973. Leading pro-Europeans will attend.

The programme, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, advertises as part of the event: 
‘Evensong in the cathedral, during which prayers will be said for the European Union and the UK’s place therein.’
Last night, leading Eurosceptic MP Peter Bone claimed the C of E was being ‘hijacked’ in an outrageous attempt to influence the EU debate.


  1. It's not really news. The Church in general is now a platform for Marxist doctrine. Bela Khun, Trotsky and thier ilk paved the way for the destruction of the church and Chritianity. Now every institution in the West is essentially a hollowed out version of it`s former self. We have to start from scratch like Herr Hitler did after the Judeo~Socialist Wiemar Republic.

    Iron Kraft UK

    1. I totally agree with you brother. 14/88