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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ohio Man, Pat Mahaney, Dies After Being Beaten by Six Black Teens ‘Because They were Bored’

Yet another victim of the ongoing asymmetrical race war in America – 
and the Jews are telling us to cry our eyes out about Trayvon.

Yet another racially motivated beating by blacks ends in death. Pat Mahaney, 46, of Cincinnati, Ohio, who was attacked and brutally beaten by six black teens last year – police claimed they did it “because they were bored” – has died from complications believed to be related to the attack.
“If the coroner comes back and says that his injuries are a result of that beating those kids will be charged with some type of homicide offense,” legal analyst Mike Allen says.
Marty Korte, Pat’s neighbor, says he doesn’t know why anyone would want to hurt him, 
“He was a good boy. He was taking care of his mother.”
I know why they did it. But you’re not going to hear the truth from the Jew-controlled media, which is the most powerful weapon on the planet, being used in a war against the White race.

Here is a Cincinnati news report on Pat’s death:

This type of racially motivated attack against Whites by blacks happens every single day in America. And we hear no word of it. The news reports, which you can see examples of here, here, here and here, don’t even mention the race of these ‘teens.’ But we sure do hear a lot about the race of Trayvon Martin, as we are told to be outraged by a Hispanic man shooting a black criminal who was in the process of repeatedly slamming his head against a sidewalk.

The media generated fantasy reality that the majority of White people live in is beyond insane – it is evil. We are being systematically destroyed, and the majority of our people don’t even know it’s happening. The frightening fact is that as long as the Jews have exclusive control of the media narrative, they are able to do whatever they want to the perceptions of the masses. They are able to literally tell them what to think, what to believe.

It is my hope that the Daily Stormer will play a major role in helping to get the word out about what is actually going on in our nation and in the whole White Western world.

Concerned Whites have set up a petition to demand justice for Pat Mahaney.

Rest in Peace, Pat. Some day, when our people are freed from the oppression of the Jews and their savage, murderous hordes, your name will be carved into a stone memorial, alongside all of our other brothers and sisters who have died at the hands of these animals.

Hail Victory.

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