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Sunday, 21 July 2013

What Every White Person Should Know

I've got a lot of respect for this guy because he talks the truth:


  1. I like this Manning guy. He talks a lot of sense. If only more of his folk were like him..... Then again, I wonder how much inter-racial hate there would actually be if not for the perverse politics of the Jew??

    Probably a lot less at a guess.


    1. Jews have always played people against each other, it is basis of their politics. Marrano kike Maccivelli explained this very well.

  2. White man WHAT WILL YOU DO?
    White man your ancestors were relying on you,
    Your descendants are depending on you . . .
    As long as White Nationalists walks the earth,
    There is hope.
    As long as White babies still breath, there is a reason,

    As long as White Countries don’t exist there is a task.
    As long as we live, we have but one duty . . .
    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children

    When we are at war we are after all the most dangerous race in the world, simply because we fight for the future existence of our people,
    So don’t be taken in by the jew-media.
    Don’t let the zionist talmud vision [TV] influence you to race-mix.
    Don’t let your daughters race-mix and destroy our gene-pool.
    It is important for them to know where they belong.
    We should remember WHO we are, it’s time to STOP being spectators and to take a STAND.

    Remember those who died for you to survive.
    We have the right just like other races to exist and preserve our heritage.

    The choice is up to you . . . for we are seen as morally disarmed and we need to find a way out of this psychological prison cell.
    We must stop daydreaming and realise that we have an obligation and a responsibility towards our people – and we need to do it now

  3. Wow, a black man that speaks the truth - that's about 1 in 40 million in Amurikwa. He must have to have a lot of body guards. I liked his video where he called the $hit skin living in the White House a mac daddy.