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Saturday, 14 September 2013

REPOST: European Nationalism. You are not alone.

Many people all across Europe, America and the Antipode's are just as pissed off with this Zionist agenda of enforced immigration to destroy our once great lands and civilisations. We must unite, fight Global Oppression with Global Resistance. Our brothers, our kin in other lands are of the same mind, we must support each other in any way we can. 

If not the greatest race that ever walked the Earth will be destroyed for ever. We need WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE. That's not 'Racist' it's common sense. Make no mistake our race will cease to exist (except for small pockets of resistance) unless we unite Globally to combat the Jew and the destruction of our race. I urge you to contact fellow White Nationalists (through Social Networks etc.) all over the world and share your common goal for an end to this Satanic madness.


Brothers in arms


  1. We certainly need solidarity. I hope we can take the next generation with us. The Juden have done a good job re-educating them.


  2. fucking idiot,jews need to put a end to ur white shit race xD

    1. Hey Laura!

      Don't you fucking dare call us shit! You are the one that got brainwashed by the media. Your are a disgrace! If I was your father, i will ban you from the internet and watching television! This is why you're brainwashed to be a slave for the jews. Remember, if a negro or a dark skinned person attack you because of your skin colour. It will be your own fault because the pro White websites are here to warn White people like you! No wonder your becoming more degenerate by the day because of the amount of zionist propaganda your seeing from your eyeballs and hearing it from your ear drums telling you to hate White people.

      I know you're from Mexico and there are White Americans which are complaining about mass immigration from Mexico and they are the usual dark skinned Mexicans. I wonder how you cope living in Mexico because its usually full of dark skinned people around causing crimes on a daily basis!

      I am a young adult and I have always been racially aware of what's going on in Europe and the America's, the governments are liberal and they exist to destroy the White race and its heritage! This is why you are letting yourself down every day. I wonder how your parents brought you up.

      You got two options, Do you want to live or do you want to carry on being a degenerate for the rest of your life?

      So stop being an idiot, grow the hell up and start being realistic.

      Oh, by the way, welcome to the Internet, and stop using it like a games console and start using it as a tool to find the real news!

      Feel free to translate it to your Language if you don't understand what I am saying!


    2. lol

      r u in blogger too lolololololol