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Monday, 22 July 2013

When are you mugs going to see through David Icke?

Not content with raising over £350,000 David Icke is now going the full hog, of Jewish usury Capitalism. What the fuck is this David Icke Incorporated? He goes on about the NWO Corporations and then becomes one himself.


The People's Voice Channel Sponsorship Opportunity
Posted by David Icke
We are looking for a sponsor to partner with us when we launch. The incredible interest and support has secured a fantastic appeal figure to meet studio set up and technology costs and now we have to secure the not-for-profit station's ongoing costs once we go to air and make sure The People's Voice is here permanently and able to constantly expand its potential and impact.
This is a fantastic opportunity to affiliate yourself with The People’s Voice and gain huge exposure around the clock and across all of our programmes.
For more information please get in touch with us at: Other advertising and smaller sponsorship opportunities will become available in the near future.
David Icke and The Peoples Voice
A Hardons Blog reporter informs me that Icke merchandise will be marketed on his 'Peoples Voice' Channel.  Germany: Reptilian Shapeshifter - NWO reptilien wolfgang

Like the product below:

Icke has even surpassed the Jewish shill Alex Jones with his blatant capitalist endeavour  how our people can be fooled by him is beyond me.

You've probably seen the vid below before but here's Icke in full flow blaming the 'Evil Nazi's' just like his buddy Jonestein:

Oh and guess what you Americans are going to get it to:

Millionaires like Ickestein and Jonestein sitting in their Ivory Towers talking crap while the money rolls in from people who can least afford it, people who know something is wrong and are clutching at straws swallowing the 'evil Nazi' bullshit that these phony's spew out day after day.

Hail victory 


John Hardon


  1. Lol, great undies!


  2. Icke is a reptilian who can crawl under a viper's belly. A better gate keeper than goal keeper. Mind you, he always demands Premier League wages. This is what you would expect from having Abramovich and co. as your boss. Icke like Snowden and Assange tells the goyim nothing we knew new. And how the Free Democratic Western media adore these, 'lonely mysterious strangers who ride into town heroes.' They are a bunch of fronts.