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Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Secret Life of Uri Geller - Psychic Spy? Nah, just another Jewish supremacist

Like all Jews Uri Geller puts his race first, well he would do being one of 'the chosen ones'. The BBC are screening a documentary tonight where Geller states that he was a spy for MOSSAD and the CIA (surprise, surprise). But hey guess what Geller saved us from Armageddon according to this ZOG program:
HE is most famous for bending spoons but what you probably didn’t know is that Uri Geller is actually responsible for saving us from a Third World War and Armageddon.
Jews like Geller have always been masters of trickery and deception, the BBC are trying to paint him as some kind of hero, "He saved us from a nuclear holocaust" ffs, give me a break!
In a new documentary, the 66-year-old has been “revealed” to be a spy, a psychic James Bond who fought the Soviet menace armed with nothing but a hard stare and a drawer full of contorted cutlery.
The saviour of mankind goes on to say: 
But Uri seems to have had significantly more success invading the minds of senior Soviets than he does navigating the mists of his own memory. Trying to fix times, dates, places or even governments seems particularly hard work.
“I can tell you this,” he says sidestepping questions. “I always refused to do anything dark, anything black, anything negative.
“I was once led into a lab. There was a big white pig in the middle of the room and the scientist says to me, ‘Look, I am going to lunch. By the time I come back I want the pig dead.’
"It devastated me. I could not believe what I was being asked to do.”
Erm does this ring true to you? I thought Pork was unclean to a Jew!
And what about the nuclear non-proliferation treaty Uri was instrumental in getting the Soviets to sign?
“What happened was that on one of my visits to the State Department I was asked by the head of the US Committee on Foreign Relations to do this because they were having problems with the Russians.”
Which administration was this?
“If I am not mistaken, Carter, but find this out.”
But he was there, I point out.
“There are certain things I don’t want to go into. I bombarded his mind to sign, sign, sign.”
There must be some specific missions he had a quantifiable effect on though?
“Quite a few but I can’t talk about them. I can tell you about trying to divert a drone...
“Most of my missions were successful. I was instructed to spy on the Russian embassy in Mexico City.
"It is one of the biggest eavesdropping centres in Latin America.
“KGB agents would fly out with a suitcase chained to their wrist containing floppy discs with highly sensitive information – and I was told to erase them, which I did.
“I would sit behind them for hours on the flight, concentrating on them being erased.
"Probably when they delivered the information it wasn’t there because I was asked to do it a few times.”
Yes, erm... probably. And while Uri was reactivated as a spy after the terror attacks on 9/11, again he prefers not to talk about it.
He is, however, happy to speak about Lamb Island, a 100-yard by 50-yard volcanic rock in the Firth of Forth north of Edinburgh he bought in 2009.
There, he claims, Scota, the half-sister of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, arrived by boat 3,500 years ago and buried a huge haul of treasure. Four years later, he has yet to start looking for it.
Spoon bending, psychic spy, Lamb Island... all are part of the odd and yet entertaining web of intrigue Uri spins around himself.
His American colonial style home is ringed by CCTV cameras.
In a far corner of the grounds is a mini-Stonehenge where, he says, Michael Jackson once meditated.
I am totally amazed that Geller doesn't bring up the Holocaust (maybe I missed it), here's the source article: Uri Geller the psychic spy: I used secret mind tricks on Russians to stop nuclear war

The 'Program' will be broadcast on the Marxist BBC (2) tonight at 9:00pm (BST) for anyone that is interested. Yes folks get your Daily dose of Jew Spew, that's why we have the BBC isn't it?

John Hardon

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  1. This guy is on coast to coast am tonight. Told the audience he would fix their broken clocks if they placed them near the radio. Now of course it didn't work for me, afterall i'm just an unclean goy. But boy, his jewish supremacist supporters sure did bombard the host George Knapp with a barrage of emails claiming supernatural results! What a surprise.