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Friday, 9 August 2013

Another Beautiful White Girl Murdered by Her Black Boyfriend in Florida – Please Let Me Know When Enough is Enough, White Man

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2013

How did she look at this creature and expect that he was going to do something other than murder her? I suppose she must have watched a lot of Jew-written Black sitcoms, where they are just like us, only with a better sense of humor.

And here you have yet another dead White girl, who due to subversive Jewish media, had decided it was hip/trendy/cool to engage in bestiality with a black.
From the Daily Mail:
Shortly after Khambrel Hadley, 21, confessed to murdering girlfriend, Alyssa Oakes, 19, and told her where he dumped the body, his mother called 911 to report the crime. The alleged murderer was arrested later that afternoon, according to reports.
The doomed couple had moved into a Delano, FL., apartment just two months ago.
Hadley’s getaway was foiled when a neighbour called 911 to report his car stolen, according to WFTV, it didn’t take long for cops to finger Hadley as the thief.
Oddly enough, Hadley had been hanging out with the man who’s car he stole just the night before.
‘He was pulling out of the apartment complex when I saw him take off,’ the man told the station.
Police responded to Hadley’s mother’s 911 call by visiting the apartment he and Oakes shared, instead of finding the young woman, they found evidence of a struggle and what WESH called a ‘brutal’ murder.[..]
Separately, investigators found the body of the beautiful young Oakes dumped in a wooded area near a lake about 30 miles south of where she was killed, according to multiple reports.
Neighbors of the couple told WFTV they often heard the young lovers fighting, and even saw Oakes’ parents come to her aid more than once during the arguments.
‘Her parents would come out here from time to time when they got in arguments,’ a neighbor told WFTV.
Your sisters and daughters are next, White man.

Get it together. Speak out. I do it, constantly. I will express my distaste for blacks openly and publicly to anyone who will listen. I don’t do it in a hateful manner, not sounding like some sort of hateful skinhead, but simply lay out the facts regarding why I do not believe these people are fit to live with us. If you are incapable of doing this, you are worthless.

The more of us who become willing to talk openly about the problem of multiracialism, the more others who see the same problems will lose the guilt associated with feeling and thinking this way.

Tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that, there will be more pretty dead White girls. Realize that by remaining silent, you are giving your consent.

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