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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Are White Folks the New "Niggers"?

Controversial title and video from Joe and John at The White Voice, but a must watch folks. Think about it.

From the video:
"If you define 'Nigger' as someone whose lifestyle is defined by others, whose opportunities are defined by others, whose role in society is defined by others, the good news is you don't have to be Black to be a 'Nigger' in this society. Most of the people in America are 'Niggers'."
- Ron Dellums, former Mayor of Oakland and California Congressman (1971-1998)

How true is that statement? Are White people in America allowed to define their own lifestyle, opportunities, and role in society? Are we allowed to celebrate and champion our people, our history, our culture, and unique political, economic, and social interests? Why is it somehow acceptable for Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, Asians, homosexuals and other "minorities" to organize and champion their cause, but White people are deemed "racist" for even discussing these things openly?

Joe and John of The White Voice will be my special guests on The Realist Report Tuesday, May 14th. The program will begin at 6pm PST, and we will be discussing a variety of topics, including the issues raised in the video above.

The following is an extract from a Skype conversation between myself and Cairo Kite April 28 2013

[00:32:30] Cairo*: the LED lightbulbs are good

[00:32:40] John Hardon: OMG Kimberly's fell asleep and I can't wake her up!

[00:34:05] John Hardon: I just wish they'd leave us alone. We are the masters of invention, we'd be doing fine without the fucking Jews, Paki's, Niggers etc.

[00:34:22] Cairo*: parasites on us

[00:34:34] John Hardon: Yes fucking PARASITES

[00:37:26] Cairo*: where ever we go they follow and parasite of us where do we have to go the North pole ?

[00:37:30] John Hardon: I've been thinking of what we were discussing earlier, about forming a New National Socialist Party. I'm really feeling up for it, I just need some time to formulate the best way to go about it. The problem is I do not agree with this so-called Democracy, therefore I do not agree with voting. It's all rigged by the Jews.

[00:38:20] Cairo*: yes so we couldn't get voted in

[00:39:19] John Hardon: No way

[00:40:12] John Hardon: We will have to take power by violence, its the only option left open to us

[00:42:52] Cairo*: if we have enough men to handle it yes

[00:43:11] John Hardon: Yes, thats what we need.

[00:43:33] John Hardon: But I can't see it happening in my lifetime

[00:44:00] Cairo*: it depends how bad it gets

[00:45:13] John Hardon: Well yes, but most of the idiot Goy will turn to the Left (Marxism) I am talking from experience regarding the indoctrinated masses

[00:45:41] John Hardon: Its a win-win for the Jew boys

[00:48:24] John Hardon: They have all been totally brainwashed to hate anything involved with Hitler

[00:49:18] Cairo*: i know this is a Big problem

[00:51:12] John Hardon: True, more and more are waking up to the truth but its too little too late.

[00:54:18] Cairo*: i think one uprising could start a knock on effect

[00:54:30] Cairo*: from country to country

[00:58:49] John Hardon: Lets hope so

[01:00:23] Cairo*: they have been kicked out 109 times from 85 countries over the ages

[01:00:45] Cairo*: the only race that has happened to

[01:02:12] Cairo*: once the tyranny becomes unbearable

[01:02:18] Cairo*: they willl take action

[01:02:27] Cairo*: because they wont have anything to loose

[01:03:20] John Hardon: Yes but pound to a penny they'll fall for the old Marxist trick of the left side

[01:06:17] Cairo*: once they are Homeless and starving we will see what they have to say then

[01:07:31] John Hardon: ok, but I saw it in the 70's when the NF were strong, the idiot Goy let themselves be led by Marxist Union leaders like Scargill

[01:08:07] John Hardon: Maybe we've grown out of that, I fucking hope so

[01:09:49] Cairo*: well the internet is degrading Jews Big time

[01:10:54] Cairo*: they are already the most hated race on earth

[01:11:15] John Hardon: Yes, thats the greatest thing that ever happened, they didn't contemplate that. They thought that they could use it like the Jew Box TV to further indoctrinate us but it back fired on the fucking wankers

[01:16:11] Cairo*: they are Not All powerful and they know it

[01:17:08] John Hardon: They are the few, we are the many. But we are impotent without serious action

[01:18:23] Cairo*: i dont think they will take action until it becomes intolerable

[01:18:51] John Hardon: Our Brothers and Sisters have to come together and use violence if necessary to bring about an acceptable future for our children and grandchildren.

[01:20:47] Cairo*: yes simple as that

[01:22:10] Cairo*: Jewry’s Push For WW3

[01:22:24] John Hardon: Our standard must become 88, our adherence must be to the 14 words, nothing else is relevent in our struggle. Forget the distractors like Alex Jonestien. We must inform OUR people of the true message, the message from our Creator. If they choose to think we are loony's that's up to them they can just die for the Jew, our eternal enemy who now holds the upper hand through the entity of Satan.

[01:24:18] John Hardon: I believe we can defeat it, but it may not be in my lifetime unless people seriously start waking up

[01:25:53] John Hardon: Kimberly's fell asleep, I'm listening to Jethro Tull. Isn't life fucking great eh?

[01:27:06] Cairo*: yeah being shit on every day

[01:27:30] John Hardon: Take consolation from what's within

[01:29:04] John Hardon: Take yourself to a higher level. Astral plane, I used to do it in the 70's and I recently rediscovered how to do it.

[01:31:09] John Hardon: I think that Kimberly is insane, she's talking in her sleep all kinds of weird shit

[01:32:41] John Hardon: Maybe I do that, something weird is going on, it's like a 'Realm' crossover

[01:33:24 | Edited 01:33:39] John Hardon: My dreams are becoming better than reality, bet yours are too.

[01:34:38] Cairo*: A Lot of the time ive had dreams were im confronting a family of jews

[01:34:52] John Hardon: At one time you would fall asleep and have a Nightmare, now you wake up to a fucking Nightmare.

[01:35:02] Cairo*: i know too true

[01:36:16] John Hardon: You long for your warm bed to get away from what they have done to us, then you awake and the brutal reality hits you in the face like a sledge hammer from hell.
[01:40:10] Cairo*: i wouldn't want to go where the Jews are going after this life

[01:41:49] John Hardon: You look at the Creation, the life of animals down to the smallest insect and marvel at the work of the creator. Then you see the destruction that they are bringing upon us all, not just the White race but the animals that the Creator put here to be loved. It makes me fucking sick. Sometimes I feel like killing these bastards. In fact when I am alone and one of these traitors appears on the TV I find myself shouting "I'll put a bullet through your fucking head, you cunt" I just can't help it. Not doing my Blood Pressure much good though. But there again the Meds are killing me off anyway. Its the Jewish way.

[01:43:21] John Hardon: Awww just kill me slowly Abraham

[01:44:05] Cairo*: get off them and find a Natural suppliment

[01:44:41] John Hardon: Yeah, never mind that, just listen to what I am saying.

[01:45:08] John Hardon: Do you ever feel like killing the bastards?

[01:45:12] Cairo*: yes i speak up for the animal kingdom

[01:45:21] Cairo*: yes of course

[01:45:49] Cairo*: its unforgivable what they have done

[01:46:16] John Hardon: I think I could kill a stinking Jew rather than a defenceless animal, Rabbit or whatever.

[01:47:22] John Hardon: Look ito the eyes of the creators creatures, you are like me, you couldn't kill it.

[01:47:47] Cairo*: because we can see the Creators Love in them

[01:48:14] John Hardon: The Jews and Muslim shit are not of the Creator so killing them would be relatively easy.

[01:48:44] John Hardon: Yes, the creator is in there eyes. No doubt about that.

[01:49:10] Cairo*: this is what the Final Battle will be Good Vs Evil

[01:49:19] John Hardon: I agree

[01:50:04] John Hardon: I hate eating meat, I wish I had the strength of the Fuhrer

[01:50:11] Cairo*: This is what J R Tolken was trying to tell us

[01:50:31] John Hardon: Yeah maybe

[01:50:45] Cairo*: the Gollom is from Jewish Mythology

[01:51:08] Cairo*: and the Shire is this place we are in the shire

[01:51:22] Cairo*: Stafford Shire

[01:51:25] John Hardon: Oh yeah, but I cannot get into that, I have not read it

[01:52:10] Cairo*: its very symbolic of whats happening now

[01:52:28] Cairo*: Tolken said there has always been a battle between good and evil

[01:53:14] John Hardon: My Blog has had a record hit today, mainly down to our Skype conversation. More hits than anything since the Jap 'Bagel head' story went viral

[01:53:54] Cairo*: thats a bit of good news then

[01:54:30] John Hardon: Yes, it is encouraging that if you print the truth, peopple will find it

[01:54:59] Cairo*: and we dont realize at the time the revelations we are coming out with

[01:55:59] John Hardon: I know its weird. I never thought anyone would be interested in a conversation between two National Socialists but they are.

[01:56:28] Cairo*: i know i posted it in my Truth and Justice for Germans page

[01:58:35] John Hardon: Cool

[01:59:24] John Hardon: Give me the link to it and I'll link it to J.H. I forgot all about that.

[02:02:48] Cairo*:

[02:03:04] Cairo*: 260 likes so far

[02:03:21] John Hardon: Thanks I'll put it in the Links tomorrow

[02:03:49] Cairo*: do you like the Banner at the top ?

[02:04:13] John Hardon: Yes brilliant

[02:04:58] Cairo*: "Existence impels the Jew to lie, and to lie perpetually, just as it compels the inhabitants of northern lands to wear warm clothing." ~ Adolf Hitler

[02:05:23] John Hardon: No words could be truer

[02:05:53] John Hardon: Thanks for posting links to my Blog on you site by the way.

[02:05:53] Cairo*: thats under the banner lol

[02:06:06] John Hardon: Good

[02:06:27] Cairo*: ill do what i can to get the word out

[02:06:56] John Hardon: Yes it is appreciated

[06:53:52] Cairo*: Those living today who profess to be “Jews” are not of the ancient Israelites, and they are not the seed of Abraham. In fact, the new DNA research shows that the Palestinians actually have more Israelite blood than do the “Jews!” The nation of Israel today is populated with seven and half million imposters !!!!

[14:21:33] John Hardon: Yes, they are vermin infecting everywhere they go.

[14:24:24] Cairo*: i was just saying to a woman if we knew the whole deal we would be out killing them now !

[14:47:48] Cairo*: Alex Jones Jewish Wife Makes Attempt on His Life

[14:52:12] John Hardon: LOL

Quintessential English?

Yeah I know you all think I've lost my mind but try to think of it as going back to one's roots, Pagan, Christian - Don't matter to me, what matters to me is our Race. And for me Jethro Tull takes me back to a time when things were fine 1969. J.H.


You all need an Aqualung to escape the poison that is debilitating you

This track is from 1971 when things were far better than they are now, if you don't like it then just skip it, its no skin off my arse. You maybe thinking 'well what has this got to do with National Socialism?' Well, my answer to that it is everything, you see its about OUR people, our culture which is totally ignored by the MSM. 

And who do you think he's singing about? Could it be the 'colonisers' or the 'chosen one's' ? Well your guess is as good as mine. J.H.


REPOST 2: When Two Tribes go to War (revised) ARE YOU LISTENING EUROPE & AMERICA?

'When two tribes go to war, money is all that you can score'
Turn off your TV.

Twice in the last century ONE racial tribe went to war against each other, known in Nationalist circles as the 'Brother Wars'. Now who scored the money? The Tribe that wishes to destroy us. 

The Tribe that instigated these wars to secure an apartheid Jewish homeland (Israel), a Tribe that profited from the 'Brother wars' to the extent that they were able to build a (undeclared nobody questioned it) Nuclear arsenal powerful enough to destroy Europe based on the myth that they created (6 million myths actually)

The above video video is by 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' made in 1983, a bunch of Faggots from Liverpool England. It depicts the then President Ronald Reagan and Boris Yeltsin, the then Premier of the newly formed Russian Federation after the fall of the (failed) Jewish system of communism. Looking up in amazement as a Nuclear weapon detonates. This is an insight into what happened next, rather than Mutual Assured Destruction between the failed Marxist (Jewish) ideology of Communism and the Jewish Banking Cartel, they decided to join forces. This was the intention all along - Without fear they have no control so they did 9/11 and 7/7 to usher in TOTAL CONTROL - Marxist Capitalism in the guise of the 'War on Terror.

This is because the masters of deception had realised that the true Marxist ideology of communism had failed, but they knew that before they poisoned Stalin, they needed another way to rule over the Goy (Cattle, useless Eaters) and they had been working hard to accomplish this for decades by the complete takeover of America and Europe.

The introduction of a friendlier face of communism (which I call Marxist Capitalism)  was instituted under the rule of Reagan, Thatcher and other European leaders. This was their master stroke. They took control of the Banks, Corporations, media and more importantly the Politicians through their usual tactics of Bribes, Blackmail and Threats.

By 1997 they had installed the Marxist Clinton and the Fabian Socialist Blair, what followed was  a short lived time of prosperity for the USA and Europe, this enabled them to introduce (under the radar) a massive destruction of everything OUR race had created. They set about changing the demographics, culture and values of OUR people in Europe and the United States. 

Any person that was AWAKE should have realised this after they made a virtual Saint out of Nelson Mandela

What happened in S.A. is the future that awaits you White people.

9/11, the Madrid Bombings and 7/7 were executed by them to create a perpetual (imagined) feeling of fear among the Goy (all races apart from them). Which allowed them to introduce draconian measures that took away our freedom. 

Then of course using an old Talmudic practice they crashed the Banks, this gave them the excuse to steal OUR money and make us pay interest on the money they stole (usury) by the means of so-called 'Austerity Mearures'. Notice how people, OUR people are getting poorer, a lot of us are on the 'Breadline' (including me) But profits for the elite, the mega rich and the Jew owned corporations are at an all time high.

ITN announced tonight that because of the Traitor Governments 'Green Agenda', Energy prices will have to rise by 10% a year untill 2030. Now you know that wages are not rising in fact they are falling, you also know that inflation is rising rapidly than they are telling us (ignore the Zionist Media Bullsit Lies)

Ignore the MSM bullshit, think for yourselves people, can you not see what is happening? If you can't you truly do deserve to be a slave of the Jew World Order.

Jesus warned you and so did Adolf Hitler but still like Lemmings you race towards your own destruction. So be it, you have made your choice. You are either with us or against us, because I'm afraid that, that is what it has come to. Will it have to come to this? Well for some of us it already has.

John Hardon

"Behind Blue Eyes" -- The Brunswick Baby Murder One Month Later...

Sherry West was just a piece of trash, right?

13-month-old Angel Santiago, who had the "bluest eyes," was just the by-product of a 'mudshark' -- right?


No matter that Brunswick City Commissioner James Henry Brooks - a black man -was arrested when he interfered on behalf of 17-year-old De'Marquise Elkins (one of the two black individuals accused of killing Santiago), telling his family they didn't need to talk to the police.
How could De-Marquise (Marky to his friends) be a killer? His favorite television programs, according to his public defender, are cartoons.

Dominique Lang, a 15-year-old who is also charged with the killing of Santiago, doesn't quite have the gang-affiliations of Elkins:

Glynn County police investigator Roderick Nohilly, tied Elkins to gangs, including the nationally known Bloods and Crips. 
Nohilly said Elkins has tattoos, including a tear drop under his right eye, commonly known to be indicative of gang membership, and a Facebook social media page believed to be Elkins’ contains references to gang activity. In the biography section of the page, Elkins states that he is a member of the Bloods, Nohilly said. 
Elkins also has three burn scars in the shape of a triangle on his upper right arm.“They represent the three places gang members end up — the hospital, prison or the morgue,” Nohilly said.
Remember -- 13-month-old Angel Santiago was shot at just a few minutes past 9 a.m. as his mother (a piece of white trash, right?) was pushing him in a stroller. Oh -- and one of Elkins' many family members currently behind bars for their part in covering-up the murder of baby Santiago was just granted bail:
One of the people connected to the Brunswick Baby Murder case may soon be released from jail.Sabrina Elkins was granted a $25,000 bond on Wednesday.
Elkins told the court she was on the "straight and narrow," until she was arrested.
"Sir, I was going to school in May to be a doctor," she said.
The 19-year-old sister of accused baby killer DeMarquise Elkins is now charged with felony evidence tampering.

Police say she and her mother, Karimah, tried to hide the gun police believe DeMarquise used to kill 13-month-old Antonio Santiago last month.

Police say the mother and daughter threw the weapon in a salt water pond about three miles from the crime scene.
The woman accused of helping to cover up the crime is the same woman who told Action News cameras the day after the murder that her brother was innocent.

On March 22, Sabrina Elkins told us, "My brother is locked up for no reason, and it's hurting my heart because he's locked up for no reason, period!"
Police say DeMarquise Elkins, 17, and Dominique Lang, 15, tried to rob the baby's mother. And when they didn't get what they wanted, police say they shot her and the baby. The mother, Sherry West, survived.
Now, a total of four Elkins family members are named in the indictment. DeMarquise, his mom, his sister, and his aunt, Katrina, who police say lied to them by providing DeMarquise with an alibi.
A city commissioner and four of Elkins family members have been arrested. Angel Santiago is dead. But Sherry West is just a piece of trash, right?

At least one member of the black community in Brunswick is apologetic. Pastor Ken Adkins.

Only 'he' seems to get what this murder represents:

A profanity-laced video showing prominent Georgia pastor Ken Adkins is spreading across the internet. Adkins can be heard screaming the n-word on what appears to be a cell phone recording. On it, he also disparages members of the Brunswick community.
Embarrassed by parts of it, Adkins watched the video Wednesday night with Action News' Jamie Smith.
The pastor said his tirade was secretly recorded months ago in the barbershop next door to his church in Brunswick moments after he witnessed a drug deal in his parking lot.

Adkins told Action News, "I said to them, 'I'm frustrated.' I can't believe there are people who would jeopardize what we built because they're stupid and crazy."
All of America is Brunswick, Georgia. Your wife; your sister; your mother could be Sherry West.

And the Department of Justice wouldn't give a damn

Act of Terror – The British Police State

Sadistic Israeli Forces Uproot More Than 700 Olive Trees

On Thursday evening Israeli occupation forces uprooted more than 700 olive trees in Al-Arroub neighbourhood to the south of the West Bank city of Jenin.

A member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Najat abu-Baker, confirmed that Israeli occupation forces uprooted the seven-year-old olive trees from the Palestinian farms near to the Israeli settlement of Dotan.

Abu-Baker said that uprooting the trees and razing the farms is an act to prepare the area to be annexed to the nearby Israeli settlement.

On Friday morning in Gaza, Israeli troops fired several artillery shells towards the Palestinian farms in Beit-Lahiya city to the north of the Gaza Strip.

Witnesses said that the shelling was accompanied by the invasion of a number of Israeli tanks to the area where the former Israeli settlement of Dogheet was. Clashes between the Israelis and the Palestinian fighters were reported.

Witnesses said that the incursion and the artillery shelling took place in empty areas. Medical sources said that no capsulitis were reported.

Meanwhile, on Friday morning Israeli naval gunships opened fire on Palestinian fishermen with automatic guns whilst fishing in the limited fishing area. Officials affirmed that there was fire directed at the fisherman and also affirmed that there were no casualties.

Eyewitness: ‘Tamerlan was run over by Boston police and then shot multiple times’


We’re continuing to revisit the Boston Bombing crime scene – from the beginning. Here’s something we’ve uncovered recently which should be of interest…

The official explanation told to the public by law enforcement and FBI is that the older brother in question was shot in a fire fight with police and then run over by a stolen Mercedes SUV driven by his younger brother Dzhokhar.

Don’t expect your corporate media to do their jobs. Keep asking questions about Boston, because NO ONE ELSE will…

Demonstration as US killer drones are flown from the UK for the psychopaths and war criminals that condemn terrorism

Evil, pure evil.

'Drones are being flown in Afghanistan by UK-based pilots for the first time. The Ministry of Defence say the vehicles save lives - but protesters say they are a tool to fight wars "behind our backs".' 
Read more ...

'Teens' go on the rampage in South Africa

*The original video from the Jewry Mail as been made unavailable, so this one was the nearest I could find to illustrate my point. Sorry folks but don't blame me, blame the Jewry Mail.

Climbing through an upstairs window carelessly left open by a South African homeowner, a group of thieves can't believe their luck as they race around the house ransacking cupboards.

But far from your average burglar, this gang of crooks aren't human - they're baboons on the hunt for food. An astonishing video of the animals wrecking a South African home has been posted on YouTube.

The video was captured by neighbour Howard James Fyvie and his friends who watched as the primates climbed through an upstairs window. The group watched through a downstairs window and witnessed the baboons ransacking cupboards and running amok looking for food.

After a few moments, James and his friends fetch a ladder and go into the house to chase off the creatures before they cause anymore damage.

The Energy Scam sinks to a new low. Oh vey but its the Jewish way already!

Remember when we were forced to use these new fangle high efficiency light bulbs? We were lied to when they said that because they produce the same amount of light as a 60 watt filament bulb yet only draw 20 watts of current, our electricity bills would fall. Wrong our bills went up at an astronomical rate as did their profits. Think the Jew World Order is coming? Well I got news for you, it's already here and has been since 9/11. J.H.

This from today's Jewry Mail:

Big brother to switch off your fridge: Power giants to make millions - but you must pay for 'sinister' technology

Fridges and freezers in millions of British homes will automatically be switched off without the owner’s consent under a ‘Big Brother’ regime to reduce the strain on power stations.

The National Grid is demanding that all new appliances be fitted with sensors that could shut them down when the UK’s generators struggle to meet demand for electricity.

Electric ovens, air-conditioning units and washing machines will also be affected by the proposals, which are already backed by one of the European Union’s most influential energy bodies. They are pushing for the move as green energy sources such as wind farms are less predictable than traditional power stations, increasing the risk of blackouts.

Last night critics:
  • Condemned the principle that outside forces should be allowed to control appliances.
  • Warned the new sensors would add £40 to the average price of white goods for consumers.
  • Hit out at the energy giants who would make millions of pounds extra profit under the scheme, as it would save them from firing up reserve generators or paying factories to switch off furnaces to quell demand. There is no suggestion that consumers will be compensated for having their appliances shut down.
The sensors will automatically detect spikes in demand for power that the grid is struggling to meet, and temporarily shut off the appliances.

Are you a Muslim Drug Dealer? No problem. You can stay in the Zionist Occupied UK because we don't give a F*** about our own people

Iraqi drug dealer who abandoned two children told he can stay in UK because he has a girlfriend (and 'his tattoo of half-naked woman could lead to persecution')

No wonder he's smiling he thinks us infidels 
are c****

A convicted drug dealer who abandoned his two children by different women has been allowed to stay in Britain because he has a girlfriend in this country, it was revealed today.

Hesham Mohammed Ali, 36, won an appeal against Home Secretary Theresa May who wanted to deport him to his native Iraq by successfully arguing that this would breach his right to a family life.

He told Judge Jonathan Perkins he had a ‘genuine’ relationship with his British beautician [race traitor] girlfriend Cy Harwood, 31, and that his life would be in danger in Iraq because he was covered in tattoos.

One of these was of a half-naked Western woman, he said. The Home Office has spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash trying to boot out Ali - battling his initial appeal and a second hearing.

A Home Office spokesman told lied to the Sunday Telegraph it was ‘disappointed’, adding that 'foreigners who commit serious crimes should be deported, regardless of whether they have family in the UK'.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Think of how it could have been under the Laws of Nature and our Creator ~ National Socialism

Written by John Hardon

Some of you are not old enough to remember how our lands, the White majority lands used to be, like the picture above they were tranquil and peaceful for the most part. The old saying is true: 'you could leave your doors unlocked'. We all got along and looked out for each other, you could always depend on your neighbours to help you out in your hour of need.

So what went wrong?

What went wrong is that Hitler lost the battle (The war declared on Germany by the Jew). Millions of our Aryan people died, our race, our forefathers shed their blood and died needlessly for the Jew. And now we are reaping the reward for their sacrifice from these satanic devils.

And what is the reward that lay in store for us? Well you only have to look around you. Our lands, our countries are not our's any more. The Jew has repaid our sacrifice with strife, our lands that our ancestors worked so hard for that our ancestors shed blood and tears for to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children has gradually been stolen from us.

You may feel, when you look around at the filth and deprivation, the rape of our women and the stealing of our children's hopes and dreams that this is just how its meant to be. Well it's not. Look deep within your self and you will know that it is a perversion of the Creators will.

This is no accident it is a well constructed plan laid down by 'Gods chosen ones'. We as civilised White folk are forced to live among savages imported by the Jew to bring upon us White Genocide, nothing would make the Jew happier than to see the demise of the only race that ever stood up to their parasitic and hate filled agenda. If you want a glimpse of your future then look at South Africa and don't think it won't happen here because it will, sooner than you think

And while our lands are being occupied what do we hear from the MSM all the time? The Holohoax, oh vey the six million Jews. The biggest lie ever told is indoctrinated into our psyche from the day we were born until the day we die

My Brothers and Sisters we must learn to break free from the Jewish shackles that keep us enslaved in this imagined reality, yes it is an imagined reality and I will tell you why. This whole Jewish 'usury' system tells us through its controlled media that we are in a recession, we have to borrow money from the IMF, the world bank etc. But this is rubbish, paper money was invented by them and it means nothing. The World still has the same resources that it had 10 years ago. It is all Bullshit and lies. And who loses, who gains? You lose, they gain.

14/88 J.H.

Craft Terrorist Mercenaries Spotted At Boston Bombings "The Sandy Hook'

Need more proof? HERE.

This is Bobby Gasoline

No I'd never heard of him either until he commented on this Blog - well worth a listen. More here

The murder of Mary Phagan and the founding of the ADL

Today (April 26), 100 years ago, the Jew Leo Frank[stein] raped and murdered the 13-year-old girl Mary Phagan.

Seeking Justice for Mary Anne Phagan

Serial pedophile-rapist and convicted child killer, Leo Max Frank, violently assaulted, raped, and garroted 13-year-old little Mary Anne Phagan (born Thursday, June 1, 1899) at minutes past twelve-noon, on Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913. Phagan was viciously murdered, inside the National Pencil Company’s metal department (colloquially known as the “metal room”), which was located at the rear section of the factory’s second floor. 

A glimpse of what happened to Phagan during that fateful noon hour, was revealed months later at the Leo Frank trial, when one of the physicians, who performed an autopsy on her, mounted the witness stand and forensically described in medical detail, what his analysis of the cadaver indicated: (Mary Phagan Autopsy Report, 1913).

Mary Phagan

Born in the Pedophile-Rape & Strangulation of Mary Phagan: Happy 100th Birthday Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL)

In the days, weeks, and months leading up to and surrounding Sunday, October 20th, 2013, the well organized international Jewish community, will commemorate with much fanfare and maudlin pomp, the monumental centennial founding of ‘ADL’, the infamous organization established in 1913 as ‘Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith’. This well known, impressively funded, and politically powerful Jewish-Israel lobby and activist group that masquerades as a civil rights group, was created by ‘B’nai B’rith’ in direct response to the August 25, 1913, conviction of 29-year-old Jewish industrialist, Leo M. Frank, who was sentenced to hang, for strangling one of his child laborers, 13-year-old Mary Phagan, in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Leo Frank the B’nai B’rith President of Atlanta (1912 to 1914):

The the commonly held belief, by members of the Jewish community since 1913, has always been that Leo Frank was railroaded for the grisly murder of Mary Phagan, because of Gentile anti-Semitism, media sensationalism and jury intimidation, not because of compelling forensic evidence, testimony or circumstantial facts. Moreover, Leo Frank had been elected B’nai B’rith President of the Atlanta Gatecity Lodge in the Autumn of 1912 and less than one month after his sensational trial concluded in the summer of 1913, in open defiance of his guilty verdict and death sentence, he was unanimously re-elected (AC, September 24, 1913) by his local 500-member strong Jewish Fraternal Lodge. The men who made up the membership of B’nai B’rith (Hebrew: בני ברית, “Sons of the Covenant”), were more often than not, the social, political and financial elite of Jewry. Frank would continue to proudly manage the affairs of his B’nai B’rith chapter while incarcerated, and as his appeals began wending their way through the judicial system, there was great hope for his vindication amongst his growing allies and supporters. By 1915, the Leo Frank case, that had consolidated as an inflammatory national cause celebre for the American Jewish community, was becoming an international incident on the periphery, with rumors about Jewish groups throughout major European cities like Paris and even far-off Moscow, organizing and agitating locally on his behalf, to bring awareness to his plight and predicament, while crystallizing Jewish tribal cohesiveness.

The Case that Refuses to Gather Dust:

The Frank-Phagan affair started out as an unmitigated local scandal in 1913 Atlanta, Georgia, destined to fade into the social and legal annals of intriguing and tragic criminal history, as do all heinous crimes against children, but instead the criminal case went viral in 1914 and 1915, when Jewish media magnate Adolf Ochs, embraced the drama playing out in the judicial system, as his own personal crusade and began using his flagship press organ, the New York Times, to regularly publicize the appeals of Leo Frank. With all the forces of the organized Jewish community working behind the scenes, the Leo Frank Case became the most famous cause celebre of early 20th century U.S. history, centered around the Jewish-American community seeking his vindication and liberation. The ensuing inferno and media circus, galvanized the ADL of B’nai B’rith, to rally behind Leo Frank as an iconic martyr of Gentile inspired judicial persecution and American anti-Semitism ever since. The conflict gave birth to the Jewish-Gentile culture wars, that have consumed Western Civilization since 1913 and have put the United States of America into terminal decline.

July 1913 the most powerful lawfirm in Georgia History Forms:

In 1915 the Governor of Georgia, John Marshall Slaton, used his executive privilege, commuting Leo Frank’s death sentence to life in prison. The conflict of interest caused riots to form around several regional cities around Georgia, in part because Governor Slaton was senior law partner and part owner of the merged lawfirm, ‘Rosser, Brandon, Slaton and Phillips’. This law group that formed in July of 1913, and represented Leo Frank at his trial, and also during some of Frank’s most high profile state appeals. The law firm lead by Luther Zeigler Rosser and Morris Brandon, merging with John M. Slaton and Benjamin Z. Phillips (Jewish-American attorney) was considered the most powerful law group in Atlanta at the time, because its political and financial connections reached to the highest echelons of Georgian government.

21st Century Jewish Racial Activism and Extremism:

The popular mainstream culture that has been most prominently cultivated over the last century, has been one united around the position that leading up to the trial of Leo Frank, he was scapegoated during the Mary Phagan murder inquest and wrongfully indicted by the Grand Jury, because of incendiary sectarian divisions and societal tensions at the time, that all came to a focal point, involving: Union North verses Confederate South political animosity; class struggle between an ambivalent bourgeoisie, and blue-collar proletariat; transformational growing-pains between the declining agrarian economy and surging industrial revolution; underlying racial hostilities, yellow journalism in the Atlanta media; and traditional Christian prejudices against Jews from antiquity. But none of these Hollywood theories ever directly address the fact the Georgia Supreme Court vetted the Leo Frank trial transcript and Brief of Evidence, ruled the testimony and exhibits sustained the verdict of guilt rendered against Leo Frank. Moreover, every level of the United States legal system from State to Federal tribunals, from 1913 to 1986, have rendered decisions that left the verdict of the Leo Frank trial jury undisturbed. So, why have less qualified Jewish intellectuals, leaders, professors, historians, academics, journalists, and authors, cultivated the mythology over the last hundred years that Leo Frank was innocent? Why has this century-old Jewish mythology been transformed into a multi-million dollar Hollywood popular-culture and mainstream Jewish carnival sideshow? What would possess Jews to transform a perverted Jewish serial pedophile-rapist and convicted child killer into a deity revered symbol of American anti-Semitism.

The Jewish Genetic Algorithm

The answer is revealed from studying 5,773 years of Jewish history, through the lens of 21st century evolutionary psychology, and behavior genetics. The ethnoreligious parasite-host symbiosis of Jewish genetic evolutionary strategy and Gentile culture, is based on a sadomasochistically dysfunctional relationship where Jews agitate against and antagonize Western Civilization as fundamentally hostile to Jewish racial interests, and this can be lucidly seen throughout the 20th century, but before we can look deeper into Jewish tribal activism and racist Jewish extremism, first, let’s travel back in time to 1913, the beginning of how the species of this 20th century Jewish culture war against European-Americans was born:

The ADL’s Viciously Racist Anti-Gentile Blood Libel Accusations:

The Anti-Defamation League has been perpetuating one of the longest ongoing racist hate crime hoaxes in American history since 1913, claiming that an “innocent” Northern Jew, Leo M. Frank, was convicted and sentenced to death in the South — the last holdout and vestigage of European-American ethnic solidarity — not because of the circumstantial facts and incriminating evidence presented at his 29-day trial, but absurd and unfounded anti-Semitic conspiracy theories created by racist Jewish activists and extremists. Most of the rumors, hoaxes and conflations perpetuated by Jewish activists do not stand up to even minimal scrutiny, but by using the big lie method, invented by Jews, all the of misrepresentations of the Leo Frank Case have become the mainstream orthodoxy.

The ADL also claims that anti-Semitism wasn’t only just “hanging heavily inside the courtroom”, but their were mobs of angry Gentiles chanting anti-Jewish bloody murder outside the Atlanta courthouse loud enough to be heard inside the courtroom of the Leo Frank trial. Thus given that air-conditioners hadn’t been invented yet, it is widely known the windows were opened during summertime trials, because of the geographical location of Atlanta, thus implying anti-Jewish chanting infiltrated the proceedings and influenced the outcome of the jury. Some Jews hide behind cowardly language when making these false assertions and insinuations, yet others like Leonard Dinnerstein, Robert Seitz Frey and other prominent people who perpetuate outright bald-faced lies about the case.

According to Abraham Foxman’s official ADL website and their ADL FaceBook page:
“Hang the Jew, Hang the Jew”. This was the cry of the furious mob outside the Atlanta courthouse where Leo Frank, a Northern Jew, stood trial after his arrest in 1913 for a murder he did not commit. Anti-Semitism hung heavy in the courtroom as Frank was found guilty and sentenced to death.”
(Source: ADL History 1913 to 1920

These racist anti-Gentile smears have been perpetuated as genuine history by the ADL for nearly a century and species of this hoax have evolved and been repeated numerous times by the majority of Jewish-American authors and journalists who have written about the Leo Frank case. However, these claims amount to nothing more than racist defamation, because none of the three major Atlanta newspapers that meticulously covered every detail of the Leo Frank trial ever reported such incidents. Teams of reporters from every major newspaper in Atlanta were not only inside the courtroom, but also outside the courthouse. None of Leo Frank’s appeals to the Georgian Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court, ever mention any anti-Semitic statements shouted by mobs of people outside the courtroom. The ADL claims to fight anti-Semitism, bigotry and hate, except when the bigotry and hate is directed at European-Americans or Arabs by Jews, then the ADL is completely silent, except for its rare token gestures to blunt criticize of its one sided policies. Many people, Jews and Gentiles alike, despise the ADL, because they consider it to be deep down a grotesquely racist, zionist, bigoted and prejudiced organization, pretending to be a civil rights group, known to manufacture or exaggerate anti-Semitic hate crime hoaxes and use blood libel against Gentiles.

The March 11, 1986, ADL Sponsored Posthumous Pardon of Leo Max Frank

The Alonzo Mann Affair (1913 to 1986) that was born in 1982, turned into another mainstream media Hoax that was meant to vindicate Leo Frank, but the publicity stunt failed to get him exonerated at first, to the outrage of the organized Jewish community. However the ADL was able to use the 1982/1983 Alonzo Mann media circus as a spring board to secure a highly political posthumous pardon for Leo Frank in 1986, but without exonerating him of the crime. Most of the time when the Leo Frank posthumous pardon is mentioned, the fact he was not exonerated of the crime is almost always left out, to give people the false impression his guilt was overturned.

The ADL One Hundred Years Later

The 21st century reveals the ADL has evolved into more than just an American Jewish lobby masquerading as a civil rights organization, but an un-American Israeli lobby, that smears patriots as extremists, racists and anti-Semites, if they as individuals or as part of groups, dare criticize the history of Jewish War Crimes Against Humanity waged by the Israeli government and Jews upon Arabs living in the occupied State of Palestine and surrounding region. The ADL even publishes dossiers on their web site as a fear-smear tactic to intimidate, discredit and silence people that criticize Jewish racism, hate and chauvinism. One hundred years after its birth, the Anti-Defamation League and AIPAC have become the vanguard of the all pervasive and politically powerful racist Jewish Nationalist (Zionist) movement, that conspicuously promotes one set of values for Western nations like America and another for Israel. The proof of this culture of fear is that no politician can ever get elected to US Congress or stay there, who openly takes the side of Palestinians as victims of the core middle east conflict of ethnic cleansing conducted by Israel, enabled via U.S. military equipment and financed with American tax payer dollars.

Born in the blood of 13-year old Mary Phagan’s rape and strangulation, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the Jewish HIV virus infecting Western Civilization and causing the disease of Jewish cultural AIDS.


Did Leo Frank confess?

THE CENTURY-OLD “cold case” Mary Phagan murder mystery — the violent rape and murder of teenager Mary Phagan and the subsequent lynching of the convicted killer, Jewish businessman Leo Frank — has now been conclusively solved by scholars using the extensive 1913 official investigation and trial records. In this once-in-a-lifetime event, the publishing, mass media, and academic establishments — who have for decades promoted the conspiracy theory that anti-Semites framed Frank for the crime because he was Jewish — have been proven to be wrong by the statements of Leo Frank himself.

Leo Frank(stein)

In addition to being an executive of Atlanta’s National Pencil Company, Leo Frank was also a B’nai B’rith official — president of the 500-member Gate City Lodge in 1912 — and even after his conviction and incarceration Frank was elected lodge president again in 1913. As a direct result of the Leo Frank conviction, the B’nai B’rith founded their well-known and politically powerful “Anti-Defamation League,” or ADL.

At the climax of the Leo Frank trial, an admission was made by the defendant that amounted to a confession during trial. How many times in the annals of US legal history has this happened? Something very unusual happened during the month-long People v. Leo M. Frank murder trial, held within Georgia’s Fulton County Superior Courthouse in the Summer of 1913. I’m going to show you evidence that Mr. Leo Max Frank inadvertently revealed the solution to the Mary Phagan murder mystery.

When Leo Frank mounted the witness stand on Monday afternoon, August 18, 1913, at 2:15 pm, he orally delivered an unsworn, four-hour, pre-written statement to the 250 people present.

Epic Trial of 20th Century Southern History

The audience sat in the grandstand seats of the most spectacular murder trial in the annals of Georgia history. Nestled deep within the pews of the Fulton County Superior Court were the luckiest of public spectators, defense and prosecution witnesses, journalists, officials, and courtroom staff.

Like gladiators in an arena, in the center of it all, with their backs to the audience, seated in ladder-back chairs, were the most important principals. They were the State of Georgia’s prosecution team, made up of three members, led by Solicitor General Hugh M. Dorsey and Frank Arthur Hooper. Arrayed against them were eight Leo Frank defense counselors, led by Luther Z. Rosser and Reuben Rose Arnold. The presiding judge, the Honorable Leonard Strickland Roan, sitting in a high-backed leather chair, was separated by the witness stand from the jury of 12 White men who were sworn to justly decide the fate of Leo Frank.

Crouched and sandwiched between the judge’s bench and the witness chair, sitting on the lip of the bench’s foot rail, was a stenographer capturing the examinations. Stenographers clicked away throughout the trial and were changed regularly in relays.

Surrounding the four major defense and prosecution counselors were an entourage of uniformed police, plainclothes detectives, undercover armed security men, government staff, and magistrates.

The first day of the Leo Frank trial began on Monday morning, July 28, 1913, and led to many days of successively more horrifying revelations. But the most interesting day of the trial occurred three weeks later when Leo Frank sat down in the witness stand on Monday afternoon, August 18, 1913.

The Moment Everyone Was Waiting For

What Leo Frank had to say to the court became the spine-tingling climax of the most notorious criminal trial in US history, and it was the moment everyone in all of Georgia, especially Atlanta, had waited for.

Judge Roan explained to the jury the unique circumstances and rules concerning the unsworn statement Leo M. Frank was to make. Then, at 2:14 pm, Leo Frank was called to speak. When he mounted the stand, a hush fell as 250 spellbound people closed ranks and leaned forward expectantly. They were more than just speechless: They were literally breathless, transfixed, sitting on the edges of their seats, waiting with great anticipation for every sentence, every word, that came forth from the mouth of Leo Frank.

But listening to his long speech became challenging at times. He had a reputation as a “gas jet” from his college days (see his college yearbook entry), and he lived up to it now with dense, mind-numbing verbiage.

Three Out of Nearly Four Hours: Distractions and Endless Pencil Calculations

To bring his major points home during his almost four-hour speech, Leo Frank presented original pages of his accounting books to the jury. For three hours he went over, in detail, the accounting computations he had made on the afternoon of April 26, 1913. This was meant to show the court that he had been far too busy to have murdered Mary Phagan on that day nearly 15 weeks before.

One point emphasized by the defense was how long it took Frank to do the accounting books: Was it an hour and a half as some said, or three hours? Can either answer ever be definitive, though? No matter how quickly one accountant works, is it beyond belief that another could be twice as fast?

The Ultimate Question Waiting to be Answered

The most important unanswered question in the minds of everyone at the trial was this: Where had Leo Frank gone between 12:05 pm and 12:10 pm on Saturday, April 26, 1913? This was the crucial question because Monteen Stover had testified she found Leo Frank’s office empty during this five-minute time segment – and Leo Frank had told police he never left his office during that time. And the evidence had already shown that Mary Phagan was murdered sometime between 12:05 and 12:15 pm in the Metal Room of the same factory where Leo Frank was present.

There weren’t a plethora of suspects in the building: April 26, 1913, was a state holiday in Georgia — Confederate Memorial Day — and the factory and offices were closed down, except for a few employees coming in to collect their pay and two men doing construction work on an upper floor.

Two investigators had testified that Leo Frank gave them the alibi that he had never left his office from noon until after 12:45. If Leo Frank’s alibi held up, then he couldn’t have killed Mary Phagan.

Everyone wanted to know how Leo Frank would respond to the contradictory testimony clashing with his alibi. And, after rambling about near-irrelevancies for hours, he did: Frank stated — in complete contradiction to his numerous earlier statements that he’d never left his office — that he might have “unconsciously” gone to the bathroom during that time — placing him in the only bathroom on that floor of the building, the Metal Room bathroom, which is where Jim Conley stated he had first found the lifeless body of little Mary Phagan, and immediately adjacent to the Metal Room proper, where Mary Phagan’s blood was found, and where the prosecution had spent weeks proving that the murder had actually taken place.

This was doubly amazing because weeks earlier Leo Frank had emphatically told the seven-man panel led by Coroner Paul Donehoo at the Coroners Inquest, that he (Leo Frank) did not use the bathroom all day long — not that he (Leo Frank) had forgotten, but that he had not gone to the bathroom at all. The visually-blind but prodigious savant Coroner Paul Donehoo — with his highly-refined “B.S. detector” was incredulous as might be expected. Who doesn’t use the bathroom all day long? It was as if Leo Frank was mentally and physically, albeit crudely and unbelievably, trying to distance himself from the bathroom where Jim Conley said he found the body.

Furthermore, Leo Frank had told detective Harry Scott — witnessed by a police officer named Black — that he (Leo Frank) was in his office every minute from noon to half past noon, and in State’s Exhibit B (Frank’s stenographed statement to the police), Leo Frank never mentions a bathroom visit all day.

And now he had reversed himself!

Why would Leo Max Frank make such a startling admission, after spending months trying to distance himself from that part of the building at that precise time? That is a difficult question to answer, but there are clues.
1) The testimony of Monteen Stover (who liked Frank and who was actually a supportive character witness for him) that Frank was missing from his office for those crucial five minutes was convincing. Few could believe that Stover — looking to pick up her paycheck, and waiting five minutes in the office for an opportunity to do so — would have been satisfied with a cursory glance at the room and therefore somehow missed Frank behind the open safe door as he had alleged.

2) The evidence suggests that Frank did not always make rational decisions when under stress: Under questioning from investigators, he repeatedly changed the time at which Mary Phagan supposedly came to see him in his office (and State’s Exhibit B shows that Frank, in the presence of his lawyers, told police that Mary Phaganwas in his office with him alone between 12:05 and 12:10 pm); he reportedly confessed his guilt to his wife the day of the murder; he, if guilty, reacted out of all proportion and reason to being spurned by his teenage employee; and he maintained the utterly unbelievable position throughout the case that he did not know Mary Phagan by name, despite indisputably knowing her initials (he wrote them on the company books by hand) and interacting with her hundreds of times.

Frank had also said (to paraphrase his statement before the racial angle had been brought forward by his defense team) that to the best of his recollection when he was in his second floor office from 12:00 to 12:45 pm, aside from temporary visitors, the only other people continuously in the building he was aware of were Mr. White and Mr. Denham on the fourth floor, banging away and doing construction as they tore down a partition. That’s it, three people. One can understand investigators, after hearing Frank’s statement that there were only three people in the building, asking the question: If there are three people in the factory, and two of them didn’t do it, who is left?

Even if only one of these lapses is true as described, it is enough to show a pronounced lack of judgement on Frank’s part. A man with such impaired judgement may actually have been unable to see that by explaining away his previous untenable (and now exposed as false) position of “never leaving the office” with an “unconscious” bathroom visit, he was placing himself at the scene of the murder at the precise time of the murder. Thus are men who tell tales undone, even as they fall back upon a partial truth.

Georgia: Right to Refuse Oaths and Examination

Under the Georgia Code, Section 1036, the accused has the right to make an unsworn statement and, furthermore, to refuse to be examined or cross-examined at his trial. Leo Frank made the decision to make an unsworn statement and not allow examination or cross examination.

The law also did not permit Solicitor General Hugh M. Dorsey or his legal team to orally interpret or comment on the fact that Leo Frank was not making a statement sworn under oath at his own murder trial. The prosecution respected this rule.

The jury knew that Leo Frank had had months to carefully prepare his statement. But what was perhaps most damaging to Leo Frank’s credibility was the fact that every witness at the trial, regardless of whether they were testifying for the defense or prosecution, had been sworn, and therefore spoke under oath, and had been subject to cross-examination by the other side — except for Leo Frank. Thus it didn’t matter if the law prevented the prosecution from commenting on the fact Leo Frank had refused cross examination, opting instead to make an unsworn statement, because the jury could see that anyway. Making an unsworn statement and refusing to be examined does not prove that one is guilty, but it certainly raises eyebrows of doubt.

The South an “Honor Bound” Society
Could a sworn jury upholding its sacred duty question Leo Frank’s honor and integrity as a result of what Southerners likely perceived as his cowardly decision under Georgia Code, Section 1036? If so, greater weight would naturally be given to those witnesses who were sworn under oath and who contradicted Leo Frank’s unsworn alibis, allegations, and claims. It put the case under a new lens of the sworn versus the unsworn.

The average Southerner in 1913 was naturally asking the question: What White man would make an unsworn statement and not allow himself to be cross-examined at his own murder trial if he were truly innocent? Especially in light of the fact that the South was culturally White separatist — and two of the major material witnesses who spoke against Leo Frank were Black, one claiming to be an accomplice after the fact turned accuser. In the Atlanta of 1913, African-Americans were perceived as second class citizens and less reliable than Whites in terms of their capacity for telling the truth.

Today, we might ask: Why wouldn’t Leo Frank allow himself to be cross examined when he was trained in the art and science of debating during his high school senior year and all through his years in college, where he earned the rank of Cornell Congress Debate Team coach? (Pratt Institute Monthly, June, 1902; Cornellian, 1902 through 1906; Cornell Senior Class Book, 1906; Cornell University Alumni Dossier File on Leo Frank, retrieved 2012)

Odd Discrepancies

Most Leo Frank partisan authors omit significant parts of the trial testimony of Newt Lee and Jim Conley from their retelling of the Leo Frank Case. Both of these Black men, former National Pencil Company employees, made clearly damaging statements against Frank.

The evidence Newt Lee brought forward was circumstantial, but intriguing — and never quite adequately explained by Leo Frank then, or by his defenders now.

He stated that on Friday Evening, April 25, 1913, Frank made a request to him, Lee, that he report to work an hour early at 4:00 pm on Confederate Memorial Day, the next day. The stated reason was that Leo Frank had made a baseball game appointment with his brother-in-law, Mr. Ursenbach, a Gentile who was married to one of Frank’s wife Lucille’s older sisters. Leo Frank would eventually give two different reasons at different times as to why he canceled that appointment: 1) he had too much work to do, and 2) he was afraid of catching a cold.

Newt Lee’s normal expected time at the National Pencil Company factory on Saturdays was 5:00 pm sharp. Lee stated that when he arrived an hour early that fateful Saturday, Leo Frank had forgotten the change because he was in an excited state. Frank, he said, was unlike his normal calm, cool and collected “boss-man” self. Normally, if anything was out of order, Frank would command him, saying “Newt, step in here a minute” or the like. Instead, Frank burst out of his office, bustling frenetically towards Lee, who had arrived at the second floor lobby at 3:56 pm. Upon greeting each other, Frank requested that Lee go out on the town and “have a good time” for two hours and come back at 6:00 pm.

Because Leo Frank asked Newt Lee to come to work one hour early, Lee had lost that last nourishing hour of sleep one needs before waking up fully rejuvenated, so Lee requested of Frank that he allow him to take a nap in the Packing Room (adjacent to Leo Frank’s front office). But Frank re-asserted that Lee needed to go out and have a good time. Finally, Newt Lee acquiesced and left for two hours.

At trial, Frank would state that he sent Newt Lee out for two hours because he had work to do. When Lee came back, the double doors halfway up the staircase were locked – very unusual, as they had never had been locked before on Saturday afternoons. When Newt Lee unlocked the doors and went into Leo Frank’s office he witnessed his boss bungling and nearly fumbling the time sheet when trying to put a new one in the punch clock for the night watchman – Lee – to register.

It came out before the trial that Newt Lee had earlier been told by Leo Frank that it was a National Pencil Company policy that once the night watchman arrived at the factory – as Lee had the day of the murder at 4:00 pm – he was not permitted to leave the building under any circumstances until he handed over the reigns of security to the day watchman. Company security necessitated being cautious – poverty, and therefore theft, was rife in the South; there were fire risk hazards; and the critical factory machinery was worth a small fortune. Security was a matter of survival.

The two hour timetable rescheduling – the canceled ball game – the inexplicable sudden security rule waiver – the bumbling with a new time sheet – the locked double doors – and Frank’s suspiciously excited behavior: All were highlighted as suspicious by the prosecution, especially in light of the fact that the “murder notes” – found next to Mary Phagan’s head – physically described Newt Lee, even calling him “the night witch.” And, the prosecutor asked, why did Leo Frank later telephone Newt Lee, not once but two or more times, that evening at the factory?

A “Racist” Subplot?

The substance of what happened between Newt Lee (and janitor James “Jim” Conley – see below) and Leo Frank from April 26, 1913 onward is most often downplayed, censored, or distorted by partisans of Leo Frank.

From the testimony of these two Black witnesses, we learn of an almost diabolic intrigue calculated to entrap the innocent night watchman Newt Lee. It would have been easy to convict a Black man in the White separatist South of that time, where the ultimate crime was a Black man having interracial sex with a White woman — to say nothing of committing battery, rape, strangulation, and mutilation upon her in a scenario right out of Psychopathia Sexualis.

The plot was exquisitely formulated for its intended audience, the twelve White men who would decide Leo Frank’s fate. It created two layers of Black men between Frank and the murder of Mary Phagan. It wouldn’t take the police long to realize Newt Lee didn’t commit the murder, and, since the death notes were written in Ebonics, it would leave the police hunting for another Black murderer. As long as Jim Conley kept his mouth shut, he wouldn’t hang. So the whole plot rested on Jim Conley – and it took the police three weeks to crack him.

The ugly racial element of this defense ploy is rarely mentioned today. The fact that it was Leo Frank, a Jew (and generally considered White in the racial separatist Old South), who first tried to pin the rape and murder of Mary Phagan on the elderly, balding, and married Black man Newt Lee (who had no criminal record to boot) is not something that Frank partisans want to highlight. The Leo Frank cheering section also downplays the racial considerations that made Frank, when his first racially-tinged defense move failed and was abandoned, change course for the last time and formulate a new subplot to pin the crime on Jim Conley, the “accomplice after the fact.”

If events had played out as intended, there would have likely been one or two dead Black men in the wake of the defense team’s intrigue.

Jim Conley knew too much. He admitted he had helped the real murderer, Leo Frank, clean up after the fact. To prevent Conley, through extreme fear, from revealing any more about the real solution to the crime, and to discredit him no matter what he did, a new theory was needed. Jim Conley certainly was scared beyond comprehension, knowing what White society did to Black men who beat, raped, and strangled White girls.

The Accuser Becomes the Accused

The new murder theory posited by the Leo Frank defense was that Jim Conley assaulted Mary Phagan as she walked down the stairs from Leo Frank’s office. Once Phagan descended to the first floor lobby, they said, she was robbed, then thrown down 14 feet to the basement through the two-foot by two-foot scuttle hole at the side of the elevator. Conley then supposedly went through the scuttle hole himself, climbing down the ladder, dragged the unconscious Mary Phagan to the garbage dumping ground in front of the cellar incinerator (known as the “furnace”), where he then raped and strangled her.

But this grotesque racially-tinged framing was to fail in the end — in part because because physicians noticed that the scratch marks on Mary Phagan’s face — she had been dragged face down in the basement — did not bleed, strongly suggesting she was already quite dead when the dragging took place.

Investigators arranged for a conversation to take place between Leo Frank and Newt Lee, who were intentionally put alone together in a police interrogation room at the Atlanta Police Station. The experiment was to see how Frank would interact with Lee and determine if any new information could be obtained.

Once they thought they were alone, Leo Frank scolded Newt Lee for trying to talk about the murder of Mary Phagan, and said that if Lee kept up that kind of talk, Frank and he would go straight to hell.

Star Witnesses

The Jewish community has crystallized around the notion that Jim Conley was the star witness at the trial, and not 14-year-old Monteen Stover who defended Leo Frank’s character — and then inadvertently broke his alibi.

Leo Frank partisans downplay the significance of Monteen Stover’s trial testimony and Leo Frank’s attempted rebuttal of her testimony on August 18, 1913. Governor John M. Slaton also ignored the Stover-Frank incident in his 29-page commutation order of June 21, 1915.

Many Frank partisans have chosen to obscure the significance of Monteen Stover by putting all the focus on Jim Conley, and then claiming that without Jim Conley there would have been no conviction of Leo Frank.

Could they be right? Or could Leo Frank have been convicted on the testimony of Monteen Stover, without the testimony of Jim Conley?

It is a question left for speculation only, because no one ever anticipated the significance of Jim Conley telling the jury that he had found Mary Phagan dead in the Metal Room bathroom.

It was not until Leo Frank gave his response to Monteen Stover’s testimony – his explanation of why his second floor business office was empty on April 26, 1913 between 12:05 pm and 12:10 pm – that everything came together tight and narrow.

Tom Watson resolved the “no conviction without Conley” controversy in the September 1915 number of his Watson’s Magazine, but perhaps it is time for a 21st century explanation to make it clear why even the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the evidence and testimony of the trial sustained Frank’s conviction.

August 18, 1913: You Are the Jury

The four-hour-long unsworn statement of Leo Frank was the crescendo of the trial. Later, just before closing arguments, Frank himself was allowed the last word. He spoke once more on his own behalf, unsworn this time also, for five minutes, denying the testimony of others that he had known Mary Phagan by name and that he had gone into the dressing room for presumably immoral purposes with one of the company’s other employees.

Three Confessions
It is important to understand that Leo Frank’s startling admission of his presence in the death room at the critical moment did not stand alone in the jury’s eyes. Conclusive as it was, it was not Frank’s only confession.

The official record shows Leo Frank confessed to murdering Mary Phagan three times, though he would deny all three.

Confession Number One — April 26, 1913: Leo Frank’s murder confession number one was made to Jim Conley when Leo Frank told him he had tried to “be with her” (have sexual intercourse with Mary Phagan) and she refused him. According to Conley, Frank then stated he had hit her, knocking her down, then adding “I guess I struck her too hard and she fell and hit her head against something.” Some of Mary Phagan’s bloody hair was discovered on Monday, April 28, 1913, by Robert P. Barret on the handle of a lathe in the second floor Metal Room.

Confession Number Two — April 26, 1913:According to the McKnight family, Leo Frank confessed to murdering Mary Phagan to his wife Lucille Selig Frank on the evening of April 26, 1913, at around 10:30 pm, saying to his wife that he didn’t know why he would murder — and asking his wife for his pistol so he could shoot himself. Lucille reportedly told her family, and her household cook and cleaning lady Minola McKnight, about what happened that evening. Minola McKnight told her husband Albert McKnight, and full documentation can be found in State’s Exhibit J (see the Appendix to this article). Decades later, Lucille Selig Frank refused to be buried in the Frank family plot next to her husband, leaving explicit instructions to the contrary.

Leo Frank Murder Confession Number Three — August 18, 1913: This is the “unconscious bathroom visit” statement delivered by Frank to the court in his unsworn statement, placing him unequivocally at the murder scene at the critical time. Frank would also reaffirm this admission in a newspaper interview published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on March 9th, 1914.

With Mercy — or Without?

Judge Leonard Strickland Roan gave the jury two options if they found Leo Frank guilty of the crime of murder: ‘With Mercy’ or ‘Without Mercy.’ If there was any doubt of Leo M. Frank’s guilt, the judge and jury could have sentenced him to life in prison instead of sentencing him to death by hanging. When the jury unanimously sentenced Leo Frank to death by hanging after deciding on a verdict of guilt, Judge Roan had the legal option to downgrade the jury’s death sentence, and only give Leo Frank life in prison – that is, if Roan disagreed with the judgement. But Judge Roan agreed with their collective verdict and recommendation.

Many in the Jewish community, and other Leo Frank partisans, have suggested that Judge Roan doubted the verdict because of one of his apparently appeasing comments made orally to his former law partner, Luther Rosser. But if Roan actually doubted the verdict, he could have exercised his power many times to prevent Frank’s execution, and even given him a new trial if that would have served the cause of justice. But he did none of these things.

You are Hereby Sentenced to Hang on April 17, 1914; Happy Birthday

Certainty of Leo Frank’s guilt was so strong that — after reviewing his trial testimony for months, and after the Georgia Supreme Court’s majority decision upheld Leo Frank’s conviction and the fairness of his trial — Judge Benjamin Hill, on March 7, 1914, sentenced him to die on his 30th birthday: April 17, 1914.

Only absolute mathematical certainty of guilt warrants such a cruel sentencing date by a judge.


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