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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cheating Jew Baseball Player Ryan Braun Accused the Man who Took His Urine Sample of Being an Antisemite

By Andrew Anglin

Jews tend to be physically weak, as a rule, and thus require steroids to play sports. They are also incapable of doing anything at all without running some sort of scam.

Ryan Braun: He’s a victim, you see. The world is 
against him because of his Jewishness.

Ryan Braun, a drug-addled Jewish Milwaukee Brewer who was suspended prior to the 2012 season after testing positive for synthetic testosterone, responded to the results by claiming that the man who collected the sample was an Antisemite, Jeff Passan has reported.

Braun went around to a score of top MLB players and told them that the urine collector, Dino Laurenzi Jr., was not only a hate-monger involved in a neo-Nazi conspiracy against him, but also that he was a fan of the Chicago Cubs. Reportedly, many of the players took him seriously.

He got together with his army of lawyers and had the suspension overturned, based on a technicality – it wasn’t dropped off at FedEx fast enough.

He has been suspended the whole 2013 season for testing dirty again.

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