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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The zio-scum in power do not want to deport illegal shitskins

Only one in every 100 reports of illegal immigration results in someone being deported, admits Home Office

Only one in every hundred reports of an illegal immigrant results in someone being forcibly removed from Britain, the Home Office has admitted.

The figures are laid bare by a new hotline which was set up last year for members of the public to report suspected illegal immigrants. Between September 2012 and June this year, there were 48,660 calls to the Home Office’s Allegations Management System (AMS).

Of these, 2,695 led to a visit by an immigration enforcement officer. Those visits resulted in 1,840 arrests and 660 eventual deportations. This means just over one per cent of all reports actually result in a suspected illegal immigrant being removed.

The disappointing ratio was revealed by MP Keith Vaz, chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, as the group of MPs heard evidence from the new head of immigrations enforcement Dave Wood yesterday afternoon.

Mr Vaz told him: 

'It does not seem like a big hit rate to me.'
But Mr Wood defended the figures and argued that allegations often do not provide enough intelligence for the authorities to act on. He said: 
'The intelligence we get from the allegations often do not provide information likely to lead to an arrest. Sometimes it is actionable.'
In March the Home Secretary Theresa May abolished the UK Border Agency and split it into two bodies - UK Visas and Immigration and an Immigration Enforcement command, which are now under the control of ministers.

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  1. Nationalist4UK18 July 2013 at 01:18

    We need a new border force! Like what the Russians have the spokes person Konstantin Poltoranin spoke up about the White Race!

    Video at 1:45

    "What is now at stake is the survival of the White Race, We feel this in Russia, we want to make sure that the mixing of black happens in the right way here, not the way it has happened in Western Europe where the results is not been good."

    This is why we need an overwhelming military force to kick all the shitskins out of Britain and execute the criminals including the bankers and politicians!!!

    And use the nuclear bombs to wipe out the uncivilised shitskin nations out of the atmosphere!!!