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Friday, 31 May 2013


The video below is typical of the bullshit propaganda (altered images etc) put out by Jewish interests and their Goy helpers to reinforce the Myth of the Holocaust. 

The illegal state of Israel has received Billions of Dollars in so-called repatriation payments and voluntary donations from Jewish Occupied Governments of various western Nations WHITHOUT the consent of the (native) people that reside within them.

Garbage like the video below are produced to hoodwink people into feeling sorry for the 'poor Jews' so that they will not protest too much about THEIR money being handed over to Israel.



Germany should not have EVER paid a penny to these lying bastards. Hitler offered them money to leave Germany, a lot of them did. The ones that stayed deserved everything they got after what they did to the German people after WWI.

The Jewish lies still continue to this day: Gas Chambers, Human skin Lampshades, shrunken heads etc. They are the biggest liars on the Planet, six million lies to take control of the Planet.

WE are bloody fools for letting them get away with it for so long, it is time to call them out for what they are: Satan worshipping lying scum.

WE (the Goyim) owe them FUCK ALL, they owe us for what they have stole off our people since WWII.


Jack and Rexella Van Impe – Zionist False prophets and Racist Christ Mockers – Fear Monger Shills for IsraHELL

It just never seems to end. Every time I turn around I find yet another slimy lying racist hate spewing war mongering red neck piece of crap BaptDuh Zio-scum. You and your ilk make life in this nation an embarrassment for ALL decent peace loving truth seeking moral REAL Christians. I WILL expose ALL of you – one by one with the most powerful weapon on earth. That which you and your jew masters fear the most – THE TRUTH!

As compared to super wicked lying sociopathic demon Zio-Scum like Hagee or Falwell – Van Impe – is just ‘impish’ but he needs to be exposed along with the rest of these BaptDUH criminals with their shameless mockery of the nature of Christ and their unabashed support for Satan and His jew Children. Unbelievably – this evil scum who is more like the jews than they are – spread thier fear and war mongering on TV – posing as Christian conservatives. The blasphemous lunacy you promote serves only to debase ‘American Christianity’ to the level of a carnival side show complete with freaks!

The Van Impe ‘freaks’ have even bought into the jew mentality of using Hitler AND the German people ( 90% Christian incidentally) for everything that is evil. They have produced a video complete with a menacing Hitler on the jacket titled ‘ANOTHER HITLER RISING’

You see, the jews hate the Germans for their effort to stamp out jew evil once and for all. Had Hitler succeeded – we would be living in a potential paradise free of ALL Communist induced wars – no Vietnam – no Korea – No cold war billions spent on armaments – no Mid East wars – no senseless inane jew created hatred of Arab people – no dead sons – no Fed reserve to cripple our economy – no destruction of our Constitution – no destruction of Christianity in America – no racial problems – no abortions – no huge porn industry – no drugged out children – no high taxes – no gas above 50 cents – no unemployment – no hyperinflation and a thousand more blessings that come with a jew free society – That is not wild speculation but logical analysis of the world today without jews – study REAL history – especially the Weimar Republic period and you will then understand – but I digress

This abomination of lies blasphemies and mockery of the words of Christ is nothing more than a tool to incite more wars for the stinking lying Godless jews and their stolen modern obscenity of IsraHELL. The wicked Van Impes want to see even more innocent bloodshed in Palestine and Iran . Like all BaptDUHS they are insane ignorant imbecile lunatics who care not a bit whom their racist lies, and fear mongering , injure or cause misery suffering destruction homelessness and death.

For a mere $60 (gift) or so you can own a new improved revised to suit the agenda of the jews Van Impe ‘Bible’. Go to his site and see the endless array of hate propaganda that you can BUY with some of your “GIFT” dollars. These BaptDUH rednecks always use the same tactic to fleece the sheep. Can you imagine getting your next electric bill or tax bill with a message like this: ”Dear customer – please send in your ‘gift’ of two hundred and seventy eight dollars to Chicago Electric for last moth’s service – OR ELSE!” . Gift my ass!

Repost: The Jewish Final Solution to Germans and Other Gentiles

Answers on American Democracy and Totalitarianism

A short while back I received some questions in my e-mail inbox regarding the politics of National-Socialism, so today I will post two questions and my answers. Perhaps others have wondered the same things.

What are your views on American democracy?
In general, it is a failed system that is hardly different from many other government systems of the past where the majority of the wealth is collected into the hands of a few, and the rest of the population gets poorer by the year. 
On democracy, or parliamentarianism, Adolf Hitler had this to say: 
“This institution is primarily responsible for the crowded inrush of mediocre people into the field of politics. 
Confronted with such a phenomenon, a man who is endowed with real qualities of leadership will be tempted to refrain from taking part in political life; because under these circumstances the situation does not call for a man who has a capacity for constructive statesmanship but rather for a man who is capable of bargaining for the favour of the majority. Thus the situation will appeal to small minds and will attract them accordingly.” 
He added:
“For under such circumstances none of the decisions taken, no matter how disastrous they may turn out for the nation as a whole, can be laid at the door of the individual whom everybody knows to be the evil genius responsible for the whole affair. All responsibility is shifted to the shoulders of the Party as a whole. In practice no actual responsibility remains. For responsibility arises only from personal duty and not from the obligations that rest with a parliamentary assembly of empty talkers.”
While that may be a brief critique, I think it sums it up nicely.
Do you agree with the Nazi ideology of Totalitarianism and complete government control of all aspects of life, or do you reject those notions? Do you believe in the idea of a President and Legislature or rather a Fuhrer and military control?
“Totalitarianism and complete government control of all aspects of life” is not at all what the NSDAP was about and not what National-Socialism (NS) stands for in the slightest, so the premise of your question is incorrect. We believe in the leadership principle where one person is responsible and held accountable for their actions and decisions who also relies on advice from a council. In a National-Socialist State, political corruption is considered a crime against the people – ie. treason – and met with swift and severe judgment.

Brainwashing Plan for the Goyim: Birthright-style program proposed for non-Jews

Participants could "influence the haters and enlighten them."

Taglit-Birthright Israel participants celebrate

European leaders should send university students to Israel as part of efforts to combat rising levels of anti-Semitism and xenophobia, Foreign Ministry director general for public diplomacy Gideon Meir declared on Thursday. He was speaking at the close of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism in Jerusalem.
“I believe we can do something about this if we work together,” Meir said.
“Governments of countries and communities which suffer from anti-Semitism and rabid anti-Zionism, working together with the state of Israel... can bring large numbers of young Christians and Muslims, students, trade unionists and athletes... to become personal witnesses of who the Jews really are, and what the state of Israel is really all about.”
Meir said that he is proposing “a Birthright-type program for non-Jews” which could bring 100,000 “relevant individuals” here for a “journey of discovery” program within the space of half a decade.

Such visitors, he told conference attendees, would then be able to “influence the haters and help enlighten them.”

Meir explained that among the causes of anti-Semitism is “simple ignorance” that can be combated best through allowing people to get to know Israel and the Jewish people directly.

Speaking with The Jerusalem Post immediately prior to his address, Meir said the idea is that even after a good amount of deliberation at the conference “statements are not enough,” and there is a need for action especially on the side of education.

As part of efforts by Israel’s European allies to combat xenophobia, that he believed posed a danger to European society as a whole, it would be beneficial to engage in the process of bringing the young generation, aged 20 and up, to Israel.
“If they want to fight anti-Semitism, which is also a problem for them, it must be their initiative to partner with us,” he told thePost.
“This is [our] call for action.
It is important to the governments which are combating anti-Semitism, it’s important for the Jewish people and it’s important for the Jewish state.”
Program participants would return home as “ambassadors and explain what Judaism, Jews and Israel are all about,” Meir said.

During their stay, which would last from Sunday to Friday, visitors would attend a seminar at Yad Vashem and tour the country, learning about Jewish life post- Holocaust.

According to Meir, the trips will, like Birthright, be run by private organizations and will cover “contemporary Israel” and include meeting with Israelis, taking in the sights and learning about Israel’s commitment to tikkun olam, a Jewish doctrine of repairing the world.

Acceptance of his proposal by foreign governments would constitute “a big step forward in combating anti- Semitism,” Meir said.

Jew Controlled 'Femen' warns Muslim countries over sexism

Call it ‘commando stripping’ if you like; that is how radical feminist protest group Femen grabs attention. This week bare-breasted in Brussels, at the Islamic Cultural Centre the women called for the release of a young Tunisian.

Amina’s ‘offence’ was disrupting ultra-conservative Muslims. She upset a lot with online photos showing “my body is my own” written on it. One of the movement’s founders issued a warning from home base in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Oleksandra Shevchenko told our correspondent there: 
“Our main target today is the Middle East. Our first action in the Islamic republics yesterday was set up by two French activists and a German. They were defending our fellow activist. She’s been in prison for two weeks. I think that Amina could become the trigger of a women’s Arab Spring.”
So, countries where Islamic traditionalist law imposes on women have been added to the Femen field of operations. But even in London, during the Olympic Games they protested against the organising Committee’s decision to allow women to compete wearing a head covering, which goes against the Olympic Charter.

High visibility

Femen gate crashes political media events with high adrenaline vulnerability.

In the Vatican, their message ‘In gay we trust’ was, as is their habit, written on their bare bodies, to slam the Catholic position on gay marriage.

Femen denounces religious institutions [apart from Judaism] which it considers misogynist, patriarchal or gender discriminatory.

The Russian Orthodox Church is also a frequent target, therefore. Partriarch Kirill’s bodyguards got a hands-on, body-slam experience when he visited Kiev in 2012.

The women of Femen dare challenge the most powerful politicians; they screamed into Moscow last year to denounce the re-election of their bete noire President Vladimir Putin as fraudulent.

They shouted “Putin dictator!”

He was with democratically elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Hanover when Femen upstaged them while, at the top of their lungs, blasting restrictions on NGOs in trade partner Russia.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, who has been nicknamed by critics as Europe’s last dictator, is no friend of Femen. His proxy was mocked when he went to watch a football match in Ukraine.

In Italy, they have protested against former prime minister and business billionaire Silvio Berlusconi’s longevity on the country’s political scene.

Growing force

Along the way, the movement picks up new adherents who are also determined to jolt sedentary citizens out of political complacency.

Oleksandra Shevchenko told euronews: 
“We don’t hand out pamphlets in the street. We work through social networks and the media. Women write to us spontaneously. They find us, follow us online, through our Facebook page, and support us or join us like that.”
Femen was formed in 2008 by three students in Ukraine, to condemn sex tourism. They deplore what they call ‘sextremism’. They say their aims include developing leadership, intellectual and moral qualities among women.

The activists are regularly detained and fined, and have said some were abducted and abused by Belarus police, while others have reported death threats.

As early as 2009 Femen proposed making the use of sex industry services a criminal offence.More about: FEMEN, Protest, Women’s rights

Jews Urge Greek Government to Pass Anti-Racism Bill

Push for the Bill Comes as Hate Crimes Rise

The World Jewish Congress joined the Greek Jewish community in urging the Greek government to implement an anti-racism bill in the face of rising hate crimes.

On Tuesday, two junior members of Greece’s ruling coalition said they would defy Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and vote to send the bill immediately to Parliament.

Samaras’ conservative New Democracy party believes that existing legislation is sufficient to deal with racist attacks that have been spawned by the ultranationalist, neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.
“We call upon the government and the democratic political forces to overcome their differences and shield democracy in our country with appropriate legislation, to ensure the equality of Greek citizens,” the Central Board of Jewish Communities of Greece said in a statement.
The measure would impose prison terms and fines for racist attacks and also outlaw the use of Nazi symbols and denying the Holocaust.

In a statement Tuesday, WJC President Ronald Lauder said, 
“It is very worrying that the mainstream parties in Athens are apparently unable to find a compromise on this important matter. Hate mongers and extremists such as the leaders of Golden Dawn are not only a threat to minorities such as the Jews; they are a threat to democracy as a whole.”
Golden Dawn emerged on the political scene last year, winning 7 percent of the vote, or 18 seats, in the 300-member Greek Parliament. Recent polls have indicated the party, which runs on a fierce anti-immigrant platform, now has about 10 percent of the Greek population’s support.

Jewish and international groups have condemned Golden Dawn as racist and anti-Semitic.

Speaking earlier in the year at a ceremony to commemorate the deportation of Greece’s Jews to the Nazi death camps, Samaras had vowed to take strong action against Golden Dawn, promising to be “completely intolerant to violence and racism.”

Opposition groups have accused Samaras of dropping his support for the bill, saying he was wary of directly confronting Golden Dawn and powerful interest groups on the right.

Jan Irvin on Spingola Speaks 2013.05.22

Jan Irvin talks with Deanna about his extensive research into the systematic dumbing down and brainwashing of the American people.

Topics include: The Fabien Society, Feminism, the 60′s “counter-culture”, psychedelic drugs, psychology, MK-ULTRA, mind control, eugenics, the CIA, health, the corruption of science and physics, pharmaceutical drugs, the “sexual revolution”, the Trivium, the NAACP, propaganda, and how all of these are being used against us by a tiny minority.

Jan was startled to find out that around 70%-80% of all of the prominent figures involved in this deliberate brainwashing agenda come from a Jewish background.

A very fascinating discussion!


Paul Weston on White Genocide

Erm no mention of the Jews then Paul eh...?

Paul Weston's interchange with Jewess Sonia Gable: The Left - Mad, Bad, or Criminally Ignorant?

Max French: Former Necronazi Turned Race-Traitor Alligns Himself with Murderous, Gang-Raping Muslim Terrorists

Former Necronazi turned rabid Muslim jihadist, Max French, 
protesting with Mark Glenn for the Arabian right to 
rape and kill Whites in Europe.

Mark Glenn, apparently hesitant to respond directly to the drama he caused recently when he condemned the White race to complete extinction via mass immigration of savage non-Whites into our once great and peaceful nations, sent out a feeble attack dog: former Necronazi turned race-traitor Max French, who spent two hours denigrating the White Nationalist movement, calling us all sorts of things, on a recent TuT Blogtalk broadcast.

Joined by “Egeria,” a possible Jewess, all he did was repeat the logical fallacies and lies that Mark Glenn had already enunciated – all of which were completely destroyed beyond any and all recognition by my recent article Mark Glenn to Europe: Your Lands and Women Belong to the Muslim Empire, the Headless Bodies of Your Children Shall Line the Streets.

Apparently, French had not yet seen my article, published on the 24th of May, before doing his show on the 25th. Surely, he wouldn’t have had the nerve to repeat this idiocy if he’d known that the White Nationalist community was already aware of the filthy, Jew-like lying nature of it.

Because all of these idiotic “arguments” have already been thoroughly debunked, this piece today will mainly be simply beating a dead horse into a gooey mess of horse-paste; it is necessary to show that not only Glenn, but his fighting comrades as well, are mere shills for the Muslim agenda of world domination.

The Big Lie

Having once been a perfectly good Necronazi, Max French 
was dragged down into multiculturalist hell, brainwashed 
by the Arabian terror lord Mark Glenn.

The core concept of the lie being presented by French and the mistress of multiculturalism who joined him for the show was the exact same as that being pushed by Glenn – the only reason Muslims in Europe is because “White people” (not the Jews, they don’t mention the Jews) are bombing Muslim countries.

Again, I elaborated on this in my article exposing the Sultan of Smut, Mark Glenn, so here I will just list the key reasons this is an obvious lie:
  • Muslims were invading Europe long before the wars began, escaping their disgusting hellhole nations, going all the way back to at least the 1960s.
  • Most of the Muslims in Europe are from countries not being bombed by the US or NATO. The biggest Muslim population in Europe as a whole is from Turkey. The biggest Muslim population in France and Spain are from Algeria and Morocco.
  • Muslim countries, like all non-White or East Asian countries, are disgusting hellholes, because the lower races are incapable of running a complex society. No one wants to live there, because they are filthy, disease-ridden hellholes. Muslims go to Europe for the same reason Mexicans come to America.
  • Muslims are openly declaring they are taking over Europe via mass immigration and out-breeding the native population. They themselves are not citing the wars as a reason for the invasion (probably because, again, 9/10 of them don’t come from a country which is at war with NATO/US; plus they don’t seem to have the shame it would require to invent any kind of excuse at all).
  • The idea that these people are going to give up their free housing, food, medical care, etc. to go back and live in either a cave or some filthy shack with a dirt floor and rats crawling on them while they sleep, simply because NATO has pulled out of their countries, is so utterly idiotic as to make it almost unbelievable that even an Arabian as sneaky as Glenn would have the nerve to make such a claim.
There you have it. The entire premise is very easily refuted, and exposed as a mere lie. Mark Glenn is not stupid (though French might be).

This is not difficult to understand. There is no mystery.

Let’s look, once again, at where some of these savages are coming from:




These people do not want to live in their own countries because their own countries are sickening. This is because non-Whites/East Asians are completely incapable of managing a civilized modern society. If they were capable, they would be doing it.

These are not all “displaced persons” as the Necronazi claims – this definition could apply to only a miniscule portion of Muslim immigrants. Even those who meet this definition are not planning on ever going home, because as we have demonstrated, their countries are hellish whether they are being bombed or not.

They go to Europe for the same reason Latin Americans come to the US.



This is not complicated. There is no confusion here, unless someone wants to create it. Mark Glenn and his crew skew reality, for the purpose of promoting his own racial agenda, which hinges on mass non-White immigration into White countries.

Politically Correct Gibberish

French and his mistress mixed the above lie about “they’re only here because of the wars” – which appears to have originated with Mark Glenn, as I have never heard anyone else make such a claim – with the usual multiculturalist lies pushed by the Jews who brought all of these savages into White countries in the first place, with “Egeria” going so far as to talk about how they were such “beautiful people” with their “beautiful culture and way of dressing,” going on to claim they were “helping the economy” – a Jew line if I ever heard one. The Jews say the same thing about the various savages in America: they are “enriching” us, helping the economy by both living on welfare and driving down wages.

Note that these lies seem to conflict with the earlier liesif they are only here because of the wars, but they are so great to have among us, why would we want to send them back after the wars are over? Assuming we enjoy having our women gang-raped, the drastic increase in murder rates, paying billions of dollars in welfare to feed, house and clothe these savages who either won’t or are too stupid to work, having our cities destroyed by riots, having to look at these filthy people and watching our neighborhoods turning into third world street markets filled with rotting trash and goats – why would send them back? Hey, we need more of them! Invasion by third world hordes is doubleplusgood!

Their culture is so beautiful. It brings meaning to our lives 
to see them crowding up our streets, gibbering in their 
monkey language.

Seriously. When was the last time you heard someone say:
“when this neighborhood was White it was horrible – but now that all these Mexicans and Muslims here, it has been enriched, and it is beautiful and magical. We are so much happier that our once White communities are now filled with black and brown people from anywhere and everywhere.”
Everyone knows it’s a lie. No one wants to live with these animals. Sorry. I am simply done with this nonsense. No more attempts to keep from offending. No one wants these people in their countries because they are disgusting, rude and dirty, while also being prone to every imaginable sort of violence and criminality. From Muslims, to Hindus to Latinos, virtually everything they do disgusts me and the vast majority of Americans.

The time has come to grow up. It isn’t me that’s racist. The facts are racist.

Surprise! Femen whores are… paid hookers

It has been revealed that the Jew Jed Sunden has financed the feminist collective Femen.

However, it was also recently revealed that at least several known Femen activists are actually paid hookers. See link below (in French, but the pictures are enough):


This is ironic because Femen has protested against prostitution. The activists not working in the sex industry are also paid for their services.

Flesh Eating Jews

Racial Segregation in Israel More Extreme than Jim Crow or Apartheid South Africa

Israel’s largest adventure park, “Superland” practices complete racial discrimination which makes Jim Crow segregation or Apartheid South Africa look like child’s play, it has emerged.

A posting on the Arab Israeli Balad party on Facebook by Khaled Shakra, a seventh-grade teacher at the Ajial school in Jaffa, has revealed that the theme park, the lasted in Israel, does not allow Arab Israelis and Jews to share the park on the same day, and strictly segregates parties on the basis of race.

(The posting is in Hebrew, but it can be translated using a web service).

Shakra reported on Facebook that he tried and failed to book a day at the park for a group of his students. When he first telephoned to reserve the visit he was told that the dates of June 17, 18 and 19 were specifically set aside for group visits and that he could choose any of those dates.

However, according to Shakra, as soon as he revealed the obviously Arabic-sounding name of his school, he was relayed to a second Superland employee who imformed him that there were no places available. When Shakra offered to alter the date of his visit he was likewise rejected.

Half an hour later, he said, he called the theme park again, this time introducing himself as “Eyal” — a Hebrew name — and saying he represented a Jewish NGO, and was told that the dates were in fact open for his group.

After the story broke, Superland confirmed that it had a policy of designating separate days at the park for group visits by Arab and Jewish schools. Shakra said, 
“I felt many things all at once. I felt frustration, despair… I’ve experienced racism in the past, but this was the most severe incident.”
Jim Crow segregation and Apartheid South Africa never went anywhere near this far, restricting itself to separate toilets or water fountains and the like.

In both America and South Africa, Jewish Supremacists were the leading activists working to end the policies of racial discrimination in those countries—yet today, Jewish Supremacists fanatically support the racist state of Israel which practices racial segregation on a vast scale which makes Jim Crow and Apartheid seem petty.

The astonishing hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacists in demanding that all other peoples abolish their own self-interest, while rigidly enforcing the most extreme anti-gentile discrimination in Israel, is yet another example of the double standards to which they adhere.

To gain an understanding of how extreme this situation is, imagine if you would, Six Flags adventure park in America segregating Jews from European Americans.

Firstly, such a scenario is unimaginable, and even if it were ever to occur, the same Jewish Supremacists who support Israel no matter what, would the very first to be screaming “racism” and “holocaust.”

The blatant racism also makes a mockery of the $8 million per day that American taxpayers hand over to Israel courtesy of the Jewish lobby which controls the US government. US taxpayers—of all races—are directly subsidizing the Zionist state which actively pursues racial segregation on a grand scale.


Above we see a man who is said to be 'the MI5 agent' Michael Adebolajo. He appears to be trying to encourage the Clash of Civilisations. Most of the provocateurs are Christians and Jews pretending to be Moslems.


This Moslem terrorist is actually a Jew. 

We should remember that Michael Adebolajo was arrested in Kenya in 2010. Britain insisted that he be released.
"The decision has raised questions over official involvement in Mr Adebolajo's release – and the true extent of his connections with the intelligence services..."
MI5 'tried to recruit' Woolwich attack suspect Michael Adebolajo

The Real Reason Why Governments Are Eliminating Financial Privacy

At the latest G-20 meeting, central bankers, finance ministers, and an assortment of other central planners touted what they hoped would be a new “global standard” of the automatic sharing of financial information.

The US has taken the lead with the odious FATCA law, and the EU has followed suit with its own version. Through FATCA and other measures, both governments are aggressively seeking new ways to undermine financial privacy.

Financial privacy should not be viewed in a negative light, as it is often portrayed. The Swiss view it as a fundamental human right to preserve dignity, akin to medical privacy. How would you feel if the government snooped into your medical records and automatically shared those records with foreign governments?

While it would appear that the primary objective of this new “global standard” is to rake in more money for bankrupt governments, it seems another motive is at play here.

The optimistic estimate for FATCA is that it will bring in around $9 billion over 10 years or $900 million on average per year.

With the deficit in 2012 for the US federal government at $1.1 trillion, the expected $900 million from FATCA is not even a drop in the bucket (actually around one-tenth of one percent). Even in the unlikely event that the US will moderately reduce its deficit in the future, the revenue from FATCA will remain a pittance in comparison.

So, it begs the question: Why would the US government go through all the enormous trouble of implementing FATCA if it’s going to bring in such a meager amount of money?

If it’s not money, it appears the primary motivation here is control. The new “global standard” is a path that will put governments around the world one step closer to being able to track and control every penny you earn and every penny you spend. It dovetails nicely with the global war on cash.

The time is short, but there is still an opportunity for you to legally avoid getting boxed in by desperate and out-of-control governments by internationalizing your savings, your income, yourself, and your digital presence out of their immediate reach.

While governments around the world – particularly in the US – are making it increasingly difficult to internationally diversify your assets, there are still many legal strategies available to you. 

You’ll find the latest information on the best of these in the brand-new special report Going Global 2013, a comprehensive, 114-page guide packed with actionable advice from renowned experts in
  • international gold storage
  • opening foreign bank accounts and IRAs
  • second passports and living abroad
  • the best foreign currencies to invest in
  • and much, much more.
Simply put, there’s no better resource available on international diversification than Going Global 2013. Learn more here.

Gina Rinehart Calls For Sterilization of The Poor

Conservative billionaire Gina Rinehart (pictured right) called for the sterilization of the poor today, arguing that the only way to alleviate poverty is to stop the "underclasses" from multiplying.

In a video uploaded to her official YouTube account, the Australian mining heiress said that income inequality is caused by differences in intelligence, and eugenics is the only answer.
"Our nation faces a grave economic crisis as the combination of a strong Australian dollar and falling commodity prices sap our ability to compete globally," she explained,
"the only logical solution to this crisis is to strengthen the quality of our most precious resource: human capital.
"I believe that any couple making less than $100,000 a year should be forcibly sterilized through a vasectomy or fallopian tubal ligation. Those earning more than $100,000 a year should be encouraged to have as many as 10 or 12 children.
"Only by eliminating waste and focusing on our brightest, most efficient workers can we hope to see off our rivals in the emerging world."
Inherit the Earth

Rinehart is the richest person in Australia and ranks as one of the wealthiest women in the world. Most of her fortune comes from a mining company she inherited from her father and later built into a leading exporter of iron ore.

Her fortune prospered during Australia's long commodity export boom, but is under threat as China's economy slows and iron ore prices tumble. Adding to her woes is the rising cost of production.

Late last year, Rinehart made a video arguing that Australians needed to accept lower wages because people in Africa were willing to work for $2 a day. But in today's video she seems to have realized that even that won't be enough.
"Paying Australians less is a part of the solution, but it can't be the whole fix. It's no use paying someone at all if they're too lazy, drunk, and stupid to properly operate our sophisticated mining equipment.
"So I'm willing to pay a decent wage, as long as I'm getting the son of a doctor and not the son of a failed bartender on welfare. The problem is that the underclasses seem to be outbreeding the intelligent folks, and I can't find a decent worker anywhere.
"That's where our government comes in. By stopping the poor from procreating, we can create a new class of intelligent, hard-working, well-paid Australians that will forge our economic future."
Rinehart recently ranked 16th on Forbes' list of the most powerful women in the world, ahead of Australian prime minister Julia Gillard. Her fortune is estimated at over $21 billion in U.S. dollars.

World War 3 Has Already Begun

World war 3 has already begun. In this video we are going to prove it.

Sale Of UK Post Office Handed To Goldman Sachs

LONDON – Britain is preparing to privatize Royal Mail, the country’s postal service, whose origins date to 1516 and the carrying of post for Henry VIII and the Tudor court.

The government said on Wednesday that it had appointed Goldman Sachs and UBS as the lead banks to manage a planned initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange later this year. Barclays and Bank of America Merrill Lynch will also work on the sale. The planned offering could value Royal Mail at about £3 billion ($4.5 billion), according to some analysts.

The government has been considering a sale of Royal Mail for years, but plans became more concrete over the last year when the company’s finances started to improve. Pressure is also growing on the government to find additional savings to reduce the budget deficit.

Like other postal services, Royal Mail was hurt as more people swapped handwritten letters for e-mail. But earnings have improved recently, and the company reported that profit more than doubled for the year ended March 31 as more people shopped online and received their purchases by post.

The sale of the service, which was opened to the public by Charles I in 1635, would be the biggest privatization in Britain since the railroads in the 1990s. Royal Mail is one of Britain’s largest employers, and the government plans to set aside about 10 percent of Royal Mail’s shares to be held by its workers.

Maniac McCain Meets Terrorists In Syria

Secretive Bilderberg meeting to cost British Taxpayers Millions

Taxpayers are likely to have to pay millions towards the cost of policing the secretive Bilderberg meeting of the global elite due to gather in Hertfordshire next week.

The Grove Hotel in Watford. The town is an unglamorous 
location for this year's Bilderberg meeting.

The clandestine meeting of royalty, prime ministers and business chiefs is taking place in Britain for the first time since 1998, sparking fears of "violence and disturbance" by protesters.

The Bilderberg organisers, who include Tory Cabinet minister Ken Clarke, do not release a guest list but a roll-call of luminaries are expected to descend on a luxury Watford hotel from June 6, forcing police to step up security.

Hertfordshire police have refused to release the cost of security for the event, which has previously drawn anti-capitalist demonstrators in other locations around the world.

However, they are in talks with the Home Office about a grant for "unexpected or exceptional costs" that is only given out if it threatens the stability of the force's policing budget. The final bill would have to total more than one per cent of the police force's overall spend - or about £1.8 million - for the grant to be successful.

The invitation-only Bilderberg meetings are attended by around 140 members of the international elite.

Previous guests are thought to have included Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles, Peter Mandelson, David Cameron and Queen Beatrix of Holland but the list of attendees is different every year.

The cloak of secrecy surrounding the meetings, which ban journalists from attending, has fuelled conspiracy theories that so-called Bilderbergers are planning global domination and world unification.

However, the event is most often likened to a political version of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which draws members of high society to discuss business and the economy. Its steering commitee includes Mr Clarke, Cabinet minister without portfolio, Thomas Enders, chief executive of defence company EADS, and Peter Sutherland, the chairman of Goldman Sachs.

Some activists have decided to hold a Bilderberg Fringe Festival - described by its organisers as a peaceful weekend of speakers, comedy, music, workshops, arts and entertainment nearby. However, Dorothy Thornhill, the mayor of Watford, has raised fears that the summit could also bring "violence."

She told the Watford Observer
“I have my concerns about it because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance.
“But I am confident the police will be able to minimise that and give them their right to protest.
“I am ambivalent about whether this is a good thing. It’s potentially a positive thing as long as things don’t kick off.
Hertfordshire Police said the Bilderberg Group has agreed to contribute some of the cost of security, but taxpayers will have to cover the rest of the bill. The force said it could not yet estimate the cost to the taxpayer of policing the event or whether it will need to draw on reinforcements from nearby forces.
"The organisers of the event are paying for a private security firm who will be providing security at the venue," the spokesman said.
"In addition, the organisers have agreed to contribute towards policing costs relating to the event.
"As we do not disclose the costs of operations prior to their event, we will not disclose the amounts at this stage."
The last time the Bilderberg Group met in Britain was in Turnberry in Scotland in 1998. This year's event will be at the Grove Hotel in Watford, which has been booked out for the duration of the conference from 6th to 9th June.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Holocaust Lie

But I thought women and children were sent directly to gas chambers?

One of the most controversial topics in our history is the very subject of the Holocaust. Who would dare question such an event that has been so well documented and proven to be true? We have all seen the videos of the dead, emaciated bodies being bulldozed into mass graves; we have seen all the photos of corpses stacked five feet high; and we have heard all the eye witness testimonies from survivors of the death camps. How dare someone question something like this? They must be full of hate! They must be Nazis! They must be punished! Well it turns out, people have been punished for even questioning certain aspects of the Holocaust, such as the official number of Holocaust deaths and exact methods used to carry out the supposed extermination program.

Are these people saying there was no camps, no deaths, and its all made up? Certainly not! In fact, no one denies the existence of camps or the persecution and the unjust deaths of Jews, but what is questioned is the claim that the Nazis had an extermination policy and were mass murdering psychopaths when there are no documents or physical evidence proving such claims.

Even Jews who have come forward to expose the Holocaust have been slandered and denounced by their own tribe. Hundreds of well respected historians have been fined thousands of dollars; some even imprisoned for years for simply uttering or reporting what they have discovered when they studied the declassified archives of the fallen Soviet Union, and some even physically attacked and hospitalized. How is it right to send a human being to prison for not agreeing with the official numbers of deaths in the Holocaust or simply pointing out the fact that there is ZERO physical evidence for the existence gas chambers even to this day? How can people tolerate such laws that infringe on our right to speak freely? These people have nothing to gain and were simply imprisoned for exposing the fallacies within the Holocaust story.

But why would Jews would lie about the Holocaust? And why is the Holocaust only about Jewish suffering when Hitler supposedly killed millions of other ethnic groups in the process? 50 million people died during WWII, mostly civilians, so one can argue the ENTIRE war was holocaust yet only the Jews get all the sympathy and recognition. Are the lives of the Gentiles less important than the lives of the Jews? Why don't we ever hear about the Russian gulag death camps (the real death camps) that killed millions of Christians? Why don't we see movies about the holocaust that befell the Ukrainians Why are the Jews the only people getting sympathy for the supposed Holocaust? Well the answers to these questions will be answered to you if you are brave enough to continue.

In the following videos and text, you will learn the answers to the questions above and you will discover that the Holocaust was the greatest swindle the world has ever seen. This information goes against everything you were taught, every Hollywood movie about Jewish suffering, and every ounce of conviction you have towards this topic, but in the end, you will realize that what you have been told is not true. After watching and reading everything below, it will be impossible to walk away having full confidence in the the official story ever again.

This video is a documentary created by David Cole (Jew) who was brave enough to expose the lies of his fellow tribesmen and destroy the myth that we have come to know as the Holocaust.

A video of a David Irving lecture (a respected historian who was imprisoned for his research) exposing the Holocaust lies. Why would these Zionist Jews throw him in jail if he was only spewing lies? See what he has to say and decide for yourself.

What does Brother Nathaniel (Jew) have to say about the Holocaust?

Have you ever heard the stories of the Jewish holocaust survivors? If not, here is your chance now. This is a documentary exposing their completely fabricated stories which are not only completely ludicrous, but also outright lies. Listen to these stories and decide for yourself. Toward the end of the film, there are survivors who tell you the truth about the camps and tell a whole different story. Of course these accounts were not put in Spielberg's film and you will see why.

Happy First Birthday to The White Network

Tanstaafl and Hadding Scott join Carolyn for our own little celebration of our first year of operations at The White Network by doing what we like best–talking about what’s good for White people. We discuss the pros and cons of our strictly enforced “Whites only” policy and determine that we are indeed “unique” among all pro-White networks and organization websites and forums for this reason. We are basically satisfied with what we’re doing and don’t feel the need to change anything. Among other topics discussed:

  • White displacement keeps getting worse–one example is the police reaction to Muslim rioters in Sweden;
  • Joe Biden’s speech on “overwhelming Jewish influence” in this country should be used to advance our cause;
  • Preferential treatment for non-White immigrants over White national populations has reached a level of unacceptability;
  • Yet Whites are expected to accept it with grace as inevitable;
  • Do we mind being labeled, for example called an anti-Semite;
  • The question of whether Jewish power is a result of evolutionary psychology or a criminal conspiracy.
Image: Marilyn Monroe, a delectable and utterly charming product of the White race, was taken advantage of by Jewish men and eventually even married one, converting to the religion of Judaism. Now the Jews claim her as their own, though there was not a Jewish bone or gene in her body. What a shame; a truly tragic heroine.


Kill the bankers, not yourselves - An analysis

LIAS PANAYOTAROS: This is tragic because Greeks were not like this. Instead of committing suicide they could have gone and killed the ones who were responsible for their problems.
REPORTER: Who should they kill?
ILIAS PANAYOTAROS: Bankers of course[...]
They are afraid.

Ever since the crisis begun, suicides of poor workers have skyrocketed. Our Race is led to financial and biological extermination, so that a handful of bankers, Jews, and capitalists can profit. One man, the Deputy of the Golden Dawn has the courage to go against political correctness and report this injustice. "Kill those responsible for your misery, not yourselves". And we see the whole world attacking Golden Dawn with rage. I have one thing to say: When the Communist Party of Greece calls for class warfare, for class revolution, which implies the same thing, no one talks. No one gets upset. No one spends time to badmouth them. When the Maoists, Trotskyists and anarchists of Syriza make even more extreme suggestions, then again, silence.

What does this say to you, communist? Why is your "revolutionary party" getting no critisism for saying the same things Golden Dawn says?

Because there is only one force that is authentically against the system. Because there is only one Movement that makes the whole lot of them lose their sleep. Because there in only one Party willing to bet it all in the struggle against Injustice, Genocide, and Zionism. The Social Nationalist Revolutionary Movement of the Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn wants to become and will become like the Hezbollah in Lebanon which in effect is a second government which helps even its poorest citizen and over time Golden Dawn will do more for our fellow citizens.
I would like to point out some lies and anti-GD propaganda that I spotted on this surprisingly watchable MSM documentary as well as explore some aspects of the Idea a little further.

Filthy TURD WORLDERS Crapping Up White Lands

When will the West wake up? Asks Pat Buchanan in his latest article. Folks, our country has been inundated with non-Whites since 1965, when Shabbos Goy, Teddy Kennedy, acting as the frontman to jewish politicians, passed a bill purposefully changing the demographic quotas of immigration to favor non-Whites from the Third world. Now they want to give a free ride to citizenship of even more. When will it stop?

You see the nicely dressed liars on TV telling us 24/7 that we have to do this for “the good of the country” and because Americans are so caring and fair-minded to the downtrodden of the entire planet. The republicans have to do it, should they want to the hispanic vote, even though they never get it anyways. And Hollywood constantly brainwashes the populace on immigration, right along with homo stuff and black hero worship.

Screen capture of a kiddie cartoon — 
look at the character they have out in front.

Notice all the required good guy roles jews have worked into movie scripts for the last twenty years, like the nigerian immigrant Marine and hispanics in the sci-fi movie “Battle of Los Angeles” shown on FOX over the weekend. Countless other Hollywood movies follow the same spiel. Even cartoon shows for kiddies on Saturday mornings, like “Dora the Explorer,” are chock full of multicult brainwashing.

White people, when are you going to get it? We do indeed have an alien race in control of the media and our finances – a traitorous, self-serving bunch that has slowly, but surely worked to brainwash and destroy our race in our very own lands. No doubt at all, any more.


You see it everywhere, not just Hollywood movies, either. Magazines, newspapers, prime time and cable news shows. Everywhere you turn in the media. The filthy GD jews have long been using your emotions and sense of fair play against our very own race.

Most of the jews in our countries are all for immigration (around 80% voted for Obama). White people just don’t get it, since the immigrants are not jews and often even muslims as well – supposedly enemies of jews because of sacred Israel. This disconnect serves jewry well – because the whole point of immigration has always been to turn White people into a powerless, spat-upon minority. This has been the case since day-one.

These subversive jews are unbelievable hypocrites, too, like the Australian (but really an Israeli) and World Jewish Congress honcho Isi Leibler, who says multiculturism is just great for our White, Western countries, but writes in Israeli publications that it’s not so good for his sacred Israel – which the media now openly calls “a jewish state” (they have been quietly putting that out there, hoping not too many multicults notice the hypocrisy).

Leibler gloats “Australia is no longer exclusively white and primarily of British origin.” Can you believe the GD nerve of these people? The more you know about these jews, the more sick of them you get.

This is obviously disenfranchising White people, as well as turning our countries into sewers. All these stinking Third Worlders come over here, drive us all into the poor house with special favors and financial assistance, breed like rats, and then have the GD nerve to commit crimes and riot in the streets over just about any GD thing!

The Scandinavian countries, like Sweden and Norway, have taken in tons of black African muslims, who gang rape and kill White women all the time. And just like America, they do everything they can not to report on these kinds of things in the media, because they don’t want Whites to get a clue.

Hell, American multicults and media care more about Pakistani women getting gang-raped in Pakistan than if Paki immigrant men do it to a White girl in Norway. You think I’m kidding you?

After black muslims rioted and burned cars all over Malmo, Sweden, meter maids went out and issued parking citations to the owners of the burnt-out hulks (lower left). Can you believe the total bull nowadays?
Last week, Somali and Sudanese blacks in Sweden went haywire for almost an entire week, looting and burning cars in the street. Did the police do anything about it? No, they backed off and let them do their thing for days. The traitorous government over there is so bad they even issued parking tickets to White people who hadn’t moved their burned out cars yet! I told a neighbor about it, but since FOX news didn’t say a word, he didn’t believe me. Sad.

Black immigrants in Great Britain and France riot and loot all the time, whenever they have an excuse, like if one of them gets hurt by the police during the commission of a crime, or just if they feel they are not getting enough freebies. Hell, blacks in the US do the same thing and have lived here all their worthless lives!

Looks like he’s enjoying himself
with those nice new clothes, huh?
How about John Thuo (right), a criminal Kenyan who has spent the last TEN YEARS living a pretty nice life in Great Britain, getting free housing and monthly financial assistance – usually without working much of a regular job. The guy fully admits to brutally butchering up to 400 people with machetes (imagine that) and taking part in female genital mutilation, when he belonged to a vicious criminal syndicate back in Kenya.

I guess there’s no black African they won’t take into our lands!

It’s not just Europe getting African immigrants, either. America takes in quite a few too; even the criminal and piratical Somalis are allowed to immigrate here — getting housing assistance, monthly financial aid from the government and White do-gooder organizations. They don’t even have to pay taxes for years. Getting to America is literally like winning the lottery for these Turd Worlders!

Are you not sick and tired of the BS going on today? Folks, all this is due to the jew and his brainwashed White multicults.

Now the traitorous jews and multicults in the USA are trying to get “comprehensive immigration reform” passed, so the illegal Mestizo scum now in America will get citizenship and can vote for more liberal democrats. Oh, sure, they’ll tell us that border security will get beefed up in return. Yeah, right: How many times have we been told that line of pure BS? Hell, they can’t even tell us the truth on how many are really in the US (22 million plus).

Whites need to get totally proactive. Tell all your family and friends to at least call your state’s senators and congressmen and say NO to this latest bill. I’m not saying it’s going to work or if that’s enough. Just take a few minutes and do it anyways.

You also need to tell people around you about the stinking jew’s destruction of America and other White lands. I know it won’t be easy for this, but you got to stiffen your spine a little and do it

– Phillip Marlowe

Call Your Senators and Congressmen NOW and tell them to vote NO TO AMNESTY!

Feminism = White Genocide ~Dr. William Pierce


Any race or civilization in which men do not control their women will persish. Women are mentally incapable of comprehending society and race and will sleep with any violent savage without a thought about even whether they will become pregnant let alone the effect on their race. Any race or civilization where men have become feminized wimps will fail to regulate itself and will die. Women are not attracted to weak men and wont breed with them. That is the Jew’s plan.