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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

REPOST: Why Won’t Some People Expose White Genocide?

Brilliant show before Mike hit the bottle and the 'Charlie' again. Worth a repost don't you think?

Mike Sledge did a special report to cover one of the most pressing and important topics of our time. It seems that some people out there are willing to expose Jewish corruption, but will not take a look at their most dangerous agenda, which appears to be their ultimate goal – the destruction of the white race.


  1. Mike, what happened? Lay off the booze man and concentrate on the real issues.

    Your antichristian tirades are very disrespectful to your own ukrainian ancenstors and those millions christians of many different nations, who dissapeard in jewish GULAGS of Soviet Union. Their only crime was wearing the cross and not being jewish psychopaths.


  3. Many of our people have issues, it is a sad fact of life. The problems people like Mike have are probably related to the stress of the Jewish question, and personal. The anti Christian stuff is sad though, as Adolph himself was a Christian. We stand to win only when our personal demons are put asside, and THE Real demonic filth are taken down. That cam only happen when WE all stand shoulder to shoulder.


  4. I've been using this Syrian agitation for world war 3 to promote my argument around the MSM that what you all see happening to Syria and Iran now is what happened to Hitler, only the internet now gives us the opportunity to demonstrate each and every big fat lie told to us by the zionist press and its lackeys in government.

    Funny part is the closer to WW3 we get, the more vocal people are becoming about our dear little Satanic cult starting it all.

    Delenda Est Judaica!