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Thursday, 18 July 2013

One lesson from the Paula Deen affair

The Paula Deen affair

Will Whites never learn? Here's a simple truth and it applies in every case: If you offend against PC orthodoxies and the Thought Police decide to come after you, apologies and retractions will do you no good. In fact they only seem to whet their appetites for blood.

The Paula Deen 'offence' is so laughingly trivial that even in these insane days the repercussions appear grotesque. Yet she's been hung, drawn and quartered. 

 If you can bear to watch this stomach-churning interview with Matt Lauer you'll see her recant, apologise, cry, slobber, prostrate herself before the gods of political correctness. But all to no avail. One blow after another was delivered until she had nothing left.

Will we ever get a victim who says 
'ok, I said it. And I meant it. It's about time Whites stopped cringing. Now go fuck yourselves, you disgusting hypocrites, you bespectacled uni-testicled quislings and man-jawed mustachioed dykes, flaunting your spurious moral authority. Y'all will swing from a gallows one day'
Wouldn't that be lovely? And whoever said it wouldn't be any worse off than Paula Deen.

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