The 14 Words

Sunday, 13 October 2013

REPOST: Vermin? Der Ewige Jude (1940) - English Dub

Watch this while you can because as sure as hell JewTube will take it down as soon as it starts getting hits

Please download and re-upload. My Comrade Cairo (by the way Google have stopped him from updating his blog) is uploading it to TruTube so if it disappears from this Blog I will embed it from that source. 


  1. They look like a bunch of freaks. But that makes sense because their faces match their freakish personalities. I really hate their wrap-around smiles too. I have only watched five minutes so far and I'm not sure if I can watch anymore because I already feel quite disgusted by their ugly faces.

    1. This is why I used the word 'Vermin' the Rodent DNA overload that Jews possess is vividly obvious in this film footage.