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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Another day, the same old way

Yes, another day, the same old way in this occupied country in which I reside. Another war oh what a bore for Israel, Satan's whore.

When I wake up in the morning I can feel and see the Creator, I light a cig and stumble to the bathroom the kettle is calling from the kitchen and Tea is the first thing on my mind or maybe if I've had a heavy night black Coffee seems right. With a cig in my mouth and a cup in my hand I saunter to the 'living room' where I find reality yes, harsh reality. The box in the corner is calling me to turn it on and dutifully I do and I listen to the lies and want to smash it to bits. It's on now in the background as I type, spewing it's lies. Encouraging Miscegenation, homosexuality and all sorts of anti-creator bullshit. I think to myself, 'how many people feel like me?'. How many people can see through this bollocks and I conclude that it's not many. Most of OUR people just suck this bullshit up like babies on their Mothers tit. Like Lemmings they appear to be grateful for their own destruction by an entity that is so perverse, so evil it is beyond a normal persons comprehension.

Their country is being occupied, their money stolen and their children's future of a happy life destroyed and still they sit there sapping in the Jewish lies like a heroin user needing his next 'fix'. What the hell is wrong with us, are we such cowards that we do not want to upset the status quo? Well the truth is that we are!

This time last year I was on my knees, I had no money, bailiffs knocking on my door and the Police breathing down my neck. I got out of it, you wanna know why? Because of my faith in the Creator and my spiritual guider:  Adolf Hitler.

You may think I'm mad, you may think I'm insane but that's the truth. I am telling you now that there is a greater power that you can latch onto that the enemy Jew has no control over, you can believe me or believe me not I can only talk from personal experience.

Somebody asked me if there are 'Angels' and I can tell you now that there are, I have met them. So do not worry about what is going on now for it is written and it will come to pass. Remember that we are the Creator's children and the force that wishes to destroy us are the children of Satan. We will be victorious in the end and they will perish. That's how it is written not just in the Bible but in all the old Celtic/Anglo Saxon religions.

What we are seeing now is 'Babylon the great' where sexual deviancy and every kind of perversion that goes against the Creator's will is becoming acceptable. If you do not accept this perverse Jewish, yes Jewish way of normality you are considered a 'Racist', 'homophobic' or a 'nut-case' Why should you accept this as normal when you know in your heart it is not? Why should you be forced to live amongst a species of the human race that is inferior  that you have been intrinsically conditioned to make allowances for through a false sense of guilt? It doesn't have to be this way. Who told you it should?

Adolf Hitler was the greatest man that ever walked this Earth with the possible exception of Jesus Christ, take strength from these great men, do not comply with this Satanic system. Get up in the morning and say as I do: 'Heil Hitler', 'Sieg Heil' and I tell you what you will feel an inner strength and a sense of belonging to a growing army of brothers and sisters who are sick and tired of this parasite that wishes only to destroy us. 14/88

John Hardon


  1. Thats how I feel each time I switch the TV on.
    You will be happy to know I have just cancelled SKY after 10 years. It feels good! 14/88

  2. May the creator (who I, as you, think is, at least in his most immediate aspect the sun which creates all life on Earth) bless you for what you are doing John. It is difficult at first to break free from the ominpresent Zionist 'culture' (or 'anti-culture') that has been thrust upon us and that, as you say, our ignorant sheeplike people lap up like milk, but once you do you feel a strengh and a courage that these pathetic spineless beings could never in a million years understand, so despearte are they for 'validation' from some external source (whether it is making their, so-called, mates laugh at a joke they tell at the expences of nationalists and traditionalism, or from hero-worshipping the traitour royals or vicariously supporting the traitour NATO mercenaries that are the Brit army). Part of our struggle MUST be getting back to the ROOT of true religion (as Hitler did) and ditching the Judaeo--Christian CRAP taht has been thrust upon us (whilst internationally backing some Christians such as the Serbs and even some muslims such as the Iranian and Syrian people). They had successfully hidden what is right before our eyes (that the sun and the stars play a vital and living part in our lives) from 90 percent of us and either substituted vain and hedonistic atheism or worship of some faield Galilean rebel. Keep strong my friend the work you're doing is of VITAL importance and does more good, I'd wager, than even you realise. (BTW if some time in the future any regular readers of Johns blog fancy a meet up to compare notes/rant about the Jews theres a reader in Sussex who'd be up for it at least!) 14/88