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Monday, 22 July 2013

Jewess MELANIE PHILLIPS: At last! The PM'S acted over online porn. I just hope he sees it through

Hmm which tribe runs the Porn industry Ms Phillips? 

Cameron: 'Yes I'm proud of my Jewish roots'

By Melanie Phillips [the EDL love her]

So great is our cynicism about politicians that even when the public is expressing outrage about something in the strongest possible terms, we tend to view with deep suspicion any government pledge to tackle the problem.

Well, today it seems the Prime Minister is to make a speech which busts that particular mould. He will apparently declare that in a dramatic reversal of existing practice, anyone who wants to access online porn will have to positively opt in to get it.

On the face of it, this is a remarkable development. For months, the Government has appeared to be dragging its feet over the widespread calls for stronger controls to block access to porn on the internet.

These concerns boiled over after deeply disturbing evidence emerged linking online porn with the sexually perverted murders of children. [yes Jews have been ritually murdering kids for thousands of years]


  1. I don't that liar Cameron (Libya was "a humanitarian rescue mission")
    It looks like they are going to try to use pornography as a precedent to shut down parts of the internet they don't like.

  2. Melanie Rozenburg is kosher Slakhtal. They are very different from us goyim. They were born to: cheat, lie, steal and mass murder with impunity. As Michael Jackson said, 'They don't care about us.' If you want to to shut the gobby jewess up! Ask her about Talmudic mass murdering Bolsheviks and the Samson Option. The jew hates debate which it does not control. I can assure you that the psychotic wretch will quickly scurry away like a BBC Radio Judeo 4 rat she is.