The 14 Words

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Birth of the Jewish Anti-Christ Imminent

Kate goes into labour


  1. The Windsor's paedophile Mohel is sharpening his fangs.

  2. Cue endless coverage from any outlet that gives a voice to these parasites.

    So glad I don't have a telly.


  3. Well blow me! I thought. I had just woken up after a little too much
    Some radio media jobsworth was pontificating about the big event.
    He was saying that the child was an anachronism. Well I know that things are moving at fast rate regarding DNA cloning and all that science, but a spider! never ..... I dismissed it out of hand as I could see no possibility of circumcision if that was required or wearing a crown.
    Any way , to finish , a image of a healthy looking Caucasian baby was shown.
    so I stopped panicking.