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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Jews and Islam: A European Perspective.

Across Europe, the indigenous population is being legally discriminated against by the Establishment and all of its many tentacles - including the media, education system, social services, employment regulation bodies, and all manner of self-hating liberal volunteer groups. We are forced to fund services which we are then denied access to (or at the very least, placed at the back of a very long queue to use); we are denied advancement in employment solely due to our ethnic background; we are denied freedom of speech on anything of importance whilst being repeatedly told that we live in 'democracies'. All over Europe people are waking up to the lies of the Establishment. This, however, is where the greatest evil of the Establishment is being brought into play. Awakening Europeans are being herded into opposing either the Ruling Jewish Class, or the Muslim Colonisers - and of course supporting the opposite faction. This is a grave mistake by all involved.

I live in an overwhelmingly Muslim area, thus I write from experience about Muslims. The adage that there is good and bad in everyone certainly applies to Muslims as much as anyone else. On occasion, Muslims who are complete strangers have been very helpful - such as when my car has run out of petrol, or when I have been moving heavy or large furniture. The willingness to help someone without any desire for payment in return has been a refreshing change from the expected money-driven attitude of many indigenous people. This kindness, whilst remarkable, seldom occurs. There are sadly not only just as many, but in fact more Muslims who are happy to engage in acts of cruelty against strangers, as there are ones who will behave charitably. Indeed, where I live, it is quite common for people from outside the district to be attacked if they visit, due to standing out as not knowing the area. Racial abuse is becoming ever more common amongst teenagers and young adults, who have recently even taken to throwing bottles at infants and calling very young children 'white bastards'. The good of the few is cancelled out by the evil of the others.

So, are Muslims divided into good and bad types then? Is the Prime Minister right that Islam is a Religion of Peace and that 'Islamists' do not represent Muslims)? The vast majority of Pakistani Muslims in my area do not speak to the indigenous people at all. Many of them do not know enough English to communicate, but mostly the reason they do not talk to people outside their national-ethnic-religious-cultural group, is that they do not consider us fit to speak to. There is an underlying arrogance in the Pakistani community, which is expressed through the refusal to speak to outsiders. In shops, rather than touch the hand of an indigenous person whilst giving change for a bought product, coins will be dropped from a height, often falling to the ground. We are considered 'dirty' and merely touching us is distasteful.

The refusal of Muslims to touch indigenous people does not apply to young girls, who are seen as dirty whores to abuse as is seen fit. It is very common for any female of any age (although more often than not of a very young age) to be followed home by Pakistanis who say such delightful things as 'if you don't suck my cock, you are racist!' The education system has so damaged girls in particular that should a non-indigenous man use the race card as a means to getting a girl to have sex with him, he has a strong chance of success. In the case of older females, the presence of children makes no difference, nor does a woman telling such a man she is married - as he will simply reply along the lines of 'so what? So am I'. The multicultist propaganda of the television is used to make women feel they must submit to the advances of the colonisers lest they be seen as - horror of horrors - racist.

The likes of the EDL will endlessly quote selected passages of the Qur'an to link the obsession of many Pakistani men with girls who are little more than children, to the Islamic faith. They of course fail to note that the majority of judges who refuse to punish pædophiles are not Muslims, but are a part of a system which is overwhelmingly Judaic. They fail to consider that the education system is controlled by cultural and political Marxists, who tend to be of the Judaic tribe. The EDL will scour the television networks to find Muslims preaching hatred, but they do not take into account that almost without exception, the television networks in Europe and the European world are owned, staffed and otherwise controlled by people whose ancestors (if not themselves) adhered to the Talmud rather than the Qur'an.

I know Pakistani women who will not get into a taxi driven by fellow Pakistanis for fear of being sexually abused or harangued by religious bigots. These women do not dress immodestly, but nor do they wear the cultural uniform dictated by their home culture. For this they can expect abuse; this is not for a transgression of religion, but of culture. It is noteworthy that for all the talk of modesty in Islam, Pakistani women who adhere to the dress of their homeland tend to be absolutely covered in make-up, wear saris which leave very little to the imagination, and look like they are on their way to work as prostitutes. Perhaps this is a Pakistani phenomenon, rather than an Islamic one. Indigenous women who dress very immodestly, do so due to the constant bombardment of the fashion and pop-music industries which teach them that they must dress (and act) as whores or else commit the horrendous crime of being old-fashioned. The fashion and pop industries, like most of the evil imposters which have displaced our culture, are not Islamic, they are Judaic.

Racism is a reality within the Pakistani community. Pakistanis who are born in the UK refer to Pakistan as 'home', for that is precisely what it is. They visit their homeland as often as is practicable, and send money to relatives who still live there; very often money which has been gained from claiming welfare benefits on top of untaxed hidden earnings of various degrees of legality. When it comes time to marry, Pakistanis born in the UK go to Pakistan to marry a man or woman 'untainted' by European culture. Thus the number of colonisers rapidly increases, and any possibility of them becoming Europeanised is halted.

The reason that so many Pakistanis do not speak English is that they do not need to, and due to their hostility towards our nation, they do not want to. Their communities are so large that they effectively form detached parts of Pakistan which may physically occupy European soil, but are culturally, economically, ethnically and religiously separate. When they have dealings with the UK authorities (such as when they claim unemployment benefits or have access to medical attention paid for by indigenous taxpayers) they have translators laid on for free. This lunacy is perceived to be to the advantage of the immigrants who effectively bring their homelands with them and in so doing displace the indigenous population so as to not be 'contaminated' by us. Certainly the colonisers take advantage of this despicable system, but it is a policy brought into being by the Talmudists who infest national government, not by the immigrants themselves. The distasteful opportunism of the colonisers gains them hostility from the indigenous population; thus providing a distraction to keep the attention of the people away from the Talmudic architects of our demise.

Islam is a problem in Europe. It is a problem because our enemies have usurped our culture, putting in its place a foul caricature of everything which is wholesome to us. This caricature has become so embedded through the enemy media, education system, legal system etc, that many have come to regard any expressions of belief which go against the caricature, as an assault upon our indigenous way of life! The Muslim belief that no-one can have an opinion unless it is one which the blood-thirsty thief and rapist Mohammed had, is well known. Islam is harmful to Europe on many levels, but that does not mean that everything Muslims believe is wrong. One of the worst aspects of the entire Zionist operation known as the EDL is that whenever Muslims stand in opposition to the Judaic cult of Cultural Marxism, the anti-Islamic backlash becomes a staunch defence of that very evil which is destroying us. Of this kind of reactionary thought we must be very wary.

Many of our women dress in very inappropriate ways, displaying far too much flesh and showing far too little respect for themselves. This is not the European way. Our culture has always regarded motherhood as sacred, and has seen the protection of femininity as of paramount importance. What we see in Islam with regards to the modesty of dress and moral behaviour of women, is almost identical with how we ourselves have always naturally viewed women. When men go to war, they go to fight to ensure that the women of the nation are kept safe; they go to protect the home. The likes of the EDL - with their propaganda featuring scantily clad women - espouse the 'virtue' of promiscuity which Islam is against. they claim it is a right of all women to act as unpaid whores. Presumably if Pakistani women would soil themselves by having sex with EDL retards, then the ne'er do wells would no longer have a problem with Islam. Promiscuity is not our way; it is a weapon to destroy us; a Judaic weapon. The dogma of 'feminism' is anti-feminine. Many women who convert to Islam instinctively reject the Judaic fraud which has taken the place of our culture; sadly they are running to another dead-end, rather than embracing our old way and breathing new life into our besieged traditions. The position of womanhood has always been sacred in Europe, and it is that to which we must return, not to any Asiatic faith whether Jewish, Muslim, or whatever.

The Al-Qaeda phenomenon is another front for our enemies to bring us to their defence. The Wahhabi sect is a Jewish creation. As the late Syrian President, Hafez Assad stated,

"There is nothing more dangerous to Islam than distorting its meanings and contents from within, by a group who is wearing the robe of Islam (using the religion as an umbrella and cover), and that is exactly what the criminal Brotherhood is doing. They kill, murder, and assassinate in the name of Islam. They massacre and slaughter children, women, and the elderly in the name of Islam. They kill entire families in the name of Islam."

This Muslim Brotherhood of Wahhabi/Salafi Muslims is a Jewish front, which, like Protestantism in Christianity, has been used to divide Muslims in order to control them by manipulating them into fighting one another. All the terrorist atrocities committed by the Wahhabi scum (Libya, Syria et al) are the actions of psychopaths who have taken the Jewish-created lie to heart. For exposing the Jewish creators of the evil cult, Saddam Hussein's Iraq was destroyed. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are such strong allies of the criminal state of Israel because their rulers are crypto-Jews.

There is a tendency amongst European nationalists to favour Islam over Judaism due to the occupation of Palestine by criminal Talmudists. This is an understandable expression of solidarity with a people who have lost their lands to colonisers. There is another tendency which allies itself with Israel as a reaction to the Islamic colonisation of our own countries. Whereas sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians is laudable, those who identify with Israel are media brain-washed imbeciles who can only see the symptoms of our plight, and not the cause.

The Muslim problem in Europe is a result of the Jewish problem. The International Zionists (as opposed to National Zionists) seek to destroy every nation by imposing multiculturalism and creating strife between the incompatible peoples wherever they have been forced to share territory. Of course in Occupied Palestine, the criminal Israeli regime has the sense to ensure that multiculturalism does not exist. In a sane world, every nation would operate in the way of the Israeli model; albeit without the subjugation of others.

There are good Muslims as well as opportunistic and criminal ones. Likewise there are good Jews who have no desire to control the lives of other people. Siding with one faction against the other within our borders is to miss the basic point of nationhood; that point being that our lands belong to us, and no-one, regardless of how well they fit in, has a right to be in our territory. The Jews have brought with them Finance capitalism, Usury, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Promiscuity, Sexual Depravity. The Muslims have likewise brought with them a way of life which demands we alter to become like them.

We need to stop thinking in terms of whether Jews are more or less harmful than Muslims, and take a third position on the issue; we need to accept that there can be no Jews or Muslims in Europe if Europe is to survive. Europe is our land, and it always has been. Our ancestors would not have pandered to any outsiders who insulted our traditions and made us bow down to their economic systems, sexual perversions or superstitious drivel, and nor should we. We need a restructured world built on absolute National Freedom. To that end, it is only right that all lands be returned to the people to whom they belong.

If the Jewish elite so despise us that they feel they have to destroy us through multiracial genocide, then there is no reason to permit them to remain amongst us. If the Muslims are so convinced that their way is the only way, that they have to eradicate every facet of our culture, even to the point of imposing their dietary system upon us, then they too must leave and return to lands in which their preferred system already exists.

In return for removing all who threaten our genetic stream, culture and traditions, we must ensure that we prevent the collaborators in Big Business and Freemasonry supporting a return to the international financial system which rapes nations economically and bombs into submission all who resist it. We need to face the reality that the Rothschilds, the IMF, and all other aspects of Judaic banking are the cause of all wars, and thus of the majority of mass migration. The Muslim problem is a result of the Jewish problem and the solution to both is the peaceful removal of all non-Europeans, and all Europeans who have accepted these ideologies as their own.

Neither Talmud, nor Qur'an, but authentic Europe; the Europe of a hundred flags - all of them indigenous..

--- Rufus

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