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Saturday, 10 August 2013


These vile people sold their souls for Jewish Gold to bathe in filth and decadence, this really is the Temple of Babylon reborn. The Jewish designed multicultural nightmare of everything that spits in the face of the Creator. That many of us envisaged years ago has arrived and they are shoving their Satanic worship right down our throats. While you grovel for a few pennies to eat or heat they blatantly splash the cash that they stole from you and your children's future. J.H.

Inside the temple of decadence: Dancing dwarfs, £120,000 bubbly, and Rihanna and Beatrice mixing with VERY shady characters in Britain's most louche nightclub

The time is just after midnight. The place: a basement full of outwardly-glamorous people, reached via a set of double doors halfway down an alleyway off Carnaby Street in Soho, central London. Perched at the neon bar, I ask for a wine list. It contains nothing but champagne. The cheapest, a bog-standard Moet, is just under £100 a bottle. Dom Perignon will be £340. 

Tom Berg with Cara Delevingne (centre) and Rihanna

Louis Roederer Cristal, champagne of choice for the discerning rap artist, costs £1,000. On page two is the really special stuff. A Jeroboam of Krug, the equivalent of four normal bottles, costs £3,000.

Various Methuselahs — each six litres — range from £10,000 to £40,000. That’s equivalent to more than £800 for every single glass.

For the real big spenders, there seems to be only one option, though. At the end of the wine list is a 30-litre, gold-plated Midas of Ace Of Spades champagne, made by high-end producer Armand de Brignac. 
It boasts a pewter label, and a truly eye-popping price tag: £120,000.

As displays of conspicuous consumption go, buying this Midas takes some beating: the fizz, which will go flat if it’s not drunk within a couple of hours, costs the equivalent of almost five years’ wages for an average Briton.

Any punter who buys the bottle, which is so heavy that four waiters must pour it, is paying quite a premium for the privilege of drinking it here, too.

Satanic: Singer Miley Cyrus was pictured kissing 
one of the entertainers wearing a giant baby mask 
on recent visit to the venue

For this steamy basement is the home of Cirque Le Soir, regarded as one of London’s, if not the world’s, most fashionable, and arguably decadent, nightclubs.

In recent months, Cirque, as it is known to regulars, has made headlines worldwide, welcoming an extraordinary succession of stars into its dimly-lit interior, to be entertained by circus acts performing on small podiums.

Singer Rihanna, supermodel Cara Delevingne, musicians and Kanye West, Hollywood actors Bradley Cooper, Leonardo Di Caprio and Jason Statham are just some of the famous patrons to have recently crossed the threshold.

They have often brought scandal in their wake, too. Only last week, for example, photos hit the internet of a peroxide blonde Miley Cyrus, the American pop star, seated on one of the circus-themed club’s purple sofas.

She was locking lips with one of its ‘trademark’ male go-go dancers — a dwarf dressed in a bib and white nappy.

‘The dwarf is one of our regular performers, called Leon,’ Tom Berg, Cirque’s spokesman, tells me.
‘He wears a big rubber mask, which is very hard to see out of. So he had no idea what was going on until she stuck her tongue in his mouth. It was a wild night.’
Days earlier, it had been the turn of Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch to make headlines at the venue, where guests are treated to nightly stage shows from magicians, clowns, sword-swallowers, acrobats and burlesque dancers who strip to their nipple tassels.

The supposedly-shy 37-year-old — who days earlier had been photographed in Ibiza with Russian model Katia Elizarova — was accompanied at the venue by flame-haired actress Charlotte Asprey. Later, they were joined at their table by the unlikely duo of [homosexual Jew] Stephen Fry and fashion designer Matthew Williamson.

‘They were served champagne and vodka by dancing dwarfs,’ says one witness.
‘It wasn’t what you might call a politically-correct evening’s entertainment, given the group’s Left-wing politics. But they had a blast.’
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